Endless Pampering Only For You Chapter 3442

Chapter 3442: Little Fanwai 4

Mu Xiaoxiao also finished the ice cream.

Just wanting to throw the trash, the little boy came to her and reached out to her.

Mu Xiaoxiao immediately came over. He wanted to throw away the garbage for himself and felt very warm.

This is a little warm man!

"thank you."

She didn't refuse his good intentions and put the garbage in his little hand.

The little boy's clear eyes seemed to have happy warmth, quickly ran away and lost, and then returned to her.

The little girl said, "Let's go and watch the fireworks!"

So the three went hand in hand to the place where the fireworks were displayed.

Night fell.

In the dark night sky, bunches of fire tree silver flowers bloomed.

The little girl was very happy, jumping lively and shouting with joy, "The fireworks are so beautiful!"

Mu Xiaoxiao smiled aside.

She glanced at the little boy beside the little girl.

The little boy seemed to notice her gaze and turned to look at her.

Mu Xiaoxiao smiled slightly at him.

The little boy turned his head and said to her, "Mom, I want to ask you something."

Mu Xiaoxiao was startled when he heard him calling himself.

"You call my mother?"

She fixedly looked at the little boy's face, as if all of a sudden.

Could it be that he is the child of her and Yin Shaoji?

No wonder she thinks he looks so much like Yin Shaoyan, and he is inexplicably fond of him.

Mu Xiao's caution is as brilliant as fireworks blooming in the sky.

The little boy held her head up and said to her, "I want a younger sister, a cute and well-behaved younger sister, not Yin Xiaxia."

The little girl heard his words and tooted her mouth and said, "What does it mean that you don't like me? What am I doing wrong with?"

The little boy said with a cool face, "Anyway, don't, I want a cute sister, mom, you remember."

"Okay, I remember ..."

Before Mu Xiao had finished talking, he suddenly heard the sound of 'Didi Di', as if it resounded throughout the world.

The little boy's face changed, and he hurried up to hug her.

"Mom, you remember, you must remember!"

Mu Xiaoxiao wants to rub his little head.

But, the sound of 'dididi' is getting clearer.

Then she opened her eyes sharply in bed.

"What's wrong? Have a nightmare?"

In my ear, someone familiar voice sounded.

Mu Xiaoxiao blinked his eyes and saw Yin Shao's handsome face.

"Is it a dream?"

She really seemed to be dreaming.

But it's not a nightmare.

It should be a dream.

"Ah-" She suddenly jumped up and hugged Yin Shaoyan, her exquisite little face full of excitement, "Do you know who I dreamed of? Do you know who I dreamed of?"

Yin Shaoyi clutched her waist pettifully, pecked her mouth, and said firmly, "I must have dreamed of me."

Mu Xiaoxiao shook his head, "It's not you."

Yin Shaoji asked, "Who is that?"

Mu Xiaoxiao smirked, "I dream of Yin Muchen!"

Yin Shao frowned, wondering, "Who is Yin Muchen?"

Mu Xiaoxiao hooked his neck and shook with joy, "It's our son!"

Yin Shaojie laughed, "Our son? Did you dream of our son?"

"Yeah, yeah!" Mu Xiaoxiao grew more and more happy.

Yin Shaoji asked, "How is our son?"

"Especially handsome! I was printed like a mold with you!" Yeah, why did she not recognize it at first sight?

Yin Shaojie smiled and nodded, "It must be handsome, what else? What else do you dream of?"

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