Custom Made Demon King Chapter 357

Chapter 357 Armageddon Again

The world of Ashan could be said to be full of bad news recently.

Beginning with the replacement of Queen Isabel of Erathia; later, the arrival of Demon Osiris; then Dendera Fortress and Aglan Fortress fell; Arantir, Solmyr, and Gelu died in battle; the Sword of Frost was lost; the zombie plague contaminated land water sources; the birth of the Dark Messiah; Demon Sovereign Kha-Beleth was killed; and Demon Osiris became a new demon lord.

These major events happened one after another in merely two months, catching the various races off guard and making them dizzy.

Before the various races could recover from the intelligence brought back by Gem and Zehir, they received reports of the demon army stepping out of Eeofol and attacking the kingdom of Heresh on a large-scale. For a time, the representatives of the various races in the alliance council were in a mess and arguing incessantly. Yes, after realizing that the threat of the demon invasion was looming again, the various races of Ashan held a joint conference to gather their forces to deal with the crisis. But they could not reach an agreement on how to deal with Heresh.

As living beings, all races had an instinctive repulsion toward undead. They had always thought that the necromancers controlling the dead were synonymous with sinister and evil. It was not only the Bracadans that banished and persecuted the necromancers, but almost all races that considered themselves Order races did not have a good impression of the undead.

Therefore, when they learned that the demons were invading Heresh, most of the representatives felt that this was a dog-eat-dog war, and they did not need to intervene to save those sinister necromancers. However, a small number of representatives believed that the undead were native creatures of this world regardless. When facing invaders from another world like demons, they should unite and support them.

Both sides were arguing incessantly over this point of view

If Arantir were still alive, perhaps relying on his fame, he might be able to convince them. After all, at least in history, the kingdom of Heresh had contributed to resisting the demons. But now that Arantir was dead, the only person with a relatively high status in Heresh was no longer around, so the representatives of the various factions had almost selectively ignored the contributions Heresh had made in the past.

In this alliance council, not only did the representatives of Heresh not appear, but even the representatives of the dark elves did not appear. Neither of these two publicly recognized evil factions were able to participate in this conference.

Therefore, the final outcome of the argument was that the various races were preparing to stand aside and watch. While preparing for war and sending a massive number of troops to the borders to guard against the invasion of the demons, they planned to watch on coldly as the undead and demons killed each other. They all understood that the kingdom of Heresh would become history, but they could at least let the unsleeping undead consume the demon forces to the greatest extent

But at the same time, when this war attracted the attention of the various races, the T-Virus that Roy left behind in the two fortresses was slowly and steadily spreading outwards

After losing the support of the other races, the necromancers of Heresh could only rely on their own strength to resist the invasion of the demon army. If it were enemies of another race attacking Heresh, Heresh might not necessarily lose because necromancy had a powerful damaging effect against most races. The fear of seeing a deceased compatriot stand up and attack you was a tremendous blow to anyone.

Unfortunately, the enemies of the necromancers were demons

The magic of necromancers also inclined toward darkness and curses. To demons, who were born with the dark attribute, their power weakened by at least two levels. And the skeletal bodies of the undead could not make these bloodthirsty demons feel fear. Instead, their fragile bones would collapse at the first blow from the strong demons.

In merely a short three days, Heresh lost a large amount of its territory under the attack of Roys demon army. Countless skeletons were smashed into pieces, and innumerable spectres were beaten to death. The cemetery environments in Heresh, which were originally full of a gloomy aura of corpses, was incinerated by demons with flames, and the smell of burnt sulfur replaced the poisonous air.

Most importantly, the ambitious Vampire Lord Giovanni was leading the demon army, and this leader was familiar with the terrain. The necromancers had tried to ambush the demon army several times, but they were all seen through and ultimately lost their lives.

During the attack, Giovanni did not forget Roys orders and spared no effort to search for the two artifacts that Roy wanted. In fact, be it the Helm of Chaos or the Ring of the Broken Will, although the demons had lost these two artifacts, they had always been circulating in Ashan. These two artifacts were brimming with the power of darkness and chaos because of the existence of Urgashs will. Thus, generally speaking, those who coveted and could use these two artifacts were usually races that practiced dark power. In other words, among the various races of Ashan, only necromancers and dark elves used these two artifacts. Coincidentally, the demons were attacking the kingdom of Heresh, so wanting to find these two artifacts would not be too difficult.


