Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos Chapter 1823

Chapter 1823: Initiative

After a gargantuan effort to calm Yuri down, Vahn had a deadpan expression on his face as he sat across from the two topless women and explained the Quest System in detail. He had given up on trying to make them wear their clothes properly after they began to tease him about being shy, so, without hiding his gaze in the slightest, he alternated between appreciating Yuri's abundant bosom and Ureko's two 'compact' yet perfectly sculpted breasts.

Rather than shy away from Vahn's gaze, Ureko and Yuri seemed rather proud of the fact they were being admired in such a forward yet inoffensive manner. Neither was the type to care about being seen naked, and, though they would severely punish anyone that attempted to proposition them, it still satisfied their egos to be coveted by others. Still, that didn't mean they would let Vahn's offense go unpunished, so, partway through the explanation, Ureko teased, "Enjoying the view? How about it? Want to give them a feel? You might lose your hand, but I guarantee it'll be worth it~."

Deciding he'd rather not rile up a horny True Dragon, even if her bloodline was sealed, Vahn didn't hesitate to shake his head as he casually replied, "I doubt I'd get away with just a hand. For now, I'm more than satisfied with the view. Don't worry, even without your 'assistance', I'll be able to surpass you in a few years. When the time comes, I'll be sure to make you mine."

With her irises contracting into thin lines, a barely constrained aura began to surge from Ureko's body as a rather vicious smile spread across her face. Vahn's aura actually reminded her a lot of her father, so, while he was currently very weak, she had very high expectations for his future. Hearing him calmly and confidently state he would make her into his woman gave her a very strong desire to make the opposite true. There was a certain surety contained within his words, one that stirred her instincts in a way that made her want to possess and groom him into her ideal partner...

Feeling an almost overwhelming urge to flee, Vahn's expression hardened as his own draconic aura began to surge outward. This served to further excite the crimson-eyed blonde, so much so that the pale pink protrusions at the end of her perky breasts became noticeably more rigid as she said, "I'll give you ten years...if you're half the dragon you appear to be, that should be more than enough to reach my level. If you fail...don't blame me for taking matters into my own hands..."

Though he wouldn't have backed down if Ureko tried to pressure him, Vahn felt as if a tremendous weight had been removed from his shoulders when he heard her words. Ten years might not seem like a long time, but it was plenty for someone like him. He could easily stretch a single day into a thousand years if he really wanted to, so, the moment he heard Ureko's deadline, all the tensions he had been feeling melted away.

Seeing Vahn's reaction, Ureko felt a strong compulsion to reduce the amount of time she had given him. Fortunately for him, she wasn't the type to take back her words. Instead, she just loudly clicked her tongue before leaning back with a bored expression and saying, "Just give me the most difficult Quest you have. I'm gonna chill here for a few days, but, after that, I'll be returning to the 77th Floor to make preparations for the coming war. If you have anything related to pummeling the Leaders of the Ten Great Families, I'm game."

Envisioning the scene of Ureko beating up and hogtying the Leaders of the Ten Great Families, Vahn was unable to prevent an amused chuckle from escaping his throat. Unfortunately, while there were actually a number of Quests related to the Ten Great Families, most of them were intended for him. The only SSS-Rank Quests for Ureko involved tracking down and defeating Phantaminum's shadow, a nigh-impossible task even for her, and, somewhat amusingly, becoming the number 1 Idol in the Tower.

Though he imagined her [Child of Destiny: SSS] would protect her, Vahn didn't want to see Ureko suffer a setback by sending her on an impossible Quest. Instead, he selected an SS-Rank Quest for her, explaining, "Because of your power, there are no SSS-Rank Quests. The most difficult one I can find is an SS-Rank Quest that requires you to steal the Arms Inventory of the Thirteen Month Series from Adori Jahad. That would most likely serve as the catalyst for a war, however, so why not give this one a try? It's certain to spice things up a bit..."


