Endless Pampering Only For You Chapter 3437

Chapter 3437: William's Extraordinary 5

William reached out and pushed him. "Who wants to marry you?"

Lette was almost as stable as Tarzan, staring at him and saying, "You, you don't marry me, who do you want to marry?"

William heard his tone serious and frowned, "Don't tell me, do you really plan to marry me?"

Is he kidding?

Wright told him in action that he was not kidding.

He held his hand, put a kiss on his lips, and licked the root of his ring finger with the tip of his tongue, as if imagining that he was wearing a ring.

William couldn't stand him like this, and wanted to withdraw his hand, but couldn't.

"Don't make trouble, we can't get married."

Lette's eyes seemed to be cold and his voice was a little lower. "Why? You don't want to marry me?"

William sighed, "It's not a question of whether I want to ..."

It's enough for Lette to hear this sentence. "You can do it. Other problems are not the problem."

William looked at him and grinned.

"The other problem is not the problem? Even if you don't marry a woman, does your family allow you to marry a man?"

Needless to say, this answer knows that it is not allowed.

The underworld family is not much different from the giants, and they all need children to inherit their position.

Unless, he doesn't want that position.

And William knew very well that Lette was an ambitious person.

Lette met his eyes and said forcefully, "I don't need their permission."

He propped himself up to meet William and kissed the other's lips undeniably.

No one can stop him from being with this person.

In fact, William has never understood why this man likes him so much. His affection for him and his exclusive desire for him have exceeded his imagination.

He asked Rett when he liked him.

Lette did not answer him.

The two have gone through so much. At first, Lette really tried hard to be with him.

Even in a crisis, he could protect him regardless of his life.

When William realized that he had planted it, he knew that he had no retreat. As long as this person wanted to restrain him for a lifetime, he would give him the time in this lifetime.

Lette has always been strong, but this kiss has a rare tenderness, as if he was coaxing his cat.

It wasn't the first time William had defeated him, he simply gave up struggling.

At first, Lette only kissed lightly, but he couldn't hold back slowly, the deeper he kissed.

William was numb by his tongue.

Ambiguous emotions were restless in the air, and there seemed to be signs of loss of control.

William put his hands on his chest, pushed him away, and asked a little instably, "Do you really decide to marry me?"

Ray characteristically said, "I've made people customize the ring."

William knew he had a plan.

He raised an eyebrow and said deliberately, "What if I don't agree?"

Reiter said coldly, "I don't mind using a little coercion."

William glared at him as if to say: I don't want to lose face?

There was a smile in Lette's eyes.

His thin lips were close, licking the corner of William's lips in ambiguous kisses.

William could feel his hot, big hand again in his pants.

Lette said quietly, "Let's do something comfortable, get married, and wait for the discussion."

William was confused by the breath he touched.

"I ... I don't seem to have promised to marry you yet?"

"You will promise soon."

After speaking confidently, Rett shut his mouth firmly.

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