Fantastic Life Tycoon Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Aftermath

In a large bed, two naked bodies were stuck together with their hands hugging in their sleep.

It was Laura and Brian who had an intense love making session last night.

Brian who had upgraded genes was only lightly sleeping and his hands were already playing on Laura's body. He thought about last night with excitement and guilt.

The excitement was from having such a beautiful and powerful lady in your arms while the guilt was from betraying Andrea. He had not thought about it last night when Laura had kissed his neck. That kiss had been like the straw which broke the camel's back. Before that, while Brian had fantasized about Laura, he hadn't physically committed to it

Monogamy is a plebian concept anyway. I am a man with the system. I don't have to abide by the rules. I can have tw... few girls.

Brian tried to reduce his guilt by thinking like this but it was obvious, a crime was a crime.

Let's not tell them about each other for now. After another gene potion, the attraction should increase right.

Brian had decided the approach for now. Separate personal and office life and see how far this can go.

It must be genes thing wanting to reproduce that I can't control myself. I really need to ask IntOne about the situation. I didn't even think about the consequences last night we made love.

Soon, Brian felt that Laura's heartbeat pattern had changed when he was rubbing her waist. She had woken up and was feeling his touch.

Laura felt the hands on her waist and her head was near Brian's chest. Slowly, she remembered what had happened last night and blushed.

When did I get so bold. Seducing my boss. I hope he treats her well. What would she think about me dating a younger guy. I always stopped her from meeting boys.

Brian saw the complex expressions on her face and leaned in to kiss her forehead.

Hiss! Sob!

Why is she crying.


"You know the last guy I slept with was in college. He got me pregrqnt and then left when I told him about it. He told me to abort my child."

Brian didn't know there was such a thing. Such a strong woman giving birth in college. He thought it was a divorce or death. Who knew such a sad side.

Brian wrapped his arm tightly around her back.

Laura continued, "I can't wait for you to meet the kid. I know I must be a bit older than you but the girl is only 18, so I hope you can be lenient with her. She hasn't been around any men since childhood. She needs a father."

What the fuck. Did she have some misunderstanding. I am only 18. My daughter will be 18 as well.

Brian was thinking about how he became a father in one night when Laura continued.

"I know that we have an age difference but what's your exact age. I feel really bad that I am older than you. Also, why don't you just come to company with me. Shouldn't you handle it yourself."

Oh no no. I can't get out of this. She probably thinks I am way older.

"I can't come daily. I go to university of San Diego."

Is he is a professor as well. It would be nice to have him take care of the kid at school. Finally, I don't have to worry about her at school.

Brian saw Laura's eyes lighting up when she heard that I went to university.

"What do you teach there? "

Brian almost felt had heart attack at the question.

Fuck it. Let's tell the truth.

Brian decided to say the truth.

"I study there."

Ah, he is still a student. Is he working on his PhD or something.

"What's the subject you are working on."

Brian knew he couldn't come out of it with hiding the truth.

"I just joined the Uni as a freshman this year."

Oh, so he just joined the Uni. Just joined the Uni. Wtf. Is he her batchmate. Is he even 18. Am I going to jail.

Laura had a very solemn expression and she stood up and wrapped with sheet around herself covering her wonderful body. Brian didn't do anything and just watched her shenanigans.

"How old are you? Are you even an adult."

"Yes, I am an adult. You don't have to be worried."

"Worried. My daughter is almost your age. How could you? Never mind, it's not your fault. I clearly remember kissing you first. I am sorry but let's just agree to forget anything happened. I will stay at the company till you find a replacement."

Why is she over reacting. It's good I didn't tell her about Andrea.

Brian stood up naked with no shame and walked towards her. Laura didn't want to see his body and turned the other way. Brian hugged her from behind with the sheets between them.

Brian's hands wrapped around her waist. Brian leaned in towards her ear and spoke.


Brian didn't ask much. Just a single word contained everything he wanted to convey.

"I...I am scared....."

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