Everybody Is Kung Fu Fighting While I Started A Farm Chapter 430

Chapter 430: : Breakthrough Golden Wonderland Great Perfection

The Quartet is silent.

Many golden immortals are shocked.

Another golden fairy fell.

Counting the one who was previously killed by the "enhanced nuclear explosive sky thunder grenade" thrown by Jiang He, three golden immortals have fallen today.


It's a bit beyond their imagination.

In their plan, a hundred tribes of golden immortals, true immortals, and celestial immortals will be gathered, and tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of elite troops will be gathered directly on the ancestors of the human race and swept with crushing force.

According to their intelligence, this time the Golden Immortal who returned to the Human Race Ancestor Star is only a few digits. There are more than a hundred true immortals, and there are more than 300 Heavenly Immortals. Even if the Human Race Ancestor Star has other arrangements, such a little strength will definitely not stop a hundred. Clan army.


What a great army has not been assembled yet!

Actually ran out of a dead human in the true fairyland...No, this is definitely not a dead human!

"What is the situation?"

"Can anyone tell me what happened?"

"Could it be possible that the true fairyland of the human race can directly break through to the great perfection of the golden fairyland after the longevity?"

"Even the Golden Fairy Realm Dzogchen, it is impossible to be so tyrannical. He killed the Shadow Clan's Shadow Blade with a single sword. This strength is not much better than that of Da Luo..." Many golden immortals flashed fear in their eyes. The color.

They looked sideways one after another, looking at the powerhouse of the second family of Gods and Demons.

There are a total of seven demon golden immortals on the "Earth" expedition, and all of them are extremely powerful. They are all the top powerhouses among the golden immortals. The most powerful one is a burly figure, three meters high, carrying a Dark handle axe.

The demonic energy of his body was rising, and his momentum was so strong that he was not much weaker than the God King Haotian of the Protoss Race.

However, not many people know his name.

Even the six demon golden immortals who went along with him know very little about this burly demon. He only knows that he is a disciple cultivated by the ancestors of the demon, and his status is comparable to that of a great demon king, although he is not a demon king, but The strength is by no means weaker than the devil.

The Demon King of the Demon Race is equivalent to the God King of the Protoss, and equal to the Dara of the Human Race.

He looked at God King Haotian and smiled: "Haotian, are you coming or me?"

The silver-haired and white-robed God King Haotian took a deep look at the burly demon brawny, and said: "I know you, you are a direct disciple of the ancestor of the demon clan, and your name is Modoro. The outside world knows very little about you, but I will know. You have fought against a small clan Da Luo, but you were seriously injured but not dead, and the small clan Da Luo was also seriously injured."

This burly man did not seem to be surprised.

Without him.

The small clan in the mouth of God King Haotian was originally a vassal of the gods.

Around, many golden immortals were shocked and looked at Modoro.

The God King Haotian was an understatement and said with a smile: "Friends of Daoist Modoruo, it seems that everyone is very curious about you, otherwise you will take action to suppress the human master and show everyone a hand?"

"it is good!"

Morona spoke, and while reaching for the giant axe behind him, he said: "If this is the case, then I will go out..."

call out!

Before he could finish his sentence, he saw a thunder sword piercing the sky and falling on a small family golden fairy.

Although the golden immortal of this small family has reached the late stage of the golden fairyland, it is much worse than the golden immortal of the big family in terms of combat power. No matter the cultivation method or the magic weapon, it is inferior.

Although he tried his best to resist, he still couldn't stop the sword.

A golden celestial avenue emerged, broke and collapsed, and another golden celestial avenue fell.

Moreover, the lightning sword light did not completely dissipate, and a dozen true immortals were hacked to death by the way.

Jiang He mixed the Yuan Zhong on his head, carried a golden lightsaber, sneered again and again, and said, "A group of mentally retarded people died on the verge of death, and they are still pretending to be forced, discussing whom to send to deal with me?"

