Endless Pampering Only For You Chapter 3438

Chapter 3438: William's Fan 6

Like to punish William, Lette was unusually overbearing this time.

In this matter of intimacy with him, this man was originally authoritarian, but this time he made it worse.

William was completely helpless against him, finally biting on his shoulder indignantly, and biting out a **** tooth mark.

Reit didn't care.

He just held the person in his arms tightly, as if to rub him into his own body.

Even when he was deliberate, he kissed his lips and asked him if he promised to marry.

Asked not to answer until he answered.

William was dominated by affection and could not think at all. He could only obey what he meant and said several times.

After all the rest.

William lay on the bed in sweat.

Only once, he felt that his bones were falling apart.

He glanced at Lette.

This guy is not human, is he?

William didn't even have the energy to be angry at this time.

Reit kissed the corner of his mouth softly, and his usual cold voice was emotionally hoarse and asked him, "Want to take a bath?"

William nodded.

He was so sweaty that he couldn't sleep.

Even though he knew that in the bathroom, someone would probably start again.

But he still had to take a bath.

They entered the bathroom and stood in the shower.

Reit was holding him from behind, his big hand moving over him.

William patted his hand. "I want to take a bath."

Lette opened the water of the shower and squeezed the shower gel onto him.

William also enjoyed his service.

Reit smiled in his eyes and stuck him in his arms.

William closed his eyes and rested on the tile with one hand.

He complained, "Can you wear a suit next time?"

Without hesitation, Lette said, "No."

If it wasn't for his back, William would have given him a glance.

Lette wrapped his hands around his waist, kissed his pretty neck and said, "I don't like to be separated from you."

William whispered and said silently, "Fortunately, I am a man and I won't be pregnant, otherwise you will be ..."

Lette laughed suddenly.

"What are you laughing at?" William turned and glared at him.

Reit put his big hand on his back neck, hooked him, and pulled it to a distance convenient for kissing.

"I just thought that if you had a child, I might want it."

William looked a little annoyed, "I can't give birth anyway. If you like children, find a woman!"

Wright said, "I don't like children."

William heard something, raised an eyebrow and said, "Even if you don't like children, you still need to leave a place for your family?"

In other words, even if he doesn't marry a woman and have children, he has to get a child out by other means.

"Do not."

Lette was just a simple word, grabbed his hand, looked as if he were going to swallow, and said to him, "William, I have made myself clear now, I do nt want children, and you do nt . "

"Neither surrogacy or adoption."

This is very authoritarian and there is no room for negotiation.

William hadn't thought of the child yet.

He wasn't angry, just wondering, "Why?"

Lette locked his face with his eyes and said, "I don't allow a third person between us.

William laughed. "Not even children."

Wright said, "Yes."

William froze. He knew this guy's monopoly on his perverts, but he didn't expect it to be tolerated.

Wright kissed him forcefully.

-You can only be me.

William seemed to hear his voice.

He clung to the man's shoulder helplessly, but let him devour his lips.

From the moment I fell in love with this guy.

He knew that he could only admit it.

(William Fan, end)

Last time, Shi Jun and Qi Ran did not write, and everyone made up their own minds. Then there are only a few chapters of the little and the little ones, which are not too long.

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