Dice Mage In The Elemental Battleground Chapter 56

56 The Descendant Of The Ouroboros

The present

The criminal gang and Senen could see a white figure running at high speed, to the point of creating a dust cloud behind it, a handsome youth wearing expensive looking clothes was chasing it,

The white 'thing' tackled one of the men , knocking him back by over 10 meters , the white figure spun in the air as a result of the impact before landing on it back and roaring cutely

The white thing was Thingo , the white liza--- dragon

Alter appeared next to Thingo and had a conversation using mental power, assuring it that it was only a joke and there's no reason to get alarmed

Finally , Alter noticed the other people presence, he quickly looked at them and noticed the man lying on the ground and the awkward mood

" Sorry" Alter quietly said

" You say sorry eh??? An apology won't do! ya here me!?" one of the men said

"That's it! beat him up bro! show him whose the boss!" the others continued

"First it's this brat , now another one appeared!"

Alter couldn't help but sigh at their stupidity , one of their men was instantly k.o , and the others didn't even think of it ? Alter wondered how such creatures with lacking IQ managed to survive...

Back to the point , Alter analyzed each one of them ,they had multiple evil titles and they belong to some criminal organization , thus , he decided to give them a beating, except the guy called Senen with weird titles like {The white point in a black world} or {The selfless}

Alter remembered the official's words , there shouldn't be a problem in causing problems here

Alter got his heroe's apprentice sword and prepared to fight

a minute later

There were men crawling in the ground begging for mercy , this sight made Alter despise them , not even a hint of pity in his eyes

Alter beat them up using the sword hilt , so there isn't any lethal injury


Senen was surprised , who wouldn't at such a twist of events

In fact, he was so surprised that his knees felt frail and he fell to the ground , of course, not having eaten anything the entire day played it's part

The silver haired youth walked toward him , the sword disappeared, and he placed a tooth collar in front of him

"It may be useful to you" The silver haired youth said before leaving with his white lizard

After he couldn't see the youth back anymore , he stood up and picked up the collar and went to his 'home'


'I wonder why there was a resonance'

Originally , Alter thought of giving the youth some money to help him and leave, however , he noticed a resonance between the youth and the collar , to the point that the collar felt like it would escape Alter's hand in any moment to jump to the youth

Thus, rather than giving him money , he placed the money inside the spatial tooth and he casually added the hero's apprentice sword, It not like Alter plans to start a charity , but for some reason , when Alter used that sword , it felt like it's incompatible with him and is continuously rejecting him, also , there was a faint resonance between it and the youth, so he decided to give it to him

'A good deed doesn't need reward after all! ugh , isn't this what's the system said!? i feel like i am lacking in originality ....' Alter said in his heart

[Ding....User relation with the world's will increased , now it's friendly, no bonus detected]

'....' Alter didn't know what happened , since he doesn't understand how to start understanding it , he doesn't have to care about it


Senen was on his 'house' , Although it's just a mini-room with multiples holes and it on a disastrous shape , it's the place he stays at

Senen started inspecting the collar , he touched the tooth

Suddenly, everything became black , the collar disappeared , he looked around but there was nothing

'Was it some sort of cursed item ? but why would he do this?' this was the first thought that crossed Senen mind

" There's no need to panic" A old voice resounded on the black space , Senen turned around , what he saw next surprised him , it was a giant serpent ... Giant isn't enough to describe it

Oddly enough ,Senen didn't feel any panic, , he was able to maintain his calm , then he said

"may i ask who are you ?" Senen didn't know why , but he felt an indescribable sense of respect and warmth , as if it was natural

" Such a proper ethics , to put it simply, i am your ancestor's ancestor , i am Ouroboros , the king of the serpents , there isn't a long time, so i will only give you a summary , i am currently sealed , and i require someone from the outside to free me, my descendants are too weak, no one inherited my abilities correctly ,you posses the blood line of my descendants , that why i managed to connect with you using the tooth , which also belongs to one my descendants , however , your bloodline is extinguished , it's like a blanks slate, not have any special advantage , however , it's also a good thing , you can now choose one of my abilities to inherit it , in exchange, you have to grow stronger and go to your fellow clan members, guide them , and free me"

As the serpent finished saying this , information about the powers he can choose appeared on Senen mind , Senen decided which one to choose

"I choose ...."

" Good choice, young one , i hope you succeed"


Senen was back to his usual house, as if everything never happened in the first place, however, he could feel something coursing through his blood , and his heart felt like it was burning


Information pool

Ouroboros : Some say it's the ancestor of all snakes , since it have the ability to command any snake, however , that's wrong , it's just that Ouroboros defeated most of the other serpents and snakes ancestors and absorbed their Bloodline origin power, Getting both their power and authority

----------From a certain Crazy grimoir
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