Everybody Is Kung Fu Fighting While I Started A Farm Chapter 429

Chapter 429: :who Else?

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The second thunder calamity followed, with the power of destroying the sky and the earth, crashing down.


Jiang He made a strange cry.


It's so cool!

Especially the moment the thunderbolt fell on him, it seemed to resonate with his own "Law of Thunder Immortal Dao", making his own immortal law more radiant. Under this force, Jiang He's breath changed more rapidly.


"I almost forgot. I am also considered the Thunder Dao body now, and I have a strong immunity to Thunder, and coupled with the tyrannical body, so this day of calamity is more tickling to me... uh, than Tickling is a little stronger, otherwise how can I feel comfortable?"

Everything is a long story, but in fact it is instantaneous.

From the breakthrough of the river to the fall of the second tribulation, a total of only about ten breathing times.

In just ten breathing times, Jiang He's cultivation base has been promoted to the late Golden Wonderland.


The third sky thunder fell.

Different from the tribulation of the sky when crossing the tribulation realm, the time of the thunder of the "Eternal Tribulation" is only three or four breaths.

At this time, those golden immortals and true immortals of the hundred races who were originally astonished had already reacted. They were just shocked by this sudden "Eternal Tribulation".

"Eternal Life Tribulation?"

"Such a terrifying longevity?"

"Such a terrifying longevity robbery he actually resisted physically?"


"It's as horrible, this human being is a real fairyland dead soldier, really horrible!"


"Break through in front of the Golden Immortal of the Alliance of Hundred Races. I really think that there is no one in my Hundred Clan? I am the Sword Saint of the Promise Realm-Yi, let's see how I kill him!"

call out!

A sword light suddenly rose, piercing the starry sky, and slashed towards the river that was crossing the catastrophe.

At this time Jiang He just woke up from "Enlightenment".

He opened his eyes, and when he looked up, he saw the thunder of a terrifying thunder crashing down.

In front, another sword light tore through the void, slashing towards him.

In fact, Jiang He at this time was still a little confused, similar to the state when people just woke up. He reflexively stretched out his right hand to catch the sword light, stretched out his left hand, and grabbed a thunder. .


The sword saint known as the "Wuji Realm" is a top Golden Wonderland sword repairer. How powerful is this sword?

A sword penetrated Jiang He's palm.


After that sword light penetrated Jiang He's palm, the power was dissipated, and Jiang He squeezed it and exploded directly.

And that ray of lightning is much more powerful.

Even if Jiang He is a "congenital thunder body" and his physical body is unmatched, he was beaten to a stagger, making the somewhat confused Jiang He completely awake, his face was painful, and he yelled, "Damn it, it's a waste, too. wasted!"

"This is the Thunder Tribulation of the Longevity Tribulation..."

"If I make the Thunder Jie Tian Lei of the Longevity Tribulation into a nuclear explosion sky thunder, I am afraid that the group of golden immortals in front of me can easily blow up!"


Just as Jiang He changed his mind, his aura climbed again.

The Golden Wonderland is at its peak.

Moreover, the transformation of his body has not stopped. It is estimated that he will be able to enter the Golden Wonderland Great Perfection in about ten more breaths.


The fifth sky thunder fell!

This time Jiang He was prepared, and the probe grabbed it, and directly grabbed the sky thunder in his hand.

Tian Lei seemed to have life, struggling constantly in his hands, but no matter how struggling, it was difficult to break through Jiang He's palm. Gradually, he calmed down.

Jiang He waved away the sky thunder, and the sixth sky thunder was already brewing.

The sword saint who had previously shot the sword saw that a sword could not help Jianghe, so he activated the secret method, his figure flashed, appeared beside Jianghe, and burst out a sword stronger than before.

The brilliant sword light burst out from the tip of the sword.


Jiang He was furious, turned around and blasted out with a punch, blasting out the sword light of that sword. The fist did not weaken and fell on the sword master "Yi".


A top golden immortal was directly destroyed.

Blood is spilled in the sky.

His blood squirmed, and he wanted to reshape the immortal body, but Jiang He was caught by a probing hand, and the powerful force suppressed it, directly obliterating his flesh and soul.

The main road shook, and the golden fairy fell.

"master Yi!"

A howl came from a distance, but it was a golden immortal from the same family as the "Yi" master.

Jiang He took the opportunity to suppress and accept the sixth heaven tribulation, looked around, looking at the many golden immortals indifferently, and said calmly: "You fellow Taoists don't worry, wait until Jiang has received the thunder tribulation before sending you on the road... Don't worry, As long as you dont run, one of them counts as one, and I will kill you all. I will never favor one or the other."


A roaring roar came from the thunder cloud overhead. It seemed that Jianghes act of suppressing the "Tian Lei" caused Jieyuns anger. He only heard the three consecutive roars, the next moment, the seventh, eighth, The ninth day Lei Qiqi fell.


Jiang He was taken aback. He burst out with all his strength. He hurriedly suppressed all the three heavenly thunders, then wiped the sweat from his forehead. He raised his head and glanced at the gradually dissipating Jieyun in the sky, and said with lingering fear: "Good risk. Fortunately, after I broke through, the cultivation base was promoted to the Golden Wonderland Great Perfection in one breath, and the physical strength was also greatly improved. It is estimated that they are equivalent to the low-grade Lingbao. Otherwise, if it is only the early stage of the Golden Wonderland, only I'm afraid that the three sky thunders just now will be enough to kill me!"

He let out a long sigh, turned his head, and looked at the astonished Golden Fairy of the Hundred Clan, with a sincere and honest smile on his face, and said with a smile: "Everyone, I have finished the catastrophe. , You can come up and die!"

His breath is all blooming.

An aura like a devil erupted from Jiang He.

Before the Golden Immortal of the Hundred Clan, he took the initiative to attack, with the Yuan Bell on his head, holding the Golden Light Sword, his figure flashed, appeared behind the Golden Immortal of the Shadow Race, and handed out a sword towards that of the Shadow Race. Bit Golden Wonderland cut away.

"Do not!"

The Shadow Clan's Golden Immortal is not a weak one. His strength is comparable to that of the sword sage "Yi" who was just killed by Jiang He. He is a top Golden Immortal. However, facing this sword at this moment, his face is horrified.

Only when you face this sword can you experience the power and horror that this sword contains!

This shadow clan Jinxian has seen Daluo in the clan make a move.

Even at this moment, an absurd feeling rose in his heart...

It seems that the power of this sword is stronger than that of his clan who has been promoted to Da Luo Jing for thousands of years!


His body moved, tearing time and space, and instantly appeared thousands of miles away.

Shadow clan, good at space.

When he escaped, he shouted: "Quick, quick, all shots, to punish this thief, his strength is not weaker than Daluo!"

"Want to go!"

Jiang He sneered~wuxiaworld.online~ The sword he handed out didn't stop, but slashed thousands of miles away.

The sword light flashed, the void was torn apart like cloth, and a bit of sword light appeared thousands of miles away.


The strong shadow clan only felt a flower in front of him, and the next moment he felt that his body began to separate... his soul was also separating, and he could even clearly "see" that his body and soul were separated. Divided into two and fell into the stars.

next moment.


A Jinxian Avenue was crossed and the avenue was broken.

Shadow Clan Golden Fairy, fall!

Jiang He raised his sword and said with a grinning smile: "Dare to say that the teleportation that Laozi took two or three hours to assemble is not the way of space?"

He looked around, the river at this moment, arrogant and domineering, laughed, and said, "Who else?"

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