Everything Start In Zombie Factory Chapter 7

7 Chapter 7 Back To Me

after I done all thing I need to do in apocalyptic world I go back to modern world

I sit on my sofa while eating the take out I order I open the tv

"Zhou Yingying's internal superiority failed, and Ye Lingwei's position was not shaken."

"Ye Lingwei wears a value of four million watches to attend the Zhou Yingying celebration feast."

"Zhao Wenxuan, the second son of Zhao's group, fell in love with Ye Lingwei at first sight, and the celebration feast was on Zhou Yingying's full face. Tieqing."

"The second son of Zhao's group threatened to pursue Ye Lingwei."

"According to the insider's disclosure, the value of four million watches was sent by Ye Lingwei's mysterious boyfriend."

The media news of one article immediately rejoiced.

I smile as I already know this will happened buy I still angry that zhao wenwen or whatever dared to say that he will pursue ye lingwei.

I call red and ask if I have share of zhao group, red said I have 45% shares, holding under the name of my company undead investment.

"can you contact the currently chairman of the group?"

"yes master master currently holding the biggest share I the company if not that the last 55% share

is under the name of the zhao family master can already change the chairman of the board"

looking at tv I saw ye lingwei perfect face but my angry reach its limit when I saw the second son of

zhao group stood beside her, looking at the handsome full-fledged like person the jealous that inside my body reach it limit.

"red call the all board of director of zhao group tell them to meet me"

"yes young master"

I called the zombie in charge's in managing the security company I own and told her to bring 200 undead to me,

I saw in the tv the second son took he's cellphone in his pocket, then say something the people in charge then leave.

I take my then drive to the meeting place it took me 2 hours to reach my destination, when I arrive the 200 bodyguard called is already there, I saw them in two line as I go inside.

the staff inside also bow to me then led me toward the meeting place I 4 peole there 1 old man 1

old lady and 2 middle age they all wear expensive all over there body,

the old man come and greet me then other start to introduce themselves.

" ok then I going to introduce myself my name is lu chuan I am the chairman of undead stock


when they heard that I am the undead chairman the shock in their can be seen their mouth was in o-shape, they would never thought that the fearful undead chairman was this young.

the old man once again shake my hand said " I'm very glad to meet you mr.lu may I know what you come here for?"

I smile at then glance at zhao wenxuan. I frown my eyebrow then coldly said

"I think this not proper way to talk you don't even offer me a sit do mr.zhao underestimate me because I was young? I think should think carefully about it"

"no no no of course not I just shock because I did not thing that the chairman of of undead company is very young" then he led me to sit down then look at the bodyguard outside . as he offer me a drinks

I sit down, I drank the tea he gave me then said my propose of coming here " I just come here to warn you"

old man zhao brow move cold said "what do mr.lu meaning"

"I just want to tell if your son dared to move ye lingwei you need to be ready, your group might be bankrupt as trash in the side of the street"

"I can tell you this is not a threat this is warning"

the face of the old man pale as he heard it after the undead investment company just appear 3 weeks ago but the number of company go bankrupt because of the undead company can't be count in your finger small medium or even big group just bankrupt because they offend the undead company,

"yeyes mr.lu I will surely warm my son"

after I leave I stop not far away to what he going to do, because my strength go stronger my eyesight is also much stronger than normal human my lvl is already 35 that mean all my aspect is 35x stronger than normal human.

I can hear thing clearly even it was 200-300 meter away from me as long as I focus my attention to it,

looking at the location of the family, as time fast it's the zhao old man really anger to his son that

they ban them to leave the house for 1 month and take their bank account.

after that I head back home.

I call lu chuan parent or you can say my parent in this world tell them I transfer 50,000 in their account.

I teleport back to apocalyptic world I saw in my interface that my zombie collect enough first class zombie dog fragment to unlock it but for me the zombie dog is useless so I ignore it for now.

after several day, the last day before the crisis

all my zombie training come out looking at their eye full of wisdom unlike when I first see them their look is already like a normal person no a beautiful and handsome person, I use identity to see their stats

[ ordinary zombie lvl20

race: high-zombie[ note because of some kind of process the virus bloodline of the zombie been purify]

hp: 12,500/12,500 mp: 10,000/10,000

str:125 agi:101 vit:114 int:100 wis:100

skill: hand claw lvl1

weakness: none]

after they come out I immediately put them to training school to learn magic and full counter 2 type

both physical and energy, they only need to attend training school for 1 hour to learn all the skill and every hour they stay there all their skill lvl go up by one.

not only fighting skill I put there I also put language skill English Chinese Korea and Japanese, I also put math science history and other skill need in modern world, of course I also go in.

before the timer come to end I go out and order all available zombie to go at the out of the gate,

when I saw there only 60 zombie I dumbfound I forget that the first trial of biochemical is this I already have several million zombie to fight 60 first class zombie.