[Quest: Pruning Flowers]

Rank: A~SS

Objective(s): Steal the undergarments of at least ten Princesses of Jahad(0/10), Disrobe three High-Ranking Princess of Jahad(0/3), Place panties atop the heads of statues dedicated to Jahad(0/10)

Optional Objective(s): Publically spank Adori Jahad, Arie Hagipherione Jahard, and Khun Maschenny Jahad(0/3), Steal Jaina Repellista Jahad's Favorite Pillow(0/1)

Rewards: 10,000,000,000 Variable Experience, 10x[Candid Camera], 3x[Eternal Grudge], 1x[Thief's Glove]

Failure Conditions: Death, Forfeiture of Quest

Penalty: N/A


After reading the Quest Objectives in a single glance, a predatory grin immediately spread across Ureko's face as she pounced on Yuri. This caused the latter to startle, but, much like when she had dealt with Vahn, Ureko was able to effectively 'stun' her opponents using a variation of Reverse Flow Control. As a result, it only took her a few seconds to effortlessly strip away the confused Princess' garments before stretching out a pair of ornate black lace panties between her fingers and musing, "One down~." before 'firing' them towards Vahn's face.

With a membrane of Shinsu surrounding the lace undergarment, it traveled through the air like a round fired from a railgun. There were even a number of shockwaves generated, but, rather than causing any damage, the still-warm fabric impacted Vahn's face with the tenderness of a relaxing Spring breeze. There was even a fragrance of flowers lingering in the air until Yuri, like a dormant volcano, erupted into a fit of rage, shouting, "What the hell do you think you're doing!?"

Without even trying to dodge Yuri's punches, Ureko just laughed as a thin yet virtually unbreakable membrane of Shinsu protected her body. This caused Yuri's anger to increase, but, much like all her other encounters with Ureko, she wasn't even able to make the latter flinch. As a result, she quickly shifted her attention to Vahn, eyes blazing with a bloody-red glow until she noticed that her panties were still adhering to his face.

Blushing nearly as crimson as her eyes, Yuri immediately appeared in front of Vahn without caring about the fact she was completely naked. Unfortunately, much as the latter had discovered, it was completely impossible to remove her panties from his face. The same barrier that protected Ureko had wrapped around both the panties and Vahn's face, forcibly adhering the two together as the culprit continued to laugh like a demoness.

Realizing the helplessness of the situation, Yuri decided to do the only thing she did better than fighting: not caring about what others thought. This allowed her to calm down almost instantly as she glared towards Ureko and remarked, "What are you laughing at? Do you think I'm afraid to be seen naked? Jokes on you, banana-brain, but I've been preparing for today for several weeks. Vahn is the future father of my children, so I can even do things like this without blushing...!"

Though she couldn't prevent a red hue from creeping into her cheeks, that didn't stop Yuri from sitting down in Vahn's lap like it was some kind of throne. This left the latter feeling more than a little exasperated, but, rather than sit there like a piece of furniture, he decided to 'support' Yuri's case by wrapping his arms around her waist. This caused her blush to become even more potent, but it also allowed a haughty smile to spread across her face as she raised her chin in a display of arrogance.

Raising her brows, Ureko, once again, looked at Yuri like an idiot as she asked, "What's with that smile? You haven't even done anything worth mentioning. Heck, according to Soo-Yun, that little dragon behind you has already gone to town on several women during his climb up the Tower. If you think sitting on his lap is an accomplishment, I actually feel a little sorry for you..."

Never one to back down from a challenge, Yuri was prepared to demonstrate just how far she was willing to go. She had already changed her target from Gandr to Vahn, so, even if she didn't really expect anything to happen, she had made sure to wear her most expensive pair of panties 'just in case'. Now that it had come to this, she was more than willing to commit a taboo, but, before she could so much as utter a single syllable, a compulsory moan escaped her throat as Vahn reached his hand up and began to massage her left breast.

Though she had been goading Yuri with the intent to witness an interesting scene, Ureko was left with her mouth slightly agape as she watched the former quickly become a demure maiden in the capable hands of Vahn. It was almost like Yuri was completely incapable of offering any resistance whatsoever as Vahn's hands danced across her body in a manner reminiscent of a master musician tuning their instrument. In response, Yuri's cries became progressively more sonorous until she did her best to restrain herself by forcibly biting her lip...

