Fate’s Little Feral Consort Chapter 71

Chapter 71 Slapping A Servant

Inside the Black Bamboo Pavilion, after having a good night’s sleep, Yun Qianyu woke up naturally. She opened her eyes and saw the blue mosquito net above her bed; it moved slowly with the wind.

Although the room was not luxurious, it was elegant. Compared with the place where she had lived before, it was a major upgrade.

She liked this place. It’s neither too luxurious nor too shabby.

Pretty good.

Hua Mei came in and saw that Yun Qianyu had woken up. Immediately she went over and greeted her joyfully.

“Young miss, you’re awake. Did you sleep well last night?”

Yun Qianyu nodded. After she got up, Hua Mei came over to help her get dressed. As Hua Mei helped her, she told Yun Qianyu about what had happened in the morning.

“Early this morning, everyone was talking about how the young miss had sold all the dowry. I heard that the Marquis was angry and vomited blood again this morning. The second young miss also smashed a lot of things at her place.”

Saying that Hua Mei laughed out a little. She felt she had finally vented out her anger. All these years, they had been treated less than humans.

Without waiting for Yun Qianyu to speak, Hua Mei continued, “Young miss, you don’t have any good clothes. The ten pieces of brocade sent by his highness Xuan Prince are suitable for making clothes. Should I get someone to tailor some clothes for you?”

Yun Qianyu nodded and replied, “Alright, but today we go do some shopping. First, we buy some clothes, then we buy some necessities. You can also buy two sets of clothes and the things you need.”

“Yes, young miss.”

When it came to buying clothes, Hua Mei smiled happily. Since they were both seventeen, eighteen-year-old girls, they both liked new clothing.

As the master and servant talked and laughed in the room. Someone came in from the outside. It was the nanny that Yun Lei talked about sending over. Nanny Jia served under Yun Lei’s mother previously. Later on, she served under Yun Lei.

For these reasons, she had always been domineering in the family. Even Liu Shi had to give her a certain amount of respect.

In the past two days, Yun Lei had been enraged by Yun Qianyu and vomited blood twice. Angry with this fact, Nanny Jia had made up her mind to teach this little scum Yun Qianyu a lesson. So when she came into the room, her wrinkled old face tensed up and said solemnly.

“Young miss, as a young miss of the family, you must get up early every day. The first thing you do after that is to greet the old madam, and then to pay respects to your mother. You not only woke up late but had not greeted the old madam. This is absolutely wrong. From today on, I will teach you about the rules here.”

Yun Qianyu had a calm expression, but Hua Mei was obviously angry. Hua Mei then asked with discontent, “May I ask Nanny Jia, do the second young miss and third young miss greet the old madam every morning?”

For many years, no one ever came to see her. Now, out of nowhere, this nanny wanted to teach her some rules?

Upon hearing Hua Mei’s question, Nanny Jia became angry and scolded Hua Mei, “Worthless servant girl, how dare you interrupt us!”

Nanny Jia raised her hand and slapped Hua Mei without hesitating. This was almost like slapping Yun Qianyu in the face.

Of course, Yun Qianyu understood that this was a direct attack on herself.

Unfortunately for Nanny Jia, Yun Qianyu was no longer her previous self.

Without any delay, Yun Qianyu grabbed Nanny Jia’s hand and slapped her before she could react. In the next second, she had given her a good kick.

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