Custom Made Demon King Chapter 358

Chapter 358 Gathering The Set

The Armageddon that Xeron attacked Roy with back then had actually been cast with great difficulty. The passages constructed by the magic power of high-rank demons could naturally only attract smaller meteors, so the destruction caused was naturally smaller.

And this meteor that Roy directly pulled with Psychokinesis was a gigantic meteorite with a diameter of more than one kilometer. Although the flying speed and distance were not enough (pulled down from low-Earth orbit), its power was still terrifying. The moment it hit the Valley of Ghosts, it was like a high-yield nuclear warhead exploding, and a powerful shock wave instantly swept through the entire valley!

The Valley of Ghosts, which covered an area of about forty square kilometers, was razed to the ground. Under the impact of the blast, the mountains shattered and were completely flattened. The trees, rocks, and water in the valley burned and vaporized in an instant. A vast amount of smoke and dust rose with the airflow and turned into a grayish-white mushroom cloud that rose slowly into the sky from the valley.

All the defensive structures in the Valley of Ghosts were destroyed as easily as dried twigs. The undead entrenched in the valley were blown into powder before they could even react. The stronger high-level undead like bone dragons and death knights did not have much resistance either. They were either crushed into pieces or directly buried.

After the dust settled, the original Valley of Ghosts disappeared, and what appeared in front of Roy was an enormous crater. At the bottom of the crater was scorching hot lava, and within a radius of more than forty kilometers, it could be said that humans and animals had become extinct, and not even a blade of grass grew.

Had the demon army not withdrawn under Roys command, it would have suffered heavy casualties under this attack.

Giovanni had not been able to take down the Valley of Ghosts for several days, and Roy could not waste more time on it, so he decisively chose to destroy it

After the temperature in the valley cooled down a bit, the demon army dared to approach. Giovanni brought his trembling vampires and the demon army to search for Markals corpse.

Soon, they found Markals corpse at the edge of the impact. Although he had escaped in advance, Markal was still unable to escape the attack range of the destructive shock wave in such a short time. Although he condensed all the magic power in his body to resist the shock wave, he still ultimately became a tattered corpse.

Giovanni searched his corpse for a while and found several artifacts. Finally, he found a finger buried in the ground farther away and found the Ring of the Broken Will that Roy wanted from this severed finger.

Fortunately, he could find this small severed finger from the messy ground

After getting the ring, Roy was very satisfied and said to Giovanni, "Markal is dead, and the kingdom of Heresh should no longer have the power to stop you. I wont care about what happens next!"

"Yes, Your Lordship!" A fanatical light flashed in Giovannis eyes. Roys attack had truly shocked him. He believed that after the destruction and tragedy of the Valley of Ghosts spread, no death lords in the entire Kingdom of Heresh would dare to resist him. As long as he gathered a batch and killed another batch, he could integrate all the undead and become the ruler of Heresh, becoming the true undead monarch.

Under the awe and worshipful gazes of Giovanni and the demons, Roy flew away on Rafaro and returned to Ur-Hekal.

Not long after he returned to Ur-Hekal, he sensed magic power fluctuations coming from the teleportation formation in the city. It seemed like someone had used teleportation magic to return to Ur-Hekal.

Sure enough, the people who returned were Julia and Benia, and they came back with another person. It was a succubus who looked exactly like Benia. Roy immediately guessed that this was Benias sister, Biara.

As the high-rank succubus who had the same status as Xeron and had been secretly carrying out Kha-Beleths scheme, Biaras current situation was very miserable. There were several cracks on her helmet, and one of the demon horns on her forehead was broken. Her entire body was full of burn marks, and even her tail was missing.

Benia had tightly bound her hands and feet with thick rune chains and tied them behind her. Her whole body was bent, and she did not look like a demon but a pig waiting to be slaughtered.

Even Roy found her pitiful

"Your Lordship, Im back!" Benia was in high spirits. She threw Biara onto the ground casually. Then she sashayed to Roys side, held his arm, and looked up at him with seductive eyes. "I caught my sister!"

Roy looked down at her strangely and asked, "Its fine if you caught her, but why did you bring her back? Do you want to kill her in front of me?"

Before Benia could answer, Julia snorted in annoyance. "She brought her back to ask you if youre interested in tasting her sisters body!"

Roy staggered and almost fell. F*ck, why is Benias brain so strange?! Even if you want to retaliate against your sister, you shouldnt have thought of this move

Roy still found it a little bit difficult to understand the true thinking of demons, or rather, succubi. Of course, he rejected it on the spot. But what he did not expect was that after hearing his rejection, the most disappointed one was Biara!

After being caught by her sister, who hated her to the bone, Biara did not immediately feel despair because she knew very well that neither she nor her sister would immediately kill the other after catching the other. Instead, they would think of all sorts of ways to torture and destroy the others will before killing the other.

Clearly, Benia did not deviate from her expectations. After defeating her together with that damn fallen angel, she directly brought her back to Ur-Hekal and allowed her to see the newly promoted Demon Lord Osiris.

My stupid sister, would I not know what youre thinking and what youre up to? Dont you just want to see the scene of Demon Lord Osiris **** me? You can also please your master, right?

What a ridiculous trick! Do you think Im afraid of this?

As a succubus who had the utmost knowledge of charm techniques, Biara was actually afraid that Roy would not covet her body. Even though he was a demon lord, as long as he was still a male, she had the confidence to make him infatuated with her

Unfortunately, what Biara was most worried about happened. Demon Lord Osiris did not want her

Instantly, Biara became anxious and shouted, "Your Lordship! Lord Osiris! I beg you. As long as you spare my life, Im willing to do anything!" Roy looked at her and shook his head. "Unfortunately, your life is not in my hands, but in your sisters hands. Dont ask me. Im just completing my contract with her."

"Do you really not want her?" Benia licked her lips with her tongue and whispered in Roys ear, "If you want, I can serve you with her. Twin succubi are rare in the entire Abyss"

Roy glared at her unhappily. "What nonsense are you saying? How you want to take revenge is your own business. Why are you dragging me into it?"

"Okay, okay. Dear Master. Ive asked, and you didnt want it!" Benia giggled and hummed a cheerful tune as she dragged Biara away and left, leaving behind only Biaras miserable pleas that echoed along the way. "Seriously" Roy watched this scene with a headache and said to Julia, "Isnt Benia a little twisted?"

"Is there a need to ask? Definitely!" Julia also felt a little creeped out and quickly changed the topic. She took out a strange-looking helmet and handed it to Roy. "By the way, this is the Helm of Chaos you want. Fortunately, we happened to find it on Biara. It seemed that she thought of asking for help from Urgash during her escape."

"Oh, really?" Roy took the helmet in surprise. He looked at it for a while and said, "Not bad. Gathering them was much faster than I expected."

According to what Dioland and the others said, although the combination of the Ring of the Broken Will and the Helm of Chaos could communicate with Urgashs will, this communication was limited to only demons. Therefore, in the eyes of other races, these two artifacts were not powerful and would not attract too much attention from them. Therefore, when Dioland and the others asked Roy to search for these two artifacts, they calculated that he should be able to find and gather them in a short time. But Roy did not expect that he would be able to find them so soon.

After obtaining the artifacts, Roy arranged for Julia to rest first while he took the two artifacts and returned to the underground secret room. He contacted Dioland and the others to see how to use these two artifacts to communicate with Urgash.

What kind of existence is the Dragon of Chaos, Urgash? Is he stronger than Samael and Lilith? Roy was full of anticipation

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