Everything Start In Zombie Factory Chapter 6

6 Chapter 6


Starway Entertainment, which is placed in the entertainment industry, has a lot of fame.

Not a top company, but it also has an influence in the industry.

A celebration feast has attracted a lot of media. In the era of developed information, as a journalist, it is their responsibility to work hard to find news topics of interest to the people.

The usual entertainment company's internal celebration banquet, they have no interest, you can reprint one or two.

This celebration feast of Starway Entertainment Company gave them the reason for the arrival: Starway Entertainment Company intends to push Zhou Yingying, who is currently in the limelight, to the position of a sister.

Well, this is not a news that people are interested in. After all, every company is a big sister who belongs to the company, Big Brother.

But among them, it involves Ye Lingwei, and things are news.

Who is Ye Lingwei?

Three years ago, she was a true first-class star. According to her development momentum, she only needs to precipitate another two or three years. With a quarter of her mixed genes, she accepts a wider face and rushes out of Asia to become an international company. The superstar is almost certain.

Many things in the world are so wonderful.

A big red star, but like a meteor, in just three or four years ago, it became like a second or third stream, it really shocked the eyes of countless people.

Now, even the status of a sister of the company is also at stake.

This celebration feast tonight, from the outside world, looks like a banquet for Zhou Yingying.

In addition to the battle between the two women, there is another reason. This is their message. It seems that there will be a grandfather in the celebration feast. God knows that the other party is coming to Zhou Yingying, or is it directed at Ye Lingwei?

Giants, stars...

The combination of the two will always have a lot of topics, and it has become the most common theme in the entertainment industry, but it has been hot.

It is this kind of wonderfulness and topicality that is the reason for attracting journalists.

If the heroic son and one of them wipe out some sparks, this will be a sensational entertainment news. For some of them, it is a kind of happiness, representing bonuses and writing. .

The celebration banquet has not yet begun. The reporters with long guns and short guns have already waited in front of the building of Starway Entertainment Company.

... When the

time is up, as the stars and stars of Starway Entertainment appear, countless flashes flash, and this is rendered like a festival.

The big and small stars that appeared one by one, they have been informed that there are quite a few reporters tonight, and they are naturally very particular about wearing them.

For a time, the company's door was jeweled.

"The artists of Starway Entertainment Inc. are getting more and more."

"It's true, after watching this trend, after three years, it's possible to be in the top three entertainment companies."

"Now they are eager to watch Zhou Yingying, It is not disappointing, the new album has refreshed its own record, which is less than a month after listing

, and has a lot of stamina." "This sister's position seems to be Zhou Yingying as early as possible."

"I heard that Ye Lingwei will attend tonight, really. I don't know what she is doing?"

"It is said that the company's personally issued by the company Huang must be present."

"It seems that Ye Lingwei's position is not guaranteed."

One reporter, no time will chat a few words.

The insider's eyes like these in the eyes of outsiders are not the inside story in the eyes of some of them.

During the chat, there was a commotion in the distance.

A silver Rolls-Royce Gust appeared, and as the car stopped in front of the red carpet of the gate, tonight's protagonist Zhou Yingying, with the help of the agent, came down from Gusite.

Under the light, Zhou Yingying immediately showed a dazzling jewel, which was extremely aggressive.

The spotlights are like electricity. Each reporter is desperately pressing the shooting button to capture every movement and expression of Zhou Yingying.

Zhou Yingying, in the center of the light, showed a natural and appropriate smile, while waving her arms slightly and greeting her.

For today's celebration feast, Zhou Yingying can be said to have done a lot of work.

A Rolls-Royce Gust, the price of renting it is not cheap. In her capacity, buying a car is not a problem, but this kind of car can only be used in this kind of scene, but it is not suitable at ordinary times.

In addition to this Rolls-Royce Gust, this is the body of the body.

Not to mention that the clothes are designed by top designers, each piece of jewelry is carefully selected, all in line with their own temperament and clothing. This jewellery jewelry has cost her more than one million.

