Everything Start In Zombie Factory Chapter 5

5 Chapter 5

after doing I did not immediately announce it to public instead I register new company I name it undead construction company, I put 100 thousand zombie in there then let red advertised it to all

company that have relationship to my undead investment company.

because of huge influence of my company it became famous in one night not only that because undead have absolute loyalty to me the speed of them to finish the job is 100x faster than ordinary group in just one night they build about 30 house 43 villa and 3 3 floor building.

I pick up my thing then head back to my villa I order fast food then to the sofa at my living room I open the tv.

"Everyone, here is the 'Flying Yang' variety show on Handong TV."

"This time we invited Ye Lingwei as our guest, please Ye Lingwei."

The live broadcast of the "Flying" variety show was finally started. I sat on the sofa and looked at the woman who appeared in the show. It was so bright that I was surprised when she appeared on the scene.

" ye lingwei " I sigh Ye Lingwei fell to participate in this variety show, showing her predicament that mean she losing her popularity.

Ye Lingwei on the TV did not have a trace of dilemma and showed her best side.

I sigh although I can help using my influence in business circle I still don't it because I also want her to retired from being a super star.

I called red again then order her to register security company this time I put another 100k lvl15

zombie then to be security red create artificial identity for all of them although it bit hard after red just put 100k identity last so it became bit harder for to move in to hack the government system.

just the undead security come out thousand rich people immediately come to hired some bodyguard although it's price is 10x of top bodyguard from other security company they still hired just to get close to me.

I order red to assign 10 undead to secretly protect ye lingwei,

after that I take my car toward handong tv station, I stay there for hour and half I saw ye lingwei greet dozen of her fans

I go out of my car then I wave the zombie the look like a child it was one of guard I order to guard ye lingwei not far away, I give the box with watch made of diamond that I pick in the apocalyptic world and a small note inside it told him to bring it to ye ling wei.

when I saw ye lingwei leave I also go home, I put my car to the carriage of my villa then go apocalyptic world.

I saw the timer is only 6 day and 18 hours I buy another 7.2million zombie while the last zombie I buy constantly killing zombie around the wall

" evernight isn't my system name is the strongest dimensional system why there no shuttle function"

"master your system need to upgrade to lvl2 to unlock "

"how can I upgrade my system?"

"master need to upgrade his castle kingdom to lvl5 to upgrade the lvl of the system"

hearing that I stop for a while thought ' to upgrade my castle to lvl2 I need to survive in first biochemical crisis so this mean I need to survive to lvl 6 crisis of biochemical factory.

after I that I check the harvest in farm ranch and mine, I walk toward the top of wall take the telescope that I buy from system I check the surrounding, each time I point my telescope I can only saw countless zombie,

I turn around then go back to modern world,

Donghai City.

As one of the best financial cities in China, it can be ranked in the top 20 in the international level.

Ye Lingwei came back from Handong City and was involved in the work of recording new songs.

Whether it is Lu Chuan, or the outside world, she was selectively forgotten behind her. In her eyes, there was only a new album. This is very important to her. If the new album is not successful, it will be a blow to her career.

"Wei Wei, this dress is very suitable for your temperament."

Zhao Xueyan commented on Ye Lingwei, who had just changed clothes. This is a very European-style dress with a face of a quarter of Ye Lingwei, with a beautiful face of Ye Lingwei, more like a royal princess.

Ye Lingwei looked at herself in the mirror and was very satisfied.

"Just like this body."

No more picks, Ye Lingwei nodded.

Now is the time when the new album is the busiest. If it is not a last resort, Ye Lingwei is not willing to participate in any celebration feast.

On the third day after returning from Handong City, the company notified that it was necessary to attend the company's celebration banquet for Zhou Yingying, celebrating Zhou Yingying's new album and creating a new record of personal sales. At the same time, she also celebrated Zhou Yingying's title song. The third place in the Bai Niang music list.

Don't think that it's all very simple. In the eyes of the outside world, just a good song enters their eyes.

However, in the industry, it represents this status and is a career achievement.

Ye Lingwei is in the company, holding a top-level contract. According to the contract, she has to go

through a high level of Zhou Yingying.

But in fact, Zhou Yingying's position in the company has surpassed Ye Lingwei.

Otherwise, Zhou Yingying's celebration feast, the company may not need her to attend. The potential meaning is to let her Ye Lingwei stand for Zhou Yingying and lift Zhou Yingying's position. Isn't she Zhou Yingying stepping on her own position in the company? Then, let's see if there is such a skill.

Ye Lingwei has rarely dressed herself in the spirit of jewels. One is Ye Lingwei's personality decision. Secondly, Ye Lingwei's reputation has declined in recent years. She has received fewer business activities and has not been able to win prizes at major awards festivals.

The previous hand ornaments and jewels were almost thrown into the box in the past few years.