I lose my fighting spirit sigh then order the zombie in low mood I expect things more excited than this and this you gave god oh jesus "kill all those jack ass"

after that I go back inside training school I still need to stay there for 87 hours to max all my skill lvl.

the feeling inside the training school is different it like thousand unknown memory pouring inside your brain.

countless fighting working etc.. memory come from nowhere got in to your mind.

3 days and six hours later all of us training got out I saw countless handsome and beautiful standing

in front of me, when they saw me they immediately fell to their knell and shout.

"greeting your highness!!"

I was shock at first but I remember I put some skill book contain the culture of British in training school, I immediately know what to do.

"stand up! and don't call me your highness just call me young master from now on, understand!!? "

" yes! young master!"

after that I group them in 72 group and name their as A-1 to A-72. I order A1 to A60 to clean up all

zombie in the surrounding of my castle other group will to expedition to find some human

settlement, then I called all zombie that still not go in to barracks to train as the remaining 7.2million zombie was put to learn skill inside the training school.

looking at my castle after it upgrade it change from wooden castle to stone castle, I also upgrade all other building. the wall became stone wall and other also change into stone the tower I built

became much destructive the arrow it shot is already not just a sharp wooden stick its gain metal bolt to the top of it.

the capacity of barracks also improve from 100,000 to 1,000,000.

the farm size change from 1km to 10km.

the mine production also increase from 100ton of each type of earth mineral to 1000ton it also gain

3 new type of mineral I name those stone base on their characteristic that is heavy metal cloud metal and energy metal.

heavy metal is a metal that have 10x of durability and weight compare to ordinary metal

cloud metal is a metal that have 2x of durability of ordinary metal but it weight can compare to a weight of one pad of paper

while energy metal is a metal that can produce 100volt of electricity every single gram per minutes

so I plan to use the cloud metal to create armour and weapon for my undead soldier while use heavy metal to create tool and training tool to do that I need to build armour factory weapon factory and tools factory,

for energy metal I plan to use it to make energy company in earth and of course to make an electric weapon.

after I upgrade everything, I go back to modern world to wait for my zombie to wipe out every

zombie in the surrounding of my territory to expand the scope of my territory.

back to my villa I fell bored as I don't have something to do after all thing happened,

picking up my phone look at the list I plan to do

1 became the world rich person /check

2 make the Entertainment in this world more interesting I want to create something like to make all manga and movie I read and watch in my past life.

I ask red on how all company I built, I don't need to worry that someone will steal any those because

in every company that I built the majority of employer there is my zombie,

last time I let red to register a company that make movie and anime, I also let her build 100 mall all

over the country of china I make sure every one of it have cinema that can play I also build entertainment company I put some beautiful and handsome zombie there as an artist all those zombie is lvl40.

then I let red build school from kindergartens to college so my zombie can make false school record, I name every single one of those as undead school, undead entertainment and undead mall.

in the undead private school I make a rule where you can graduate as long as you finish every single test of every grade in the school prefect, and you cannot go to undead school unless you perfect your entrance exam.

at first the people thought no one will go in this type of school, of course no one but I have undead to attend there so I don't need worry like other newly built private school.

after a month 1000 undead graduate from my undead school at first the people in the world don't

trust them saying they don't have enough foundation so I announce to public that anyone graduate in undead school can make 10million student loan,

the first 1000 undead who graduate take a loan of course I'm the one who order them to do I order them to use that money to makes big group that will shock the world.

the 1000 zombie make ten group in charge in different flied like one group make a company for making game while other group make a company for buying stocketc..

in just a week the company they build became famous in each flied they take own they pay the loan and the company they each built already can earn 100million every month,

because of that countless big small group/company sot to hired any student graduate from undead private school and countless student purse to go in to undead school. but out of 10million student only 5 who availed to pass of course the my zombie is not counted I decide to put 1000 zombie in every grade of my school of course I will put 1000 zombie every grading,

right now seeing all those make me smile all those is effort I done before even the first crisis finish
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