Millions of accessories are worn on the body, adding a confidence.

Zhou Yingying is confident that tonight, she will force Ye Lingwei to become the most shining star.

Huang always waited aside, seeing Zhou Yingying coming, relying on the past, bending his arms slightly. Zhou Yingying naturally put her hand on Huang's arm, and the two walked toward the company's doorstep.


"It's not Zhou Yingying, she's this kind of aura. It's rare."

"Wow, it's so beautiful to see Zhou Yingying's jewelry."

"Look at her necklace, definitely Handong Jewelry City. The one in the article is said to be worth more than 300,000 yuan."

"The diamond ring is so good that it is also worth more than 300,000."

"Zhou Yingying's earrings are not simple, how can it be more than 100,000? "

Sister Zhou is down, don't say a million dollars? It's too expensive. I think Zhou Jie is more like a company sister."

In the banquet, the company's employees and other artists are not discussing the protagonist tonight. Zhou Yingying became the most dazzling one in the venue. Every time she went there, she always had a bunch of artists and employees to come and respect.

In particular, Zhou Yingying's jewels are all shocking to others.

"Is Wei Wei still not coming?" A

faint sip of a glass of red wine, Zhou Yingying said. She used Wei Wei sister, but she was not very polite in her tone. In this circle, she does not need to respect Ye Lingwei, but she can't express it verbally.

A staff member shook his head: "Zhou Jie, not yet."

"Oh..." Zhou Yingying chuckled, and anyone can hear the ridicule in this laugh.

If you don't come, just right, you can give her a little more time and opportunity.

Taking advantage of the wine, Zhou Yingying's eyes were placed in the corner of the tall man who was chatting with Huang, and his eyes were eager.

faint sip of a glass of red wine, Zhou Yingying said. She used Wei Wei sister, but she was not very polite in her tone. In this circle, she does not need to respect Ye Lingwei, but she can't express it verbally.

A staff member shook his head: "Zhou Jie, not yet."

"Oh..." Zhou Yingying chuckled, and anyone can hear the ridicule in this laugh.

If you don't come, just right, you can give her a little more time and opportunity.

Taking advantage of the wine, Zhou Yingying's eyes were placed in the corner of the tall man who was chatting with Huang, and his eyes were eager.

Zhao Wenxuan, the second son of the Zhao Group, has been re-used by his father at the age of 30 and is the general manager of the investment department of Zhao Group. At the same time, it is also one of the group successors of the future of more than 60 billion assets, the real giants.

It is said that Zhao Wenxuan intends to invest in Starway Entertainment and accelerate its industrialization.

Starway Entertainment has a lot of artists, but compared with the one billion group of Zhao Group, it is really weak.

If you can climb Zhao Wenxuan's relationship, or climb the other's bed, marrying into the giants will no longer be a dream.

So, this opportunity, Zhou Yingying how to miss?

After holding the wine glass close, Zhou Yingying said in her softest voice: "I have seen Zhao Gongzi."

... There was a bang in the


When Ye Lingwei stepped into the venue, it instantly became the focus of the field.

No heavy makeup, no jewels.

Dress, plain, just wearing earrings, a black hair raised.

Despite this, it did not hinder Ye Lingwei's gracefulness that was deeply rooted in the moment. As if in the eyes of people, Ye Lingwei has left the body of the flesh, just like a fairy.

The eyes of everyone are all focused on Ye Lingwei's body.

In the field, I don't know how many men swallowed their mouths, their hearts became turbulent, and some of them were caught in some ulterior illusions.

Ye Lingwei at this moment, for them, is really shocking and amazing.

In particular, the diamond-like watch on Ye Lingwei's wrist, which is matched with her clothes and people, creates a visual impact, which makes people feel the glamour of Ye Lingwei.

Zhou Yingying, who was still the focus of the venue, was eclipsed.

Zhou Yingying's jewels in the face of Ye Lingwei, but more to bring out the elegant temperament of Ye Lingwei. Compared with Ye Lingwei, Zhou Yingying seems to be vulgar.

