Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 890 1

Chapter 890 Young Master Comparable To Bai Jin Yi Part 1

Quickly turning to the spiritual skills, Ye Yu Xi looked it over. It was a good thing that most of the spiritual skills were very expensive, but earth grade spiritual skills were a bit expensive. The cheapest one was nine thousand points!

Looking at the table, Zi Ling had already finished the Golden Water. Ye Yu Xi waved her hand at Zi Ling and left the room, heading to the Treasure Pavilion.

The catalogue only had the name of the spiritual skill and the points required, it didnt describe the might of the spiritual skill.

When Ye Yu Xi arrived in front of the Treasure Pavilion, there were clearly more students entering and leaving compared to this morning.

It seemed like many students were busy doing tasks for points.

"Can I ask what floor I need to go to exchange for spiritual skills?" Ye Yu Xi asked the exchange desk.

The Treasure Pavilion was too big, there were a total of ten floors and it contained everything there was. If Ye Yu Xi had to search herself, she wouldnt be able to find it even after the sun had set.

The Treasure Pavilion elder looked at Ye Yu Xi and calmly said, "Its the fourth floor for profound grade spiritual skills. Go up the stairs on the left."

"What about earth grade spiritual skills?" Ye Yu Xi asked.

Profound grade spiritual skillsYe Yu Xi had some in the chaotic space, but their powerAfter Ye Yu Xi cultivated the Hundred Flower Hands, the profound grade spiritual skills couldnt catch Ye Yu Xis eyes.

"The earth grade spiritual skills are on the fifth floor." The elder looked at Ye Yu Xi in surprise.

Ye Yu Xi thanked him with a nod and went up the stairs on the left.

On the way up, there were the most people on the second floor, there were less people on the third floor, and she almost couldnt find anyone on the fourth floor.

When she came to the fifth floor, there was an ancient aura that came out.

The fifth floor was much simpler compared to the other floors. More accurately, there were less items here.

The second floor to fourth floor had several hundred shelves with over a thousand items on them. As for the fifth floor, there were only a few dozen shelves.

Each shelf was made of sandalwood and there were fluorescent stones above them, lighting up the items.

There was a hope of gaining something!

Ye Yu Xi took a deep breath and came to a shelf.

There was a cultivation technique on it with a transparent light cover over it. On the side was a ten centimeter tall spiritual stone with a sentence written on it.

Inject spiritual energy into the stone to see the effects of the spiritual skill.

Ye Yu Xi reached out her hand and injected spiritual energy.

A layer of mist appeared over the stone and two people appeared, one of them using the Jade Smashing Palm.

After watching for a few seconds, Ye Yu Xi looked away.

She didnt want this spiritual skill.

After turning around a few times, Ye Yu Xi was dissatisfied with everything.

"You, what are you looking for?" A voice came from behind Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi narrowed her eyes. There was someone here? She had clearly found no one around!

The autumn water eyes looked to the side and Ye Yu Xi gave a sigh in her heart. Such a handsome young master! His nose was peaked, his eyes were like stars, his lips were just right, and when it came to his face, compared to Bai Jin Yi, there was only a trace of evil charm.

The handsome young master slowly walked over to Ye Yu Xi and revealed an elegant smile, "Ive seen you look over seven spiritual skills, are you planning on exchanging?"

"Un." Ye Yu Xi gave a slight nod.

"What spiritual skill does miss want? Perhaps I can help this miss." The handsome young master looked over Ye Yu Xi and a bit of interest appeared in his eyes.

Ye Yu Xi looked at the remaining shelves. If she looked over them one by one, it might become dark when she was finished.

"I want a quick and rather powerful offensive spiritual skill." Ye Yu Xi honestly said.

"Powerful" The handsome young master repeated before walking past several shelves, "This spiritual skill should be what this miss is looking for."

The handsome young master revealed a smile, with bright eyes and shining teeth, looking very mesmerizing.

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