Enchanted Love Stories Chapter 2

2 The Heir And The Heiress

An impostor ruled the kingdom in a far away land. She is very spoiled and mean. When the right time has come, she is going to marry a handsome prince from a far away land. However, this prince fell in love with a servant girl in the castle. And, the prince's brother is also interested with this servant girl because she is far different from other servants.

One day, the prince's brother followed the servant girl who is going to bathe at the lake. He discovered that this servant girl has magickal power. He knew that this servant girl is no ordinary girl. The prince's brother approached the servant girl. She told him that she is the real queen, while the impostor ruled their kingdom. And the prince's brother agreed to help her in taking back her lost kingdom.

This prince's brother convinced his father, the king, to help the former queen. When the impostor found it out, she accused the former queen of being involved in occultism or witchcraft. She accused her that she cast a spell on the prince's brother that is why he fell in love with her.

And the girl said, "Only the real queen has magickal powers that she inherited from her ancestors. How come you do not know about this? Come and show your magickal power to other people."

And everybody knew that the one who sat on the throne is the impostor. She is a mortal. Then she was punished by the magickal girl and turned her into a wandering animal. People are now questioning the magickal girl. They asked, "Why did you let the impostor rule the kingdom?"

She replied, "I lost my memories of my childhood. I do not know what happened to me and my family then. I only found out the truth of my blood lineage when I worked in the castle as one of the servants."

The prince's brother asked her to marry him.

She said, "A promise is always a promise. Yes, I would marry you."

This is the sad story of the real queen. She didn't marry the prince that she loved. She married the prince's brother instead. And together, they ruled the kingdom happily ever after.




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