Zhao Wenxuan, who had been chatting with Zhou Yingying for a while, had a bright eye and walked toward Ye Lingwei.

Zhou Yingying's face changed and her chest was ups and downs.

She spent such a big price and thoughtful dress, but she was compared with Ye Lingwei in an instant, how to make her convinced. More importantly, Zhao Wenxuan actually left her.

Regeneration gas, Zhou Yingying still pretend to be indifferent, followed Zhao Wenxuan's back, and went to Ye Lingwei's front, first said: "

Wu Weijie is coming?" Ye Lingwei elegantly nodded and said: "Ying Ying, congratulations to you new The album hit a new high."

"Wei Wei sister is polite." Zhou Yingying smiled.

The artists and staff around us all fell into the eyes of both, and they wanted to see what kind of fire they would come across.

Zhou Yingying glanced at Ye Lingwei, who was almost the neck and fingers. She said with a smile: "Wei Wei, this dress is really beautiful, but I always feel something less. Right, the jewelry. If you match it again The jewelry will be more perfect."

Tonight, she spends a million on the jewelry, does not stand out, how to make Ye Lingwei's influence weakened?

"Is it?" Ye Lingwei is a smile.

And next to the people, all of them are watching quietly. When Zhou Yingying's words came out, many people realized that the struggle between the two began.

Zhou Yingying smiled and said: "If you don't like this, I have a necklace bought here for 160,000. I originally wanted to be used as a spare. Now Weiwei seems to need more than me. If you want Weiwei, you can take it first. Use?"

"Like the one I am wearing now, it is from the handwriting of Mr. Zhang from Bailing Jewelry, and spent 380,000, which is still obtained by acquaintances. Plus bracelets and rings. Hundreds of thousands." In

a few words, nothing is showing the value of her jewelry. Some of the artists next to


are okay, although they are surprised, but they are not revealed.

However, the staff, but all of them were amazed, just wearing more than one million on the body, the company is really no one can compare.

Zhao Xueyan was so angry that she thought that Zhou Yingying would be so direct. In contrast, only Wei Wei said that you are not red, and you can't make much money. I am afraid that you can't afford it.

This is not a show of wealth, but a shame.

Ye Lingwei's brow wrinkled slightly. She subconsciously shrank her wrist. The other side was worth millions. Her earrings only cost more than 10,000 to buy. The watch on the wrist is more direct, or one or two thousand. High imitation.

Think of this watch, let Ye Lingwei have a feeling of being seen through, guilty to want to hide.

The artists and staff around them all put their eyes on Ye Lingwei's body. Indeed, as Zhou Yingying said, Ye Lingwei's dress is a bit shabby tonight.

After a few years of gas, Ye Lingwei, whose reputation has come down, counts more money than Zhou Yingying.

Zhao Wenxuan, who has never spoken, smiled and said: "If I am not mistaken, Miss Ye wears the Heures Cratives series of watches in Vacheron Constantin. The appearance of vintage shining diamonds is a very representative series of Vacheron Constantin. . " "

Maybe you do not feel too intuitive, but when it comes to value, you will certainly be aware of it. "

What seems to have realized, Zhou Yingying's face is changed.

A watch that can be familiar to Zhao Wenxuan, a top-class grandfather, would be a bargain?

The appetite of everyone was almost hanged by Zhao Wenxuan's words. Could it be that the watch worn by Ye Lingwei's hand is surprising?

For a time, countless eyes were concentrated on Ye Lingwei's wrist.

"It's the market price, in four million."

Zhao Wenxuan's voice sounded up, and instantly made Zhou Yingying like a lightning strike, but also let the side of the eating melons, all are stunned. A table is worth four million?

Just holding herself too high, this fall, let Zhou Yingying feel the look around her eyes, full of unknown taste, so that she cannot find a seam to drill into.

Just the appearance of Ye Lingwei, let this celebration feast change the taste.

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