Endless Pampering Only For You Chapter 3443

Chapter 3443: I Will Love You Forever End Of Full Text

Mu Xiaoxiao blinked confusedly, "Like ... there is a little girl?"

The clear and clear dream gradually became blurred after waking up.

Yin Shaojiu immediately became happy and asked joyfully, "Twin? We have twins?"

Mu Xiaoxiao scratched his head. "Is it a twin? I suddenly can't remember ..."

Yin Shao kissed her, "It must be twins! Absolutely twins!"

Mu Xiaoxiao pushed him funny, "How do you know that they must be twins? If not?"

"if not"

Yin Shaojie's big hands were restless, and she touched it from her blouse, stroking the delicate skin on her back.

"If the first child is not a twin, then we will continue to work hard to have twins."

Mu Xiaoxiao beaked her mouth, "Did you treat me as a sow?"

Yin Shaoji said, "How can there be such a cute sow in the world?"

Mu Xiaoxiao felt that his hands covered the white rabbit on her chest, and she was just awake, which made her easily provoked.

"Don't you, don't make trouble, I have to remember what happened in my dream."

"Don't think about it, let's make people directly and strive for our son to come to this world sooner."

Mu Xiaoxiao laughed, "I can't give birth now!"

They are still too young to be born now.

"Let's practice first. What posture is more conducive to having a child? Yes, we still have a son! What did you say about our son's name?" Yin Shaojie saw that she was about to run, holding her from behind.

Mu Xiaoxiao thought about it, but fortunately, I still remember, "Call, Yin Muchen!"

"Yin Muchen?" Yin Shaoxing read the name, and smiled. "This name is good, Yin Shaoxing surrendered to Mu Xiaoxiao."

And, with the first child and her last name, he thought the idea was good.

Upon hearing his interpretation, her heart was sweet at once.

She didn't expect that.

They were tired and crooked on the bed.

Mu Xiaoxiao leaned in his arms, his head against his face, and sighed, "If only I woke up later, my son would talk to me, and before I finished speaking, I would be awakened by the ringtone."

Yin Shaoji laughed, "You set this bell."

Last month, Mo Xiaomeng came to play at home and talked to her about going to college. The two chatted and decided that they would take the H major together.

Later, they also told Han Qiqing.

So the three girls agreed to take H big together.

Later, Han Qiqing pulled Song Shijun again. Unexpectedly, Song Shijun agreed and took H major.

Therefore, Xiaoxiao has been studying hard recently. He doesn't sleep late during the holiday. He set an alarm clock to get up early to study.

They also said yes, who doesn't study hard, they will not take that person next time they go to Poland to watch Aurora.

Mu Xiaoxiao crooked his head, still thinking about the dream just now.

"Who is that little girl ... why can't I remember?" She knocked on her own brain.

Yin Shaojiao pressed her ears with thin lips and said, "Even if they are not twins, maybe our son's sister?"

"younger sister?"

After hearing this word, Mu Xiaoxiao suddenly remembered it and said happily, "Yes! Finally, my son told me that he wanted me to give him a lovely and cute sister!"

What did Yin Shaoji think about and laughed, "So it's because that sister is too naughty and not cute, so he wants a cute and good-looking sister?"

Mu Xiaoxiao thinks this guess is reasonable.

"Haha, it may be so!"

Yin Shaojie turned her around, looked into her eyes, and said seriously, "Little, we will get married when you are eighteen years old, OK?"

Mu Xiao's novel, "So early?"

Yin Shaojie kissed her little mouth and said, "We will get married soon, and our son will be able to come to this world sooner, won't it?"

And now they are just like one family.

Thinking of his cute son, Mu Xiaoxiao had no way to refuse him.

She met his eyes and nodded sweetly, "OK!"

Yin Shaojie happily pressed her to the bed, and rewarded a fiery kiss fiercely.

The **** were intertwined, and they were intimately attached together.

Yin Shaoxing condensed her deeply and said, "Little, I love you."

Mu Xiaoxiao hooked his neck and put on his red lips, "I love you too, and I will always love you."

Thank you for coming to my life.

Thank you for making me the happiest person in the world.

(End of full text)

[Shui Shui has something to say]

When I lay down the three words 'End of the Full Text', I was really reluctant, but even if I was reluctant, it was still over.

I know, not all readers like this ending, but let me be willful. I want them to be young forever, they will continue to be filled with their youth in the two-dimensional world, but I do nt Just write their story.

So, strictly speaking, their story is not over yet, but this book stays at this moment.

I hope you don't forget that this book was once called "The Devil's Exclusive: Girl, You Are Sweet", from the first chapter released on April 22, 2016 to the last chapter on July 9, 2018, this book I have been with you for more than two years. The story stays at this moment, but they will continue to accompany you in your imagination, and grow with you in your imagination.

Thank you for making me happy for more than two years.

How lucky it is to meet you in such a big world.

I know everyone is reluctant to end, but we said yes, we won't say goodbye.

Goodbye, Shui Shui continues to accompany you with the new book.

Xiao Xiao and Shao Shao will also come to the new book to make guest appearances, so we will see you again, so we will not say goodbye.

Finally, thank you all for your continued support. Thank you for loving this book and for the little ones. Thank you for accompanying me to write their love, friendship and affection.

I hope that the new book "Emperor of Emperor Shao: Little Sweetheart, Too Wrong" will still see you there.

See you in the new book!

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