Things were indeed as expected. During the attack on Heresh, Giovanni found a clue about the Ring of the Broken Will. According to the necromancers, Hereshs current strongest death lord, Markal, might have the Ring of the Broken Will.

Giovanni planned to kill Markal and find the ring to give to Roy, so he quickly gathered his troops and began to attack Markals territory, the Valley of Ghosts.

However, what Giovanni did not expect was that Markal had assembled an enormous number of troops in the Valley of Ghosts. According to the citys defenses, he had a large number of high-level undead troops, bone dragons, death knights, and numerous liches, almost filling the entire Valley of Ghosts. Moreover, Markal himself was an extremely powerful death lord. After Arantirs death, the most prestigious lord of Heresh was him. After the demon army invaded this place, the formerly irresistible attack was blocked. More than 100,000 demon troops continued to attack the Valley of Ghosts for three days, but they could not take it down.

At this moment, Giovanni realized that the biggest obstacle preventing him from becoming the undead monarch was Markal. After recognizing that he was probably not Markals match, Giovanni decisively sent a letter to Ur-Hekal.

After receiving the news, Roy immediately rode Rafaro to the Valley of Ghosts.

When Rafaros colossal thousand-meter-long body appeared in the sky above the Valley of Ghosts, the shadow that covered the sky directly stopped the undead and demons fighting below, and they looked up blankly.

As for Death Lord Markal, he certainly knew who Giovannis backing was. So after seeing Rafaros Sky Dragon body, he immediately realized that the situation was grave, so he quickly withdrew his troops and shouted at the sky with magic, "Honorable Lord Osiris, please stop your troops. We are not enemies. I can submit to you and serve you." However, Roy pretended not to hear Markals shout. He only ordered Giovanni to lead the demon army out of the Valley of Ghosts while he sat on Rafaros back and did not come down from the sky.

The demon army withdrew tens of kilometers away. Markal was initially relieved when he saw the demon withdrawing and was thinking about how he should express his loyalty when Roy came down. But at this moment, he found that a bright spot had suddenly appeared in the sky.

When this bright spot first appeared, it was even above Roy and Rafaro. But after a few seconds, the bright spot became bigger and bigger, proving that the bright spot was constantly falling, and the target seemed to be the Valley of Ghosts!

After understanding what the bright spot was, Markals pale face became even more ghastly pale. He did not dare to say anything else and turned to run!

He did not even intend to take his wealth and rode a skeleton warhorse straight out of the city.

Damn it, damn it, damn it! How did this happen?! Markal cursed in his heart while fleeing. Armageddon! Thats Armageddon! He didnt even answer me and directly attacked with Armageddon. He doesnt intend to accept my allegiance at all

Although Markal was cursing, he also felt that it was very strange because he did not feel any magic power fluctuations just now. Logically speaking, even a demon lord casting a spell like Armageddon would cause immense magic power fluctuations. How could he cast it so silently?

But no matter how doubtful he was, Markal knew that the power of Demon Lord Osiris was absolutely not something he could contend against What Markal did not know was that the reason there were no magic power fluctuations was that it was not the true Armageddon spell that Xeron had used. Roy only used his Psychokinesis to pull a meteor down from the asteroid belt floating in the outer space of this planet and smash it down!

Over the past few days, although Roy had stayed in Ur-Hekal, he had always been familiarizing himself with the power he gained after becoming a demon lord. In fact, except for the newly acquired Glimmering Dawn, the increase in his other elemental power was not much. On the contrary, the power of Psychokinesis suddenly increased several times after he became a demon lord!

Roy guessed that this might be the amplification effect brought by soul change after he became a demon lord.

This attack on the Valley of Ghosts could be said to be the first time Roy had shown his demon lord power in front of the various races of Ashan. In order to have sufficient deterrence, Roy used Rafaros expansion ability to spread the range of Psychokinesis into outer space. Then he grabbed a meteor about one kilometer in diameter and pulled it into the atmosphere

There was no need to use any magic power, but it was an Armageddon with greater destructive power!

This gigantic meteor lit up the entire sky with blazing flames after friction with the atmosphere. After passing by Rafaro, it smashed into the Valley of Ghosts with an indomitable momentum.

The next moment, the ground quaked, and the mountains shook

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