Taking advantage of Ureko's distraction, Vahn finally managed to liberate himself from the fragrant piece of black fabric. Then, rather than stopping his hands, he grabbed Yuri's breasts a little forcibly as he leaned forward, forcing her to do the same as he continued to massage and knead her pliant melons. This caused her body to tremble madly, while, across from them, Ureko met his gaze before swallowing hard and saying, "It seems Tarou wasn't exaggerating when she 'warned' Soo-Yun about the danger of your hands..."

Smiling back with what could best be described as a wolfish-grin, Vahn explained, "I can even revive the dead and heal virtually any injury with these hands of mine. This isn't even me being serious...if I stopped holding myself back, even something like this is possible..."

Punctuating his words, Vahn skillfully kneaded the very tips of Yuri's breasts, forcing her to release a nasally moan as he pinched her nipples with his thumbs and forefingers. This prompted two broken streams of cream-colored liquid to spurt from her nipples, surprising Ureko and causing Yuri's body to tremble with enough force to cause him a few internal injuries. She was 'a lot' stronger than him, so, while she was currently being very 'cooperative', it wasn't an exaggeration to say that Yuri could destroy him with a single uncontrolled spasm.

Fortunately, despite the foreign and overwhelming amount of pleasure permeating throughout her entire body, Yuri's willpower was nothing to scoff at. She knew how much of a danger she posed to Vahn under normal circumstances, so, rather than resist his actions, she focused all of her efforts on keeping her body under control. At the same time, however, she made a solemn promise to herself that she would completely rock his world once he grew strong enough to survive her going all out...

Understanding Yuri's intentions thanks to the 'narration' provided by the Law of Identity, Vahn's expression softened, his actions becoming gentler as he guided her into a more comfortable and controlled wave of pleasure. This allowed her to exhale a sigh of relief, and, though her body was 'vibrating' in a persistent wave of satisfaction, she had enough wherewithal to say, "You really know how to make the most of a situation...don't you...?"

Raising Yuri to a seated position, Vahn placed a few gentle kisses her exposed neck and shoulder before answering, "I would be a fool to miss this kind of opportunity after hearing those bold words of yours...besides, even without my ability to know things, I would have to be exceptionally dense to miss the signals you have been sending. You've been on tenterhooks from the moment we entered the Little Garden. I could also smell your pheromones when I was inscribing my Familia Crest onto your back...you shouldn't underestimate the senses of a Dragon...especially if said Dragon is also a God..."

Feeling Vahn smell the nap of her neck, a potent blush spread through Yuri's cheeks as she resisted the urge to ask him how she smelled. Unfortunately, he seemed to have read her mind, as, shortly thereafter, his resonant chuckle could be heard in her ear before he whispered a few embarrassing descriptives. This caused her face to turn absolutely crimson, her thoughts becoming chaotic as a number of emotions she had never experienced before, accompanied by a few strong urges, began to well up inside of her...

Though he was tempted to eat Yuri then and there, Vahn ultimately held himself back due to the unique constitution possessed by descendants of the Ha Family. They were virtually guaranteed to become pregnant after losing their virginity, and, while he wouldn't mind knocking up the black-haired beauty, it would cause all kinds of problems. She was still 'infected' with Jahad's blood, and, though he could purity it rather easily, the self-proclaimed 'King of the Tower' would immediately take notice when Yuri departed the Little Garden. Thus, even if she stayed inside to raise their child in the outer rings, it wasn't really a solution unless she fully resolved herself to abandon her status and remain inside.

Yuri's current plan was to get pregnant before returning to her Family and giving birth in secret. She wanted to entrust their child to her Great-Grandmother before returning to aid him in the inevitable fight against Jahad and the Families still loyal to the Empire. She, similar to an actual Amazon, didn't really have anything resembling a maternal instinct, so, while she would unquestionably care about their child, it made sense in her mind to entrust it to someone more powerful than herself. This was obviously something Vahn couldn't allow, so, rather than fuel the fires in Yuri's body, he gradually forced her to calm down before explaining his decision and plans for the future...

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