Divine Beast Creator Chapter 1260

Chapter 1260: Cancel

"Extract the earth's energy circulation?! Who is so bold?!"

This beast did not go to watch the battle between Daxia and the nations. Naturally, I didnt know what happened on Daxia border. It was just strange. Who was so bold and dared to extract a large amount of the power of the earths energy circulation at will? Don't know if this can cause big problems? !

"Who else can it be? Who else can there be besides the Star Zen group? I really want to know that it is better for you to ask Agunas, but it is over there."

Saying indifferently, Delongta directly returned to the sea from the bottom of the sea and moved forward in the direction of Qi Chen and the others. Seeing the calm sea surface, the divine beast fell silent and stood idly by. Is it wrong?

But how dare they? Don't they know that the earth's energy circulation is very involved? How dare to move that thing? It naturally doesn't doubt whether Deronta is deceiving itself, because of the opponent's character, it doesn't even bother to do such a thing.

What's more, it can inquire about information from Agunas. After thinking about it, it decides to go to the place where the energy bursts on the border of Daxia. Could it be the power of the earth energy circulation that was extracted where the terrifying energy is?

"I didn't extract the power of the earth's energy circulation. This array pattern connects the underground energy circulation completely for safety reasons, otherwise it will be troublesome if the energy is out of control."

Hearing Agunass questioning, Feng Yuan shrugged and said, he doesnt have to rely on the underground energy circulation to release his tricks. He only did this to add a source of energy, otherwise the power will lose control and it may affect the surroundings. Damage to the environment.


"Anyway, I didn't extract it, but the power of the earth's energy circulation is indeed weakening, but it's not right, that thing doesn't spill out very obviously."

Looking at the deep purple tentacles, Feng Yuan was a little puzzled. There is no way. If the thing is constantly drawing the power of the earth's energy circulation, its energy intensity should continue to rise. However, the deep purple tentacles in front of him have energy. The intensity has not changed much, nor has the energy emitted in the air increased.

So where did the power it extracted gather? Feng Yuan can be sure that there is absolutely no power to extract a large amount of energy circulation on his side. If there is no other side, then where did the energy go?

"Who is it!"

Nierrat was a little angry and roared at the beast in front of him. After receiving the condemnation of other beasts that had not participated in the war, he knew that something was extracting power from the earth's energy circulation. As a beast in the Shenzhou area, it naturally I don't think about destroying the Shenzhou area, but the two formation patterns in front of me obviously didn't extract that power. Then, who did the good thing? !

Moreover, this crime is directly on their heads. It is naturally very unhappy. Although the opposite side is also connected with the earth energy circulation, they can all guess that it is Feng Yuan who did it. The other side will not attack the earth unless it is necessary. The energy circulation does this,

The last time he consumed the energy circulation in the sky was compelling. He couldn't use his own power. In addition, part of the energy circulation in the sky would actually be consumed and it would not cause too serious problems, so it was nothing.

However, the energy circulation of the earth is different. A small problem will turn into a big trouble. Who is so bold? Dare to do such a thing?

"Could it be who framed us?"

One of the sacred beasts suddenly said, there is no way, but they don't think so. After all, the crime of violating the earth's energy circulation is too great, even if they are really accidentally making a good or bad, I am afraid they can't explain it.

"But, would he be so troublesome?"

Another sacred beast retorted, who else can do this but Feng Yuan? As for Feng Yuan's character, they all know everything about it. That guy has always been in trouble, and he almost doesn't play tricks.

As for Daxia? If they have this ability, they won't be so passive, but besides Feng Yuan, who else has this ability? Agunas directly excluded them. They are both divine beasts. They shouldn't act like that, not to mention that there is no benefit in doing so. After all, a carelessness will suffer along with Daxia.

"It's not the time to lose the pot, but still think about what to do? You made the thing. Do you think you can remove it?"

A sacred animal looked at the guardian sacred beasts of Shahruo and said that most of them were sacred beasts of Shahruo. They came to discuss and deal with Daxia together. They thought it seemed good and agreed. What are you going to prepare? Instead, it was Xing Zen and Shalo, one made a super weapon, and the other secretly kept it, I'm afraid they all have different purposes.

Seeing the tendency of the minor leagues to fall apart, the patron saint of Sallo quickly said

"I asked them to stop immediately. I told them to do this just to prevent things like eclipse shots from happening. After all, don't you think they knew we were going to use the breath of death as a weapon?..."

Listening to Sallo's guardian beast's defense, a group of beasts looked at it suspiciously. After a while, they didn't find the loopholes in the other party's words, hesitated for a while and could only think that what the other party said was true.

Shalos side was a little entangled in receiving the letter from his guardian beast. After all, this special weapon gave them great convenience in attacking Daxia side. Although the opposite side could hide behind the black wind wall and attack, they It's not that you can't hide here. There is no close containment and only long-range attacks. It is very difficult to accurately hit them. Unless you conduct a full coverage and saturation attack, you are betting on luck.

However, if there are no tentacles to block, the opponent can easily approach them, and there is no saying that the border is insurmountable after the war has started.

After hesitating, the officer still ordered the disarming of this special weapon. There was no way. After all, it was the order of their own beast. Although they did not know about the underground energy circulation, their own beast would not explain this kind of thing, but they knew that if they defy their own beast. Once the other party ignores them, the consequences will be more serious.

Countries that have the refuge of the beasts will not destroy the country in most cases. At most, they will cede territories and sign a compensation treaty. But if there is no refuge of the beasts, other countries will be happy. This means that they do not do anything to that country. , There will be no beast for them.

This is also the reason why modern times hardly initiate wars. Anyway, no matter how they fight, they will only increase enemies for themselves. As for the compensation? It may not be comparable to the consumption of war. After all, as long as the war is dead, the training of the beast master is not that simple, and in modern times, it is impossible to even establish a country without the protection of the beast.

"What happened?"

Seeing Delongta's return, Qi Chen hesitated for a moment and still couldn't resist curiosity and asked. After looking at Qi Chen, Delongta picked up his fishing rod and threw it again.

"I don't know why the earth energy circulation is extracted over there, I will cut the connection between the sea of stars and the earth energy circulation."

"Earth energy circulation?"

Qi Chen and the others have just seen the energy circulation, that is, the huge energy on the bottom of the sea flows like a river in the trenches deep in the sea. The power in the circulation shocks them, even if they are far away, they can feel it. To the oppression brought by that huge energy.

But why cut it off?

"What are they doing? Don't they know that the power that extracts the earth's energy circulation can easily cause the earth's resources to be reduced or even depleted?"

Nagya said in a puzzled manner that it doesnt often go to the news in the beast intelligence network. After all, there are often various beasts chatting in it or just chatting. Instead of wasting time there, it prefers to train with Yang Hongzhi. Black and small gray.

"I don't know, but they did do that. If they don't cut the connection, Xingchenhai will be unlucky."

Looking at the sky, Deronta said casually, even if the energy circulation of the sea of stars is the origin of all land energy circulations, it cannot sustain their extraction like this. Even if it will not be exhausted as a whole, the excessive consumption of energy in some areas leads to energy circulation. Weakening in a period of time is certain to happen.

Hearing Derontas words, Nagia looked inexplicably in the direction of the land.

"They, what are they planning..."

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