Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos Chapter 1825

Chapter 1825: Power, Dreams, and Mischief

Several days after his explanation of the biology of Saiyans and their potential to even surpass the Gods, Vahn found himself in the center of a massive crater. Above him, floating high in the sky, an inordinately beautiful woman with long black hair, a breathtaking figure, and a long, monkey-like tail, looked down on him with a massive grin on her face. This was none other than Yuri, who, after an arduous conversion process, now had the bloodline and physique of an Ancient Saiyan.

Pulling himself from the rubble, Vahn rose unsteadily to his feet, cradling his head with his left hand as he remarked, "You really don't pull your punches, do you...?"

Laughing in response to Vahn's words, Yuri dropped down to the center of the crater before saying, "I'm seldom able to go all out so this is a good opportunity for me to cut loose. Besides, aren't you getting stronger each time I knock you down? I'm not sure if it's my Saiyan instincts, but I get a very dangerous feeling from you every now and then. It gets my blood pumping and makes it difficult to hold back."

Having mostly recovered at this point, Vahn nodded his head in understanding before adopting a battle stance and saying, "Yeah, I get that, but the purpose of this training is for you to learn how to control yourself and manipulate your Ki. You're too reliant on Shinsu and keep suppressing your Ki whenever you get excited. So long as you continue relying on the former, you would never be able to defeat someone like Jahad and the Great Warriors."

Puffing out her cheeks somewhat adorably, Yuri intoned a pouty, "Muuu..." before following it up by saying, "You're too serious all the time. Aren't you the one who said it's important to work hard and play hard? Wouldn't it be a lot more fun to do both at the same time!?"

Offering a wry smile in response to the excitable woman's remark, Vahn gradually lowered his ready stance as she said, "Fine. Let's try something new...how about, for every half-hour of Ki training and guided meditation you manage to pull off, I will reward you with an hour-long massage?"

Though she was usually baited pretty easily with the promise of a massage, Yuri promptly crossed her arms under her breasts as she willfully answered, "I refuse! If I wanted to sit around on my butt all day, I wouldn't have agreed to become a Saiyan. If you think you can keep enticing me with 'just' a massage...you're seriously looking down on me!"

Shaking his head in response to Yuri's attempts to provoke him, Vahn calmly replied, "You already know we can't go all the way, Yuri. I'm not going to let my child be raised someplace I cannot see them. You also need to hold on to your status as a Princess of Jahad if you want to complete your current Quest; so, unless you're telling me you have given up on your dream and intend to spend the next few years in the Little Garden, it is impossible to..."

Even before the Law of Identity had unceremoniously revealed Yuri's plan to him, Vahn could tell she was up to something due to the massive grin that had spread across her face. This caused his words to gradually trail off, but, rather than give in to the temptation to release a sigh, he adopted a wry smile and said, "That should work...but there is also a chance-"

Before Vahn could even finish speaking, Yuri tossed him over her shoulder before taking off like a rocket towards the horizon. This left Vahn feeling a little helpless, but, knowing he would be the one to benefit the most from Yuri's plan, he decided to just go with the flow. They were supposed to be separating the following day so he could at least humor her for one more evening...


After passing through the teleportation gate connecting the Ninth Layer to the Eighth, Yuri carried Vahn all the way to the outskirts of the Emerald Grove before setting him down with a wry smile on her face. Before she could apologize, however, Vahn simply shook his head, an amused smile on his face as he said, "It's fine. I really don't have a problem with girls like you. Just remember to restrain yourself when we're outside...if this becomes a habit...well, we'll discuss that when the time comes..."

Though she got the impression Vahn was going to say something about 'punishing' her, Yuri wasn't particularly concerned. That was a matter for the far future. For now, she only had one, maybe two, things on her mind. As a result, she ultimately giggled in response to Vahn's words before grabbing his arm and pulling him towards the naturalistic abode that had been prepared for herself and Soo-Yun.

Unsurprisingly, for both Vahn and Yuri, they soon stumbled upon the sleeping figure of Soo-Yun cocooned in a thick blanket atop the living room sofa. She was a member of the Eurasia Family, so, while she was a little more active than most, she still spent the majority of her time sleeping.

Far more surprising than the fact she was asleep was the revelation that Soo-Yun wasn't actually alone. Instead, a certain fiery redhead could be seen dozing off at her side, a small amount of drool trickling from the corner of her mouth as Soo-Yun used her lap as a pillow. At first glance, this gave off the impression of a mother and daughter enjoying an afternoon nap, but, shattering the illusion completely, the red-haired woman, Kushina, was wearing a rather risque nightgown...

Before Vahn could find the words to describe his current sentiments, Yuri surprised him quite a bit by remarking, "Well, the more the merrier." in a somewhat playful tone. Then, without any regards for the peaceful scene before them, she walked over to the sofa before promptly picking up the end of Soo-Yun 'cacoon', dangling her upside down as she said, "Oi! Wake up you damn sloth~!"

Despite the fact she was been violently dangled upside down, Soo-Yun didn't immediately wake up. Instead, she just replied with a small yawn before retreating further into her cocoon and pulling the mouth shut. Kushina, however, awoke with quite a start, bounding from the sofa using a variation of the Body Flicker Technique with a panicked expression on her face until a familiar warmth embraced her from behind and said, "You shouldn't be pushing yourself..."

