Dice Mage In The Elemental Battleground Chapter 55

55 City The Man The Dragon

After Alter landed , He undid the shape shifting and the sneaky star spells, he also stored back the 'pebble man armor' and used his mana to activate the auto repair function on his clothes , then he walking to the city


It didn't take him a long time to arrive , Alter's inside a room next to the city gate

After Alter arrived , The city guards told him that he can't enter unless he have a identification card and pay a entrance fee , the identification card only requires one to give his information and pay 2 silver coins

Something worth mentioning that Alter accidentally stumbled into Bandits hideouts in the past month , using his sneaky star, he looted their everything before leaving, which naturally includes money , so 2 silver coins aren't that much

" Since you are registering your 'Familiar' too , you got to pay an additional 2 silver coins " The officer that was preparing Alter's card said , Alter could tell the fatigue in the officer eyes

Alter casually took 2 silver coins , making the nearby guard's eyebrow twitch of how casually this kid treats money

if Alter noticed it , he would have thought that It was just 2 additional silver coins , no need to make a ruckus about it

some minutes Later, Alter had two identification card on his hand, one of them having Alter's image and the other one Thingo's image


Name : Alt

Class : Beast master / warrior



Name : Thingo

Race : Lesser great white salamander


Alter used a fake name , and for Thingo's race, he couldn't possibly tell them that it's a dragon king's son that mutated , so he had to make a race name right in the place

Alter used a fake name because of the unknown situation in the academy, he doesn't want to be involved , not to mention the Kysen family

Alter stored the cards in his inventory , then he looked at the guard

Apparently sensing his glance, the guard said " one person and one monster ,it 50 copper for each one , 50 plus 50 ..."

"It's one hundred" Alter said

"erm, yeh, 1 silver coin then "

Alter tossed yet another silver coin to the guard

The officer gave Alter a brief introduction about the city's rules

"Well , without further inconveniences , Welcome to the dream night city" the fatigued officer said

'So that's the city's name huh'


Senen a blonde youth with blue eyes , 19 years old this year

He's a orphan of the dream night city , like any other orphan , he suffers everyday, be it from the abuse from the criminal gangs or the lack of money and food, normally, orphans would join the 'Underground organizations' for protection and food, however , Senen refused to that, he doesn't want to be other people's tool nor does he want to be a evil person , everyday , he would search for work to do in exchange for several bronze coins as a pay

Normally , this would have been enough for him to get a hard bread and a Sturdy roof to sleep under on a inn , however, he didn't forget the other younger orphans , he uses his own money to support them, which doesn't leave him much money

Today , Senen was going back to his 'house' in the poor district, in essence, the slums

However, today doesn't seem to be a good day , as several men are blocking his path , he instantly recognized them , they belonged to one of the strongest criminal gangs around here

" Hehe kid , You owe our boss a lot of money , isn't that's the the case my brothers ?" One of the men said, seemingly to be the leader between them ,

"yee !" "True!"The other men shouted in approval

"I don't owe you anything you scum , scram" Senen said with a cold look on his face

"Tsk tsk , not being cooperative aren't you? well , i guess i should that me and my brothers here should teach you a lesson" The man said

The men all had creepy smiles in their face

Suddenly , a rumbling can be heard, and a voice shouting reverberated in every corner



A few minutes ago

Alter was strolling around the city, he passed by a stall that attracted him , he stopped by and looked at it was selling

"Hello young master , Did something on my stall catch your attention?"said a old woman , sitting behind the stall

'Young master? ah right, my clothes' Alter was surprised at what the old woman said , but he quickly understood , his high intelligence isn't for show {or so alter thinks}

" Just passing by "

The old woman quickly lost interest on Alter and started entertaining other potential buyers

Alter picked up a collar with a tooth on it , then he analyzed it


Spatial collar

A collar made using a normal rope and a dimensional snake tooth, capable of storing 100 cubic meters worth of items


" it would look better if it looked like Thingo's front tooth , maybe i should use them?" Alter muttered

The seemingly sleeping dragon on Alter's shoulder was actually awake, he sneakily run away without Alter noticing

Alter purchased the collar for a cheap price of 5 copper coins, he quickly noticed that Thingo went away

However , thanks to his ressonance perception skill ,he quickly detected where he was


After finally finding him on a less populated place , The human (dimensional one) and The dragon eyes met,

"DON'T MOVE!" Alter shouted before running to catch thingo

Thingo Also started running away

Resulting in the previous bizarre situation, where a man and a lizard caused havoc on the poor district


Information Pool

Golems : There are two type of golems, the natural ones and the man-made

The natural ones appear naturally , they are a type of elemental spirits

The man-made are Made by magicians , each of their action have to be programmed , thus , being inefficient , however, there are a type of golems with slight intelligence, however, it is said that it's the necromancers speciality

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