Endless Pampering Only For You Chapter 3439

Chapter 3439: Little Fanwai 1


Mu Xiaoxiao looked around blankly, not knowing what he was looking for.

"Don't run so fast!"

There was a childish voice behind him.

Suddenly, a small thing hit Mu Xiao's waist.

Mu Xiaoxiao looked back, and met a pair of big eyes with ancient spirits.

The owner of these big eyes is a delicate girl with a beautiful face like a jade carving, giving the illusion of a little angel at first glance.

Mu Xiaoxiao smiled and helped the little girl, "Are you all right?"

The little boy ran over quickly, looked at Mu Xiaoxiao, turned his eyes back to the little girl, and frowned, "I told you not to run so fast."

The little girl muttered, "I didn't run fast."

Mu Xiaoxiao looked at the two children in front of him. They were about four or five years old. They looked a bit similar. Could they be twins?

The little girl is as beautiful as a little angel.

The little boy is also very handsome. Although he is still small, the handsome genes can be seen from the outline. It is not necessary to guess that his parents must have a super high value.

He has obsidian eyes, deep and clear, making Mu Xiaoxiao inexplicably affectionate.

She bent down and asked the two little boys softly, "How about you two? Where are your parents?"

The little girl smiled a little playfully, covering her mouth with one hand and quietly telling her, "Sister, we ran out secretly."

Mu Xiaoxiao wondered, "Are you two running to Disney?"

The little girl nodded her head and smiled proudly.

Mu Xiaoxiao couldn't help crying, "You are so dangerous, you know?"

The little girl shrugged, pointed at the little boy and said, "It doesn't matter, he will protect me."

Mu Xiaoxiao looked at the little boy.

The little boy nodded and said seriously, "I will protect her."

Even so, Mu Xiaoxiao is not assured.

Before she could figure out what to do, the little girl grabbed her hand and said sweetly, "Sister! Anyway, you are alone, so why don't you play with us? Okay?"

Mu Xiaoxiao agreed for a moment.

The little girl was very excited. "Great!"

As soon as he finished speaking, he pulled Mu Xiaoxiao and ran.

"Let's play that first! I want to play this most!"

Mu Xiaoxiao pet smiled drunkily. Anyway, it was to play with children, it should be just playing some items that children can play.

So, when she knew that the little girl was going to play the Aurora Wheel, she froze.

"Here, this kid can't play?"

She turned to ask the staff.

I heard that this is the most exciting project in Disney.

Mu Xiaoxiao has been to Disney, but has never played this.

Because she was afraid to play this type of roller coaster.

The staff member smiled and said, "You can play."

Mu Xiaoxiao asked again, "This one has height restrictions? The two of them are so small, shouldn't they be enough?"

The staff member continued to smile, "No restrictions."

Mu Xiaoxiao, "..."

How could there be no limit!

Is this staff reliable?

These two little guys are only about four years old, and their height is definitely not enough.

But the little girl didn't care what she said, she got on the car first.

Mu Xiaoxiao was uneasy and had to go up together.

The little boy looked calm.

The little girl said excitedly, "Hurry up! I can finally play this, so happy!"


Explain that in reality, there are height restrictions on playing these facilities, and the text is in a dream, so it is said that there are no restrictions.

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