Enchanted Love Stories Chapter 3

3 The Curse Of The Seed Of Forbidden Frui

Two magickal and powerful women are fighting over the last seed of the forbidden fruit. According to the legend, the seed would give anyone immortality and power if he would swallow it. Therefore the seed is very magickal and powerful indeed. If you are not the right person who took the seed, then you would be turned into stone.

However, the daughter of the eldest of these two magickal and powerful women caught the seed and achieved the immortality. For them, since she is belong to their blood lineage, it is an honor.

For this young and beautiful magickal girl, the seed tastes like chocolate. And there is a beed coming out from her mouth. Her mother taught that this seed is also magickal that is produced by the magickal seed. She took the bead from her and swallow it. However, she turned into stone.

A young fierce pink dragon attacked their castle. Because her mother swallowed the bead. The young lady tried to escape from the dragon's wrath. But, she is tired of running. She goes to the dragon's kingdom to have a bargain. She is willing to give up her immortality and power just to free her family from the curse of the forbidden seed and the wrath of the dragons.

The dragon king decided to let this girl married his son, the young fierce pink dragon, so her family would be freed from the curse of the forbidden fruit. And, the girl agreed with the king. She married the dragon prince.

Information Behind This Story:

The two powerful witches who are fighting over the seed of the forbidden fruit are not wicked. They came from the highest royal clan of the wizardry. They used to compete each other.

The daughter of the eldest of the two witches is just a gifted girl. She was born when the brightest star appeared in the sky. It happened two thousand years ago when the Savior is born in Bethlehem.

The dragons are considered as gods of the immortals. They are living in a far away kingdom. They are really powerful in intellect and spiritual. They can manifest in any form.

The pink fierce dragon is just an assigned dragon who would unleash the wrath to someone who took the seed of the forbidden fruit. It does not say if he would be the next heir to the throne.

The seed of the forbidden fruit would give power and immortality to the rightful owner. Possibly that the last heir of the highest royal clan of wizardry has obtained the power and immortality.




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