Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 888 1

Chapter 888 Evil Emperor Bai Jin Yi Part 1

"Right, dragon master, miss Ye, if Im not wrong, there is a two month adaptation period for freshmen. No one will bother miss Ye during this time and I still have another task.." Ba De also wanted to stay with Long Xiao Pang, but he had just taken the Earth Core Jade Marrow today.

"Senior can do your thing for now, well talk after the freshmen competition." Ye Yu Xi gave a faint smile to Ba De.

Long Xiao Pang entered the chaotic space and Ye Yu Xi and Ba De left separately.

When Ye Yu Xi returned to the dorm, Chu Tian Che was waiting outside.

"Miss Ye, did Ba De make it hard on you?" Chu Tian Che saw that Ye Yu Xi was fine, so he let out a sigh of relief.

In the academy, no one could stop Ba De.

"Its fine. Senior came right on time, I have something to discuss with you."

Ye Yu Xi entered the room with Chu Tian Che.

Ye Yu Xi had already thought of a story to hide Long Xiao Pang. Ye Yu Xi used Ba De liking Zi Ling to create a story and in the end, Ba De became friends with her.

They slowly talked for over ten minutes.

Chu Tian Che saw the Purple Spiritual Flashing Lightning Minx that came out of Ye Yu Xis sleeve and said in surprise, "Just this little minx attracted Ba Des interest?"

"Un." Ye Yu Xi nodded, "Ba De has gone out for a mission, he should come here when hes done."

Chu Tian Che revealed a look of wild joy, "Miss Ye, you dont know what youve done! Once our guild has Ba De, in less than a year, we can squeeze into the top ten!"

"Oh? Ba De has such a big use?" Ye Yu Xi was a bit surprised.

Ye Yu Xi expected that Ba De would be useful, but she never thought that Ba De would be this strong.

"Miss Ye doesnt know since youre new to the academy. Ba De is very outgoing, hes strong and willing to help, so half the students with high cultivations in the school have received help from Ba De. Not mentioning anything else, just in terms of points, Ba De has over a million points alone!"

Chu Tian Che lowered his voice.

Ye Yu Xi had a trace of shock on her face. Over a million points, how many missions had he finished? Being able to receive a million points wasnt a problem of quantity, it was a problem of quality!

"But Ba De doesnt like being restrained, so he never joined a guild. Even like this, the top ten guilds gave Ba De honorary positions. This isnt including the fact that Ba De has great fame in Sun Mound City. The underground market and the various auction houses all cooperate with Ba De. It isnt exaggerated to say that whoever dare plot against Ba De would make enemies with half the Alchemist Academy."

Chu Tian Ches eyes only had admiration towards Ba De.

Hearing this, Ye Yu Xi revealed a bitter smile. Long Xiao Pang had really found her a good helper.

"Ba De is this strong, he could be called the number one person in the academy, right?" Ye Yu Xi had a bit more confidence in her heart.

Number one?

Chu Tian Che shook his head, "If you want to talk about the students currently attending, that isnt an exaggeration, but if you want to talk about all the students in hundreds of years, Ba De can only be considered second. The number one person is called Bai Jin Yi!"

Bai Jin Yi

Hearing this familiar name, Ye Yu Xi looked a bit awkward. Bai Jin Yi looked like a sick pretty boy, one would never think that he was the number one person at the Alchemist Academy.

"Bai Jin Yi, whats so special about him?" Ye Yu Xi raised a brow as a touch of playfulness filled her voice.

"Evil Emperor." Chu Tian Che coldly spat out these two words.

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