Endless Pampering Only For You Chapter 3441

Chapter 3441: Little Fanwai 3

Hearing their last names, Mu Xiaoxiao stunned and said with a smile, "You have the same last name as my boyfriend."

This is fate!

No wonder she likes these two children so much.

At this time, Mu Xiaoxiao seemed to suddenly find a point-the outlines of the two children are very similar to Yin Shaoji.

And weirdly, the more you look, the more you look.

Mu Xiaoxiao asked, "Are you twins? Are you brother and sister, or sister and brother?"

The little girl licked the ice cream as if she had heard something interesting and her eyes were crescent.

She smiled and said, "No, you guess!"

"Aren't you twins?" Mu Xiaoxiao was surprised, she was sure they were twins.

No way?

The two children's features look exactly the same.

She suddenly thought, "Not twins, is it triplets?"

The little girl still shook her head.

"No, no, I and he are not brothers and sisters."

Hearing that Mu snacks surprised.

"Not brothers and sisters? Cousins, no ones, are they?"

how is this possible!

Even if they are not twins, they are also a talent.

The little girl shook her head with a smile. "No, no."

Mu Xiaoxiao had to continue to guess, "So ... is the neighbor?"


"Kindergarten classmate?"


"Your parents are friends?"


The little girl suddenly smiled back, "Sister, you can't guess!"

Mu Xiaoxiao Xiang came from the clever head of Sui, suddenly a bit dull.

"None, what is that?"

The little boy, who was silent, suddenly said to the little girl, "Don't tease her."

The little girl smiled and said, "It's so cute that my sister is so cute!"

Mu Xiaoxiao stunned, pointing to her little nose and said, "Are you kidding me, right? You are twins!"

The little girl pursed and grinned, raised two little fingers and said, "No, I'm two months younger than him."

Mu Xiao's novel, "Then you are his sister!"

The little girl shook her head. "No, no."

Mu Xiaoxiao was going to be mad by her, "What is your relationship?"

The little girl let her go and was about to answer.

The little boy didn't let her say, "Don't say it!"

The little girl was very playful, avoiding his hands, and smiled haha, to Mu Xiao novel, "I am his aunt!"

Mu Xiaoxiao was dumbfounded.

"You are his ... aunt? That is, you are his father's sister?"

The little girl stood up, got in front of her, and said cutely, "Congratulations, you got it right!"

Mu Xiaoxiao laughed at her.

"So this is ah."

No wonder when the two children are together, it seems that the little girl has the final say, and the little boy also allows her.

It is conceivable that when they were at home, they must also be little girls relying on various generations to provoke the little boy. The little boy took her for granted and had to obey her.

Just thinking of that picture, Mu Xiaoxiao felt so interesting!

The atmosphere of their home must be very happy and happy.

The little girl finished the ice cream and passed the remaining trash to the little boy.

The little boy said nothing and lost it.

Mu Xiaoxiao thinks that the way they get along is too cute, and said that it was a little boy who treated her ruthlessly, why didn't it seem like his brother was petting his sister?

Haha, a sister older than him.

Mu Xiaoxiao looked at the two children as beautiful as jade carvings, and his personality was so flattering that he couldn't help thinking: How good would it be if it was her family?


That's right, Yin Xiaxia is not a young daughter, but a younger sister, who was born to Father Yin and Mother Yin. Haha, isn't it a surprise or surprise?

Dad Yin has worked hard to "make people" since the first chapter ~

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