Fantastic Life Tycoon Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Initiative

The medical staff brought the intoxicated Laura to the parking lot . Theyhelped her get into the car.

Laura was feeling a little light headed.

Brian got in the driver's seat and left the parking.

"Where do you live?"

On hearing the question, Laura slowly got out of the stupor.

"I will guide you."

Brian nodded and soon they reached her apartment. It was inside the city on a very tall building. Laura was just looking at Brian as he drove.

Laura, you like him. Just accept it and do it. You can't continue denying that you are not attracted to him.

Laura felt like she was hearing voices in her head to seduce Brian. She wanted to but she hoped that Brian could take the lead. Through out the way, she would glance towards Brian's face.

Brian had noticed Laura looking at him secretly. He was happy to be able to attract such a beautiful lady but that was it. He didn't think much more than that for now.

Soon, they reached the area where Laura lived. Brian parked the car and helped Laura out.

Both of them liked the touch of each others bodies but no one wanted to be the take the initiative to seduce.

A problem arose when Brian and Laura saw a small staircase before the elevator. Laura wasn't in any condition to climb it.

"I can crawl up." Laura said helplessly..

Brian felt the words were a challenge.

Not under my watch.

"You don't have to with me around."

He bended his knees a little and carefully lifted off her feet.

Brian who had super strength didn't feel a thing as he carried Laura up the stairs in his arms.

It was the standard Princess carry position. Brian felt like a hero helping a damsel in stress while Laura didn't know what had happened since she was lifted without a warning.

Laura felt a little embarrassed but felt so comfortable in his arms. Her arms weren't even supporting her weight. Brian had carried her on his two arms. She put her arms behind his neck and supported herself in the position.

Brian's right hand was touching Laura's thighs over her yoga pants. Brian felt the tight muscles and soon little Brian wanted to come out..

Oh God, no. If she sees my erection, she will think of me as a pervert. She won't know. Yeah, I am worried for nothing. It's below her.

They entered the elevator and Laura didn't even think about coming down. She pressed the floor button from his arms and started glancing back at his face which was so close.

Brian reached the door and opened it while carrying Laura. Laura guided him to the bedroom to drop her on the bed.

Laura, just do it now or you will never have the chance.

Laura didn't know where she got the guts from, maybe it was the medicine but she lifted her head a little and kissed Brian's neck.

"Laura?" He looked her at but she didn't stop even after hearing her name.

Brian could feel her wet tongue as she was licking his neck.

Its rude to reject food that wants to be served. She started it.

Brian was already excited with his hands touching Laura's thighs and he changed the way he was holding Laura. He moved her gently so her face was in front of his face. His hands were supporting her butt and her legs automatically wrapped around his body.

There were no words after that.

Laura and Brian looked at each other and knew what they wanted.

Brian didn't hold back this time, he was really excited with all the stimulation from Laura licking his neck region. Their bodies were wrapped around tightly with Laura's breasts pressed against his chest and while his hands holding on to her butt.

He felt the fire rising below and leaned into Laura's face. The kiss wasn't anything like he had experienced with Andrea. Andrea used to be gentle and smooth. Laura was fierce like a hungry tigress eating her prey.

The kisses continued and Laura put her hands inside his shirt. Her cold hands felt his abs and rubbed against his body.

Brian walked to the bed carrying her and sat down on the edge. Laura was sitting on his lap and could feel something under her butt.

She tried unbuttoning his shirt but maybe it was the excitement and she couldn't. Brian knew what she wanted and threw away his upper body clothes.

Laura felt his upper body with her hands, rubbing his chest and lifted her hands up to remove her sports bra. It came off and Brian was hooked by the sight.

The huge round tits with pink areolas had gotten their freedom even without any oil. Brian didn't waste any time in invading anddirectly leaned in with his face. His tongue rubbed her areolas and Laura would moan everytime. Her hands weren't free either.

Her hands were on Brian's back and scratching his back in excitement when she was being teased by Brian's tongue. ....

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