Endless Pampering Only For You Chapter 3434

Chapter 3434: William's Fan 2

His groaning stopped the people on him.

A pair of deep eyes looked like the beast stared at the prey.

Just as William was about to go to sleep, he noticed something sticking to his lips.

His last bit of consciousness was pulled back.

William frowned.

Didn't he let the woman leave after she undressed?

His eyelashes moved, but he was so drunk that he couldn't keep his eyes open.

The person on the body originally just rubbed his lips gently, and suddenly, holding his chin with one hand, forced him to open his mouth.

Then came a fiery tongue, like a wild snake, invading the inside of his mouth.

William then responded.

This is a man!

The big hand clasped his chin very skillfully, making him struggling.

The tongue of fire sweeping in his mouth was almost unbridled.

William was upset with his chest.

damn it!

who is it?

Who is so brave and dares to move on his head?

This person is dead!

The person who kissed him kept watching his condition, and saw that he responded, and slightly lowered the corner of his lips.

The other big hand suddenly covered William's chest.

William felt his chest pinched.

His face suddenly became unsightly.

The anger made him sober a lot, but when he opened his eyes, the pressure on his body suddenly disappeared.

Want to run?

William supported the bed with both hands and wanted to get up.

The next second, the lights in the room were turned off, and his vision was dark.

William had an inexplicable illusion of being stared at by the beast.

The man hasn't left yet.

Drunkness slowed his judgment by a half-beat.

This half shot is deadly.

Before he could get up, he was thrown back into bed.

William's force was not bad, but he was drunk at this time.

He lost power and couldn't break the shackles of this man.

He gritted his teeth and said, "Do you know who I am?"

The man pressing on him seemed to laugh in the darkness.

William narrowed his eyes, thinking about how to get away.

Who knows, the other hand actually covered somewhere under his belly.

He opened his eyes suddenly.

The big hand cleverly got into his pants ...

William was furious and used all his strength to stop the opponent's hand.

"who are you!"

"Don't be so angry?"

This man's voice is a bit cold.

William frowned, trying to discern who the other was from the voice.

He has a faint impression of such a unique tone.

So he must have heard it somewhere.

If it was normal, he could guess the first time, but at this time, the analytical power was affected by alcohol.

He said coldly, "Get away, don't touch me."

The man seemed to chuckled, but his voice was cold, "I'm just curious, you don't want a woman, shouldn't ... you like a man?"

Talking, he pinched the things in his hands badly.

damn it!

William swears that this man is provoking him.

Dare to break the ground on Tai Sui?

He answered coldly, "Who do I like? It doesn't seem to be your business?"

"Off." The other side said only one word this time.

William regained some strength and threw his fist at the opponent.

The other party retreated.

William got up quickly and pressed the light switch.

The room became bright instantly.

After seeing each other's face, William glared at him, "Is that you?"

He never thought it would be this person.

Lette glanced down, and passed under him, his cold face seemed to have a hint of ridicule, "You are hard."


Keke! What is written here is the beginning of the story of the two. Wright had an attempt on William, and then stepped through William step by step. Of course, I don't write the process, everyone can make up for it by themselves.

William will be short, just a few chapters.

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