Fantastic Life Tycoon Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Battle Still On

Laura wanted to bite something due to the constant licking of her tits.

Lets see how you handle this.

She decided to fight fire with fire. She lifted Brian's head from her boobs and dived into into chest and started licking his little nipple area with her tongue. Her tongue was moving in circles on one nipple while her hand was touching the other area.

What the fuck is this black magic. It feels so good. I might orgasm I don't hold back.

Brian enjoyed the feeling as Laura licked his chest while he massaged her breasts with his hands.

Laura moved her body to the bed and started removing her pants. She was just wearing white panties now. Brian did the same and jumped onto the bed.

Both were laying sideways and kissing while Brian's hands went to the area below her waist. Brian didn't directly dive in but teased the area closer to her pussy. The smoothness felt against his hand. Herlong thick gorgeous legs were a sight to behold.

Brian held her leg and separated her legs by pulling one towards him and then rubbed her pussy from over her panties which already had a huge wet spot.

He stretched the panty and slipped his finger inside

I will cum in my panties.


Brian didn't have one. He was thinking of buying one in the system store since there was a nano thin condom in the system store.

Fuck, I should have kept some condoms. Who knew I would need it. I can't stop. I will take the pill.

"Just put it in. I will take the pill."

Brian had no reasons to reject and whipped out his organ.

Laura saw it and gulped. She didn't have any experience for that one time in college due to which got knocked up and ended being a single mom.

It's fine. It can have a baby. The monster can definitely fit. I can do it.

She was trying to assure herself but failing.

Laura felt a little scared of the pain since Brian was deceivingly larger than she had expected.

She was the veins on Brian's shaft and extended her hand to feel it. She touch the base first with her fingers and gradually started an action like a little handjob. She stopped in a bit and touched the tip.

Brian who had never been touched by a woman was oozing on being touched by a bombshell.

She held it in her hand and moved her body forward. It was the standard missionary position and she guided the organ to her cave which was already a water spring at this point.

Brian felt the touch of the wet pussy through his tip. He motioned it in. As it was going in, Laura moaned a little and Brian went in for a kiss. It was finally in.

Laura and Brian had become one. Laura's pussy felt really tight. His cock being swallowed in.

Laura moved her hips a little and Brian started moving his organ in a rthymic motion.

Moans and gasps filled the room and Brian finally cummed inside Laura.

He cummed. Oh god. What is happening. It still so large.

Laura didn't want to stop. How many years had she waited for such excitement again. She didn't think she would hook up again. She had sacrificed her youth for her little baby.

"Don't stop."

Brian had wanted to rest but the orders were short and clear. The drilling had to continue till water was found.

It took a few seconds and Brian was back in full shape. This continued for a long time and Brian who felt like he had been going easy didn't intend to stop till Laura asked her to.

Are young people really that strong. I will die with pleasure.This feeling. This is so much better than I expected.

Her pussy was finally getting sore with the pounding so she held Brian's head and whispered to stop.

Brian felt proud hearing that Laura couldn't go on.

She is really a succubus. If I was a normal guy, she would never be satisfied.

The sex was over and they fell asleep in each others arms.

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