Dice Mage In The Elemental Battleground Chapter 57

57 Registration

Night time

The streets are still full , which is a curious thing , as in this era, people go home earlier for safety reasons and the lack of illumination, however , that isn't a problem , as near the center of the city , there's a tall tower, a mage's tower

The tower is like a torch in the night , lighting the entire city, it's also equipped by several scanning spells , which make it hard for criminal to act

Alter didn't believe in the last part, after all , just a while ago , he met some troublemakers

Currently, Alter's searching for a inn to pass the night on it, after asking some passersby , he quickly found a inn called the Wolf's dream inn

'it's name is probably related to the city name' Alter guessed

Alter entered the inn and scanned it , it was bustling with activity , mostly mercenaries drinking and eating

Seeing that someone entered , a young girl came to him and said shyly

"Umm , mister , are you here to stay for a night or long-term?"

"Just one night will do" Alter replied calmly

"Alright , it's 5 copper coins for you and an additional 2 copper coins for your contracted monster , Do you want to include food with it?"


Alter passed the girl said money , the girl passed him a copper key with the number '97' engraved on it

"it's on the third floor" the girl stated before hastily leaving

'huh?' when the girl was leaving , Alter saw the she had a black tail , however, it was severed

Alter shook his head and climber the stairs , he entered his room, there was a simple bed and desk with a chair , Thingo jumped from Alter's shoulder and went to the bed , there, he rolled and closed his eyes , Alter quickly followed him and laid on the bed

"Bushes and beds are totally different, there wasn't anyone trying to pick a fight with me or anything, well , it's reality , not some sort of story"

Alter petted Thingo for a while before he slept



Alter woke up , used his appearance manipulation to fix his messy hair , then he picked up the sleeping Thingo and placed him on his shoulder

Alter descended the stairs , the girl from last day greeted him

"Hello mister, had a good night?"

"Yes , also , do you know what direction is the adventurer's guild?"Alter replied and asked

"It's near , just go past to streets toward the east and you'll find it"


Alter left the inn then he muttered

Alter checked where the sun came from , then he went to the east, soon after, he found the adventurer's guild

The building was three floors tall, it had a shield and two crossed swords in the top of building , making it quite noticeable and eye-catching

Alter entered the Adventurer's guild , he was greeted by a scene similar to the inn, he searched around before he found the receptionists desk

He went to one of the receptionists, he/she was a elf , he/she said

"Hello mister, what's it that you want ? issuing a quest ?"

'It's a she' Alter came to this conclusion from her voice

"I want to register as an adventurer" This was the motive Alter came here, he heard that adventurer's have a higher degree of freedom when traveling , not to mention , they can sell the monsters they hunted for a high price than other places, which wouldn't make him worry about lacking money if he doesn't find any bandits

The elf was stunned for a moment before she said

"Alright , please pass me your identification card" she hesitated for a moment before she continued " You are a beast master right? Please pass me the identification card of your contracted monster too, the registration fee is one silver coin"

Alter passed her one silver coin and the cards

The elf kept writing something and asking Alter some questions

Few minutes Later, Alter Adventurer card was ready ,


Name : Alt

Race : Human

Group :

Class : Beast master / Warrior

Rank : Copper

Power rank :

Contracted monster : Thingo


The elf looked at Alter before she said

"Do you need an explanation about the adventurer's card?"

"Nn" Alter nodded

"You see , a Adventurer's card serves as a identification card,the ranks are as follow : copper>bronze>silver>gold>mithril>orichalcum>alexandrite, the rank can be increased by doing sufficient missions , you can only do missions that are one level higher than your power rank,

Power rank's is simply your power , it's like this : F>E>D>C>B>A>S>SS>SSS"

"Why not simply use the stage that's a person in?" Alter asked

"It's because there are some geniuses that have abilities that far surpass their current stages, also, there are some special classes that doesn't follow the regular system, and we use the power rank to determine a entire adventurer's group power "

"I see"

The receptionist passed the card by a purple crystal , the purple crystal glowed for a second

The receptionist looked at Alter and said

"Congratulation, Now you are a member of the Adventurer's guild"

"Umm, actually, i have some monster's carcasses with me, where do i sell them?"

"If that's the case please follow me"


Information pool

Elves : a race with good talent on magic and archery , they have nature energy , a type of energy similar to mana , except that it works better with nature related spells , giving them a boost on efficacy , elves elemental affinity is mostly related to nature, also, elves are famous for their beauty and their special class 'Spirit master' , a class that contracts spirits and use their power, elves are descendants of high elves , high elves are a race with elves bloodline and their ancestor's bloodline , which to date, remain unknown which race it's

usually lives in forests

Dark elves : A race that specializes on dark related magic , however, their main branch of development is their physical body , they are superb assassin and warriors and their beauty doesn't fall behind the elves, however, it's easy to distinct between a male and female , unlike the elves

they don't have a special energy like elves

Usually lives in swamps , however, recently , some open minded elves started accepting the dark elves into their countries/cities/villages

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