• Devils Rise

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Devils Rise summary:

This story is largely concerned with Devils, and from its pages a reader may discover much of their character and a little of their history. Many, however, may wish to know more about this remarkable people from the outset, while some may not possess the heart.\n\nAs for the Devils of the Abyss, with whom these tales are concerned, in the days of others peace and prosperity they were a conquering...

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Devils Rise Chapters

Time uploaded
108 A New Hope4 weeks ago
97 A New Skilla month ago
93 A Lords Ship2 months ago
92 A New Weapon2 months ago
90 A Void Owl2 months ago
79 A Rifts Hold2 months ago
78 A Rift Warrior2 months ago
77 A Rifts Hold2 months ago
76 A Rift Warrior2 months ago
73 A New Religion2 months ago
70 A Girl With2 months ago
68 A Jerky Run2 months ago
67 A Ghost Taming2 months ago
65 A Haunted Hill2 months ago
64 A Jerky Run2 months ago
63 A Ghost Taming2 months ago
61 A Haunted Hill2 months ago
58 A Beloved Shop2 months ago
56 A Beloved Shop2 months ago
54 The Head2 months ago
53 The Lord2 months ago
52 The Council2 months ago
51 The Dawn2 months ago
50 The Escape2 months ago
49 The Butler2 months ago
48 The Sins2 months ago
47 The Grandsons2 months ago
46 The Ambush2 months ago
45 The Schemers2 months ago
44 The Scheme2 months ago
43 The Hotsauce2 months ago
41 The Destiny2 months ago
40 The Change2 months ago
39 The Rookies2 months ago
38 The Tropics2 months ago
37 The Paradise2 months ago
36 The Weapons2 months ago
35 The Warfron2 months ago
34 The Division2 months ago
33 The Threads2 months ago
32 The King2 months ago
31 The Withering2 months ago
30 The Trap2 months ago
29 The Relic2 months ago
28 The Emotions2 months ago
27 The Hand2 months ago
26 The Chattel2 months ago
25 The Otherworld2 months ago
23 The Elves2 months ago
22 The Libra2 months ago
21 The Fraud2 months ago
20 The Departure2 months ago
19 The Prince2 months ago
18 The Freeloader2 months ago
17 The Badge2 months ago
16 The Thief2 months ago
15 The Exile2 months ago
14 The Wipeou2 months ago
13 The Talk2 months ago
12 The Inn2 months ago
11 The Dmv2 months ago
10 The Skill2 months ago
9 The Felweed2 months ago
8 The Beating2 months ago
7 The Escape2 months ago
6 The Flame2 months ago
5 The Plan2 months ago
4 The Sigh2 months ago
3 The Wastrel2 months ago
2 The Ligh2 months ago
1 The Gathering2 months ago
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