Dead Man’s Harem R 18. Since I Can’t Kill Myself I’ll Find Other Wa Chapter 34

Chapter 34: A Simple Delivery Quest

Chapter 34 A Simple Delivery Quest

Such a simple delivery quest had no way of going wrong, Devon thought to himself. Although the pay wasn't much, he wanted to try it out and see how normal quests worked in this world.

Devon left with a stub of the quest, and began making his way to the bakery which was only a twenty minute walk from the adventurer's guild. Passing by the slave market again, he saw that a fox-girl was now being auctioned. She was too beast-like for his taste, so he didn't feel all too bad about not having the gold to purchase her.

Pushing his way through the crowded streets of Edelton, Devon squeezed between armor vendors and street urchins, darting in and out of the masses of people walking on the cobblestone main road. A sign depicting a loaf of bread caught his attention, and he headed towards the bakery.

"Welcome," the gruff, moustached baker said to him as he entered the store. "Here to buy some bread?"

Devon looked around. "I saw that you posted a delivery request, four loaves of bread to the massage parlor?"

The baker nodded, his moustache bobbing up and down as he moved his head. "Yes. I need someone to bring four loaves of bread to the massage parlor several streets down. Just bring me the receipt once you're done and I'll give you your payment."

Devon nodded. "Alright."

"Here are the four loaves," the baker said, bringing over four long baguettes stored in paper bags. "The massage parlor is down the street this way. Just keep walking until you see a large sign that says 'Massage Paradise' to the right. You can't miss it."

"Okay, got it." Devon took the four loaves of bread from the baker and made his way back out onto the street, with some rather cumbersome carbohydrate cargo held in his arms.

This job really paid so little that Devon wondered if it was even worth doing, but he just wanted to understand a little more about this world as well as increase his adventurer rank from F to E, and the best way to do that was to complete basic F-rank quests like this on the side, while he completed the heavy hitting missions for the madame.

Walking through the busy street yet again, Devon slowly made his way down the main road, checking the right for the massage parlor sign. There wasn't anything for about twenty minutes of walking, and he felt like he missed it or something.

However, the baker told him that he couldn't miss it because it was so obvious. Devon kept walking for ten more minutes, until he finally saw a neon glowing sign that said Massage Paradise, 30 gold/hour for human masseuse, 20 gold/hour for beast girl masseuse.

The shop stood out like a sore thumb, and Devon headed into the shop curious about what this massage paradise place was all about. It had a musty stench of humidity and perfumes, and the massage parlor receptionist greeted him.

"Welcome to the massage paradise, where you can get your one and only super deluxe" began the human receptionist, before she cut her sentence short when she saw me struggling with the four baguettes. "Oh, you're the delivery boy? Alright, you can set down the bread here, and I'll get your payment in a moment."

She handed a few gold coins to me, and I handed her the receipt to sign. After returning it to me, she took the paper bag of baguettes.

"Mind if I ask, did you order the bread for lunch, or some other purpose?" I asked, curious.

"Two loads are for our afternoon tea with jam and butter, and the other two" her voice trailed off. "If you're a customer, maybe you'll find out what we do with the other two baguettes~"

That made Devon incredibly curious about the meaning behind that. But now that he finished his job, he needed to get back to the baker first. The last thing he wanted to do was to ruin his credit with the adventurer's guild by exploring a massage parlor instead of completing the F-rank delivery quest.

"I might be back later," Devon said to the human reception. She smiled and waved at him as he left the massage parlor.

As Devon left the shop, a hooded young man bolted down the street right in front of him, nearly knocking him over.

"Stop him! Thief!" a noblewoman cried not far behind him, while chasing the hooded man.


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