Endless Pampering Only For You Chapter 3440

Chapter 3440: Little Fanwai 2

Mu Xiaoxiao was right next to her and asked her, "Have you played this before?"

The little girl shook her head and said, "No, I won't let me play."

Mu Xiaoxiao was surprised, "That's because you can't play yet, hurry up!"

However, it was too late and the machine started.

Mu Xiaoxiao hurriedly grasped the handle of the motorcycle.

The car started slowly.

Then, a moment of acceleration speeded up.



The little girl and Mu Xiaoxiao cried at the same time.

But Mu Xiao's voice was scared, but the little girl's voice was excited.

The little boy sitting behind them was silent.

Mu Xiaoxiao closed her eyes in fear, holding her hands tightly.

The little girl beside her laughed and saw her eyes closed, and reminded, "It's interesting to open your eyes."

Mu Xiaoxiao had no choice but to open his eyes.

He was blinded by the cool light and shadow.

People have the illusion of being in a virtual world.

Still, the speed of the stimulus made her heart beat fiercely.

In the ear, there was the excited laugh of the little girl.

Mu Xiaoxiao can't help but feel funny, this little girl is too brave.

after the end.

Mu Xiaoxiao came down softly.

The little girl jumped down with joy.

Although the little boy's face was calm, his eyebrow had a jumping smile.

The little girl leaned over and hugged the little boy's shoulder and said, "Fun, right? I said this is super fun!"

The little boy smiled in his eyes and didn't speak intentionally.

Next, they went to play various projects.

What Caribbean Pirate Ship, Fantasia Carousel, Alice in Wonderland Maze.

Mu Xiaoxiao gradually felt strange.

Why didn't they all line up?

Moreover, there are people coming and going, and Disney is not the only three of them.

But when they play the project, they can go directly to play without having to line up.

The little girl stopped playing until it was almost dark.

The little girl held Mu's hand and said, "Sister, I want ice cream."

Mu Xiaoxiao is tired and wants to eat ice cream.

"Go, buy ice cream!"

Holding one in one hand, she found the ice cream cart not too far.

Mu Xiaoxiao asked the little girl, "What flavor do you want to eat?"

The little girl's eyes smiled into a crescent moon, "I want to eat strawberry flavor!"

"Know the goods!" Mu Xiaoxiao said like a confidant, smiling, "I also like strawberry flavor."

She asked the little boy again, "What about you?"

The little girl answered first, "He wants strawberry flavor too!"

There seemed to be a helpless glance in the boy's eyes, "Strawberries are strawberries."

Looks like you're okay.

Mu Xiaoxiao thought his expression was so cute, he almost wanted to hug him and kiss him.

Bought three strawberry-flavored ice cream.

One person, lick it in your hand.

Mu Xiaoxiao took them to a seat.

The little girl shook her little feet happily, completely innocent.

The little boy eats slowly, like an elegant prince.

Mu Xiaoxiao smiled, "After eating this, I will take you to eat something, and then I can go to the luminous phantom show."

"Uh-huh!" The little girl nodded cutely.

The little boy also said, "Well."

Mu Xiaoxiao suddenly remembered something, "Yes, I don't know what your name is yet."

The little girl smiled like an angel and said, "My name is Yin Xiaxia!"

The little boy looked at Mu Xiao's novel, "My name is Yin Muchen."


Let me give you a hint, Xiaoxiao is in a dream now ~

I said that I want to write a child, but I don't want to cross a long timeline. I want them to be young, so I thought of writing in this way.

Obviously only a few babies appearing in a few chapters, but the names of the two of them, I seriously thought about it for a long time, because to me, they are like real existence.

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