Zhao Xueyan took out the previous hand ornaments and jewels one by one, but most of these hand ornaments and jewels belong to the old models, and they cannot match the current dress of Ye Lingwei.

"Wei Wei, how long have you not bought a new jewelry?"

Ye Lingwei smiled a little and said: "Well, the celebration feast is about to begin. You can pick a suitable point. I am not the protagonist tonight. Who will notice me?"

Zhao Xueyan is a look: "Wei Wei, this is not enough, we must compare this Zhou Yingying, otherwise you will be passive in the company."

On the other hand, Zhao Xueyan said that it is Ye Lingwei's agent, but more like an assistant. As a new broker who has just turned positive, her draw is not high, at the bottom of the industry. Her income, and Ye Lingwei's income is linked, she naturally hopes that Ye Lingwei can return to the peak of a few years ago.

"Sister Wei Wei, I have to dress you up today and make you the protagonist of the celebration party."

Ye Lingwei was crying and laughing, saying: "Can't you go out and buy jewelry now?"

"This is also true." Zhao Xueyan's excitement, and turned into a frowning face, now it is completely difficult to be a good woman.


Zhao Xueyan suddenly had a bright eye. She thought of a jewelry that was not a handicraft. It was absolutely perfect match with Wei Wei, and it was the most elegant and elegant temperament of Wei Wei.

"Wei Wei sister, I have a way." Zhao Xueyan laughed. Ye Lingwei was strange and said: "What is the solution?"

"A few days ago, I went to Handong City. Didn't a fan send you a watch? This watch is definitely the best match for you now. No, it should be said to be a perfect match. It is combined with your elegance, with a word. How do you describe it? Yes, it's graceful." Zhao Xueyan thinks more, the more happy he is.

"No." Ye Lingwei, who was just smiling, but his face changed slightly and some were cold.

Speaking of this watch, Ye Lingwei naturally thinks of the man who took possession of himself under the mistake.

For this man, she is very complicated.

She was born in a scholarly home, and her education was conservative. This is why she never heard anecdotes, not to mention being too exposed.

Under this kind of education, she will be emotionally complex and affected by the first man who owns herself. If you change another woman, this kind of mistake will be committed, and it will be a stranger.

"Wei Wei sister, why not?" Zhao Xueyan asked.

"He..." Ye Lingwei said a word, but did not know how to say it. Ye Lingwei investigated Lu Chuan, a college student who came out of the countryside and graduated from the civil engineering of Handong University only a year ago. Over the past year, I have worked in a decoration company.

This kind of origin can never tell Zhao Xueyan to know.

Another point is this watch, Ye Lingwei knows the English above, Vacheron Constantin, which is the top brand in luxury goods. Although she did not check this watch, she also knows that the cheapest watch in Vacheron Constantin is also around 100,000.

With Lu Chuan's income and family burden, it is impossible to afford this kind of watch.

This also means that this seemingly realistic watch is a copy of the imitation. At that time, Ye Lingwei thought of it for the first time. He almost threw the watch away.

How can this person be like this, you really have no money, is it better to send a flower than to send a high imitation watch?

Ye Lingwei's sense of Lu Chuan is directly down several levels. All this is what Zhao Xueyan didn't know, and she was too embarrassed by Ye Lingwei. Zhao Xueyan knows that a woman with a soft heart is sometimes unable to come by her, but to use a powerful means.

With a smile, Zhao Xueyan was in the place where the jewelry was placed, and found this inconspicuous little box in the corner, and took out this luxurious and extravagant watch from the inside.

Even for the second time, Zhao Xueyan was astonished by this watch. The breath of this piece of the table, like Ye Lingwei, is graceful and luxurious.

"I really don't know who it is. Looking at Wei Wei's expression, it seems that there is something inside with this person." Zhao Xueyan groaned, but did not dare to ask.

She can sometimes make some decisions, but there are some things that she can't touch. After taking out the watch, Zhao Xueyan directly took Ye Lingwei's hand and put the watch on.


At the moment when the watch was put on, Ye Lingwei became completely different. The nobleness emanating from the bones was combined with this watch. It was like the arrival of the royal princess. This charm is unmatched.

Really worthy of being in the entertainment circle, it is called the most temperament, charm, and the most beautiful woman. Zhao Xueyan raised her mother's finger: "Wei Wei sister, I really don't know who you are cheaper in the future. I can't wait to be a man."

Ye Lingwei did not think that a watch could change the temperament of the whole person. The grace and grace were more like deep into the bones, and even surprised myself.

but. Thinking of this piece is a high imitation table, Ye Lingwei is still upset, let go and want to take off.

Zhao Xueyan, Laye Lingwei: "Wei Wei, listen to me once, we can't let Zhou Yingying smile and smile.

Now time is coming, we have to hurry."

After all, Ye Lingwei was pulled by Zhao Xueyan and went to the door.

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