Calming down almost instantaneously, Kushina relaxed into Vahn's embrace, her hands covering his as the latter affectionately stroked her abdomen. Then, in a rather pitiable tone, she answered, "You worry too much...besides, you can't really injure me in a dreamscape. Soo-Yun said she can prevent Naruto's consciousness from being affected by her ability, so it's okay...right?"

Responding with an immediate kiss to the back of her head, Vahn began to rock Kushina in his arms as he answered, "Sure...if that's what you want. Just make sure you're taking it easy these next few months..."

Turning her head up to face Vahn, Kushina planted a kiss on Vahn's lips before pulling away with a radiant smile blossoming across her face. For a brief moment, it was like the two had entered their own little world. Unfortunately, with Yuri squeezing Soo-Yun out of her blanket like the final dab of toothpaste in a tube, the rosy-colored ambiance quickly yielded to a more comical atmosphere...


With their physical bodies all nestled together in the real world, Vahn, Kushina, and Yuri were able to enter into Soo-Yun's personal dreamscape using their spirit forms. There, they found themselves among rolling hills covered in a colorful collage of different types of flowers. There were also things like floating rocks and tiny pixies flying around, but, before he could admire it, Vahn found himself tackled by an ethereal-looking Yuri.

Though she had quite a bit of experience with dreamscapes, Yuri's spiritual avatar still possessed a few abstract qualities. She wasn't very good at holding a mental image of herself, so, depending on her level of focus, her body would experience rapid changes. The most notable of these, at least for the time being, were her black ponytail, appearing like a tendril of wispy black flame, and the way in which her proportions subtly changed depending on her awareness of them.

Fortunately, while she had an overwhelming advantage in the physical world, Vahn's experience in both spiritual planes and dreamscapes far exceeded Yuri's. As a result, he was able to make a large bed appear beneath him the moment she tackled him. Immediately thereafter, a veritable forest of trees spontaneously appeared in the surroundings, replacing the previous flowery landscape before a naturalistic castle formed from white wood and marble quickly enveloped them.

Awed by Vahn's ability to control her dreamscape, Soo-Yun, now appearing like a mature beauty with a physique that easily rivaled both Yuri and Kushina, remarked, "You're a real monster, aren't you? I've only ever seen this kind of control from my Great Great Grandmother. When the two of you meet, she is going to lose it..."

Though he was a little preoccupied with Yuri fumbling around with the buttons of his tunic, Vahn's awareness in the dreamscape rivaled Soo-Yun's. If he really wanted to, he could even peer into her deepest and most repressed memories without her being able to put up any resistance; but, having no need or desire to violate the sanctity of another person's mind, he just issued a light chuckle, not from his own throat, but from the version of himself that had materialized behind the pink-haired beauty.

Surprised by Vahn's ability to separate his consciousness into multiple parts, Soo-Yun was startled to the point that she nearly reverted back to her true form. She actually hadn't expected Vahn to be so 'direct', forgoing all questions about her ability and, instead, taking very proactive measures. This left her feeling a little disoriented, but, as if to indicate her current state, a fragrant pink mist rapidly spread through her mindscape as her body trembled in his embrace...

While his other selves were busy tending to Soo-Yun and Kushina, Vahn quickly turned the tables on Yuri, startling her quite a bit as he flipped her over onto her back. This caused her appearance to regress to a slightly younger version of herself, but, after quickly recovering her senses, she quickly regained her usual appearance. In fact, thanks to the energy flowing from Vahn's body and into her own, she was rapidly stabilizing. This would actually help to strengthen and refine her spirit quite a bit; so, while it was a little unorthodox, Vahn couldn't help but smile as he came to the realization that Yuri had unwittingly orchestrated a scenario where she could both train hard and play hard at the same time.

With that thought crossing his mind, Vahn began planting a trail of kissing from Yuri's lips, working his way down her body until he invariably found himself in front of a tightly closed slit. He found it a little amusing that Yuri didn't have any hair despite having very neatly trimmed pubes back in the real world, but, rather than focus on insignificant details, Vahn promptly pushed her legs up by the backs of her knees before demonstrating that prowess in battle wasn't the only representation of strength...


Having sensed Vahn's arrival in the Emerald Grove, it wasn't long before Yoruichi came following his smell. When she noticed him nestled between three heavily breathing girls with a tent pitched in his trousers, a mischievous glimmer instantly flashed across her yellow eyes. The fact they were having fun without her was more than enough reason to justify her getting even, so, after returning to her human form, she promptly cut a slit down Vahn's trousers to liberate the dragon sealed within. This caused his penis to smack Soo-Yun's butt, nestling between her cheeks and tempting Yoruichi to do something excessive. Fortunately, she generally knew where to draw the line, so, after taking a seat between Vahn's legs, she fearlessly took more than half his length into her mouth, giggling when all four of them trembled in response...

(A/N: Alternate Titles: 'Yuri lives life at her own pace xD...','Even a home-field advantage can't help you against Vahn...','Seems like Yoruichi wants a spanking...')

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