Everybody Is Kung Fu Fighting While I Started A Farm Chapter 428

Chapter 428: : Why Doesn't Jie Hack My Body Hurt?

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Jiang He said seriously.

The surrounding hundreds of powerful people were taken aback for a moment, and then they all couldn't help but laugh. A golden fairy of the Yan clan laughed even more: "No wonder the Human Race sent you to be a dead man. It turns out that there is a brain problem. True immortal, I can kill with my finger, how dare I say something in front of me?"


This rock clan's golden fairy stepped out, and his burly and huge figure instantly turned into a giant of a thousand feet, his skin and muscles turned into rocks, and he blasted towards the river with a punch.

Jiang He raised his fist and blasted away.


One person, one rock giant, one after another backwards.

"how is this possible?"

The rock giant was shocked and lost his voice: "The human cultivator is weak in flesh, why are you, the real fairyland human cultivator, so powerful?"

On the other hand, Jiang He was also a little dazed.

He lowered his head and glanced at his fist.

On his fist, the skin exploded and the bones were exposed.

However, this injury is nothing to Jiang He. Even if he did not deliberately urge the immortal energy and blood to recover his injury, the injury was healed at a speed visible to the naked eye.

"My punch... why is it so weak?"

There was a flash of doubt in his mind, Jiang He couldn't help but laughed, and said: "I came out too fast, and I forgot that I was still a real fairyland."

The rock giant couldn't win Jiang He, the "True Real Wonderland Dead Man of Human Race," feeling a bit lost. His granite face was full of anger, and he rushed towards Jiang He with his fist.

The rock clan is a special life.

It is said that the ancestor of the rock clan was transformed by the first sacred mountain born in the universe. After countless epochs in the boundless chaos, spiritual wisdom was gradually born, controlled the avenue, and cultivated into the realm of saints.

Later, there was a rock clan.

This rock clan should be enlightened by the ancestor of the rock clan by means of creation.

This race does not cultivate mana, does not cultivate primordial spirits, but only cultivates the flesh...or in other words, they have no flesh at all.

Because their bodies are originally made of rocks, every rock clan can be treated as a strong body refiner.

Seeing him kill again, Jiang He did not respond this time.

His figure flickered, and he moved instantaneously, appearing thousands of miles away.


Nayan Jinxian was shocked, and lost his voice: "A true fairyland can actually use the method of space movement?"


At this time, Jin Xian uttered again, surprised: "I didn't notice the spatial fluctuation just now, and I have blocked the space of this place. Unless I am far superior to me in the attainments of the way of space, I can't use the space shift at all. law."

"He should have used some kind of treasure to display a secret technique similar to the method of space movement!"

The golden fairy who opened his mouth was a strong man in the shadow clan.

The shadow clan is born with an extraordinary affinity for the power of space. Almost every shadow clan who reaches the golden fairyland can master the way of space.

At this moment, the complexion of many golden immortals changed.

Although I don't know how the human true fairyland dead man did it, but with this method alone, he can stand in an immortal place, and if he wants to escape, no one can catch up.



Thousands of miles away, Jiang He was furious, pointing at the shadow clan golden immortal and yelling, "Which clan golden immortal are you? How dare you slander me?"

"Lao Tzu has worked so hard for half an hour to master the way of space to create a perfect teleportation. You actually said that I am not the method of space movement?"


Jiang He's figure flashed and reappeared in the center surrounded by many golden immortals, true immortals, and heavenly immortals.

He stared at the stunned Shadow Clan Jinxian, and yelled: "Open your dog's eyes and take a closer look. Is this the way to move space?"


He moved out in an instant.


He came in again.

A group of golden immortals are all dumbfounded.

"court death!"

In an instant, a total of more than two dozen golden immortals shot together, and the magical passage method blasted into the void, creating space cracks in the void, shaking thousands of miles of void and turning into chaos.

Under normal circumstances, the chaotic time and space cannot be used to move the space.

But Jianghe...


It ran tens of thousands of miles away.


"My own teleportation, is it so awesome?"

It was Jiang He himself who was taken aback. Then, he smiled sternly and said coldly: "I have given you a chance. Since you don't cherish it, then I will kill someone in Jiang today!"


The breath on his body exploded frantically.


"The Chaos Thunder Sword Classic, give me a boost!"

"The Chaos Thunder Sword Art also improves Lao Tzu!"

With a thought, a system prompt sounded in my mind


"Planting points-150 billion points."

"Congratulations to the host, you have successfully upgraded the Chaos Thunder Sword Sutra to the great stage."


"Planting points-150 billion points."

"Congratulations to the host, you have successfully promoted the Chaos Thunder Sword Art to the great stage."

Almost the moment the system reminded the sound in his mind, Jiang He's aura that had already climbed to the extreme suddenly rose a few points again, and instantly rushed into the realm of golden fairy.

In his body, Dao Dao Xian Dao law bloomed with a bright fairy light.

His muscles and bones burst out with a thunderous roar.

His spirit is growing rapidly.

The improvement of the Chaos Thunder Sword Classic is not only the improvement of cultivation base, but also the all-round improvement of physique, cultivation base, and spirit, while the Chaos Thunder Sword Art is a sword technique.

It is the magical power of swordsmanship that integrates "primary mysterious skills" and swordsmanship.

Putting in the heavens and ten thousand realms, they are definitely the top one.


Jiang He was surrounded by sword light.

Within tens of thousands of miles, the sword chanted and trembled.


A group of golden immortals and true immortals came to a halt and stopped abruptly, looking at this sky full of vision with incredible expression. It was the God King Haotian of the Protoss. They were shocked and said in a deep voice, "How could it be... A true immortal, not to mention breaking into the Golden Fairyland, or breaking into the Great Luo Realm, and it will never produce such a terrifying vision!"

How did he know that this was a special effect added specially when Jiang He created the exercise.

This is because Jiang He wants to keep a low profile.

Otherwise, a vision turned out to be thousands of miles away, wouldn't it be able to scare the master of the Hundred Races Alliance to death?

"This is the Golden Wonderland?"

But Jiang He was involuntarily trapped in "Enlightenment".

The Chaos Thunder Sword Sutra made his physique, cultivation base, and spirit not stay after breaking through to the Golden Wonderland, but went straight to the Golden Wonderland Great Perfection... This disrupted Jiang He's plan.

His original plan was to use the "Eternal Life Tribulation" after the breakthrough to not kill a part of the heavenly immortals and ordinary soldiers, but at this time, the cultivation base divine soul broke through all aspects of enhancement, forcibly causing him to fall into the "Enlightenment".

Jianghe in this state is extremely sensitive to the outside world, but there is no way to wake up from "enlightenment."

He "sees" that the golden immortals rushed over.

When he was a hundred miles away, he stopped again.

Because of his head, a billowing robbery cloud formed instantly.

Longevity Tribulation, here comes!

"Damn it!"

Jiang He was about to cry~wuxiaworld.online~ roared in his heart: "I really don't want to enlighten..."


Everything is useless.

That billowing robbery cloud, overwhelming the sky, filled the entire starry sky, and did not know tens of thousands of miles vertically and horizontally, in the robbery cloud, a terrifying thunder light shone.


A thunder robbery with a thickness of hundreds of feet directly smashed Jiang He's head.


Jiang He, who was being "forcibly" enlightened, was stunned.

and many more

Is this Thunder Tribulation so weak?

The strength of his current physical body is just the strength of the ordinary best immortal weapon. Why does it hurt him without hurting him? ? ?

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