Emperor Of Steel Chapter 750

Chapter 750: Advanced Demon 4


"Push! Push with all your might!"

The city of Bransk was a day's travel away from the east of the Ankara river.

It was the fifth-largest city in the Volga Republic that flourished because of its high-quality silver mines and the surrounding mountains.

However, the wealthy city was currently being attacked by the Undead.

The military troops created by convening the generals from the Republican army and private troops were all barricading various places to block the Undead.

"Sire, the Constantine squad can't stand any longer. They said that they are going to retreat to the 5th avenue!"

Duke Kutzov, who was in charge of the war and a temporary commander, reached out to the report which was in the messenger's hand.

"That can't be done! Instruct them to hold their current position!"

"But, the Constantine squad is lacking in troops"

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