His gaze turned to Modoro, and said lightly: "Big guy, are you going to rush to die?"


Jiang He's voice suddenly rose up a bit, and he shouted: "I will give you a chance to see Yan Luo first!"

Modoro was furious, the whole body's demonic energy burst out instantly, holding a battle axe, stepping on the void to kill the river.

The void under his feet was trampled and exploded, forming a crack in the space.

A huge shadow of ax tore through the sky and slashed towards the river.

Jiang He took out his sword and broke the shadow of the axe with a sword, his face moved slightly, and he said in shock: "Good fellow, the power of this axe is not much worse than my full blow...This axe is the best treasure of the day after tomorrow. ?"

"Can block my axe, you are qualified to let me know your name!"

Modoro slashed out with an axe, and did not continue to attack, but said in a deep voice: "Human Golden Immortal, tell your name, I Modoro will not kill the unknown."

Ha ha.

Jiang He sneered, and said: "The strength is not so good, but the tone is not small."


He took the initiative to attack, cut out with a sword, the void collapsed, the light of the thunder sword shone, and it slashed towards Modoro.

Modoro urged the secret method and displayed a magical power of body protection.

The demon energy around him quickly converged, turning into a demon energy armor and smashed on his body. This is one of the most advanced body protection magical powers of the Demon Race. With its own demon energy, the armor is condensed and the defense is extremely powerful.

Modoro's knowledge in this magical power is extremely deep, and the armor defensive power of his own devilish energy is definitely not worse than the low-grade defense Lingbao.


There was a crisp sound.

The chest of the devilish armor was torn by this sword.

And inside the magic armor, Modoro also wore a set of top-quality fairy weapon defense suit.

After tearing the armor with that sword, there was not much power left, and it was not enough to penetrate a set of top-quality fairy weapon defense suits, not to mention the burly and sturdyness of Modola, and the body was not weak.

Therefore, physical damage, even with Jiang He's current strength and full combat power, would hardly cause real damage to Modoro.

But this sword is more than a physical attack.


At the moment when he fought hard against that sword~wuxiaworld.online~ Modoro's face changed slightly.

In his sea of consciousness, a wisp of magic energy that had been entrenched in the depths of the sea of consciousness suddenly appeared, blocking a transparent, almost invisible "small sword".

"What a strong mental attack!"

Modoruo was shocked, this Human Race Golden Immortal still mastered such a powerful meta-mystery skill?

If it weren't for the sea of consciousness, there was a ray of devilish energy left by the ancestor of the demon clan to protect the soul, I am afraid that the sword just now was enough to shake one's own soul and cause a certain degree of damage to his own soul.


Jiang He's pupils shrink slightly.

This sword is actually useless?


It is already the result of his full combat power!

"This guy has a good background, his own strength is too strong, and there are too many treasures, I want to kill him... it's difficult!"

"Once you can't quickly kill him, wait until the group of golden immortals join forces..."

Jiang He looked a little embarrassed.

Since his debut, killing himself has been done within three or five tricks. Where have you encountered such trouble?

He turned his head to look at the life planet with a diameter of more than one hundred thousand li in the distance, where tens of millions and hundreds of ethnic alliance forces gathered.

at the same time.

Starry sky battlefield.

In the depths of a wild mountain, in a hall of the fox family.

A gold fairy of the fox clan gathered together, and two big Luo of the fox clan appeared.

One of the big Luo opened his mouth and called out the names of the six Golden Fairy Fox Monsters, saying: "Now that the ancestor star is unblocked, the news has leaked, and the hundreds of races are in alliance again. If you want to attack the ancestor star, you choose a hundred true immortals, A Tianxian disciple, together with the masters of various forces, went to the ancestral star to support."

After a pause, this big Luojing fox demon changed his tone and said coldly: "After returning to the ancestor star, I found the human race that killed our clan elder and disciple, and sent his head and spirit back!"

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