Custom Made Demon King Chapter 356

Chapter 356 Problem

Roy asked this question because he had doubts.

Although the inhabitants of this Ashan world all used the Dragon Gods as their faith, this faith was actually continually changing. At first, it was the First Dragon, Asha, but after the birth of the Elemental Dragons, it gradually evolved into faith in the Elemental Dragons, and this trend became more and more serious.

Just like when he encountered Isabel in Heavens Cloud City, Isabel became a seraph with the help of the power of the Dragon of Light, Elrath, instead of Asha. Wasnt this very strange? In the native legends, angels were the first people created by Asha. The people she created did not believe in her and instead went to believe in her descendent, the Dragon of Light, which seemed a little strange.

The only explanation was that Asha was no longer able to respond to her believers If Asha was like this, then it was definitely the same for Urgash, her twin. Moreover, in the war with Asha, Urgash was the one who lost. Roy had reason to believe that Urgash was even more severely injured. Since Asha was no longer able to respond to her believers, could Urgash respond to the demons?

In fact, it was not just the Dragon of Order and the Dragon of Chaos. Even the Elemental Dragons, whom the various races of Ashan currently believed in, had not truly appeared for many years from what Roy knew. The various miracles circulating in the world were more like the power left behind by them rather than their true will.

Just like how the demons had been wreaking havoc on Ashan, any Elemental Dragon that appeared could eliminate all of them. But what Roy saw was that the demons were still at ease and about to break free Only, the demons believed in Urgash. Almost all the Elemental Dragons were fighting against the demons, but no one came out to clean them up. It could not be that they were worried about provoking Urgash, right?

Big brother, Urgash is already asleep. Scared my ass!

So, do they not want to attack, or can they not?

This was what puzzled Roy the most. From the various legends of this world, this was a proper high-magic world. Roy would not find it strange for a demon king like Samael to appear. But in fact, even a demon lord here could make the people of the entire world feel as though they were facing a formidable enemy

What exactly happened during the passage of time that caused the power of this world to decline to this extent?

Facing Roys question, the demon lords looked at each other in dismay. But the difference was that they were wondering why he asked such a question. "What do you mean?" Dioland asked in puzzlement. "After becoming a demon lord, did you not feel the call of Urgash?"

"No!" Roy shook his head.

"Thats impossible. High-rank demons might not necessarily feel it, but as long as you can become a demon lord in this world, you will feel the will of Urgash!" Dioland said anxiously. "Lord Osiris, dont deceive us!" "Im not deceiving you. Answer me honestly!" Roy said solemnly. "How long have you not been in contact with Urgash?"

Dioland calmed down and said, "Its been almost a thousand years. Ever since weve been imprisoned in Sheogh, we havent been able to contact Urgash. Weve always thought that this prison isolated our connection" "What about Kha-Beleth? Did he contact Urgash after he came out?" Roy asked.

This question made Dioland and the others uncertain. "No, at least he didnt tell us about it. You have to understand. After being imprisoned here for so long, he probably hadnt thought about contacting Urgash after he escaped"

The more he spoke, the softer his voice became because they finally realized that something had happened.

Strictly speaking, it had been a thousand years since the demon lords were sealed and imprisoned in Sheogh. At that time, they could still contact Urgash, and they knew that he was recuperating in the core of this planet. Not only could they contact Urgash, but the others could also contact Asha. Sar-Elam was the first wizard to come into contact with the Dragon of Order. At that time, he was enlightened by Asha and became the Seventh Dragon.

In other words, at least a thousand years ago, the Dragon of Order and the Dragon of Chaos were still around.

Precisely because of this, when the Sheogh demon lords discovered that their connection had been severed, they did not think too much about it. They had always thought that the seal was preventing them from contacting Urgash. During these thousand years, they had taken advantage of the lunar eclipses to send people to the main world to carry out the Urgashs will of chaos and destruction. They took subversion and war as their mission and continuously strived to strengthen themselves. And those they sent out were mostly weaker middle and high-rank demons. Because these demons were lower in rank, they were not qualified to contact Urgash. This led to the complete cut off of all contact between the demons and Urgash in the past thousand years. However, the demon lords did not realize their completely isolated state before. When Roy appeared, they had always thought that after he became a demon lord, he had also felt the call of Urgash, but he did not accept it and did not sign a contract with him. After all, Roy, a new demon from the Abyss, did not know how powerful Urgash was. It was normal for him not to worship the power of Urgash and refuse the call. Now that they wanted to entice Roy into staying, they kept trying to persuade Roy to accept Urgashs call. It was not until Roy raised this question that they were surprised to discover an unexpected situation. After completing his promotion, Demon Osiris could not contact Urgash!

For a moment, the demon lords were at a loss

"D-dont worry!" A demon lord in the back calmed down and said, "Our contracts are still here. In other words, Urgash is fine. Let alone existences at his level wont die so easily, even if he really dies because of his severe injuries, we can immediately know through the contracts."

"Indeed, we cant panic!" Dioland also understood this. He turned and said to Roy, "Lord Osiris, something might have happened, but it shouldnt be a big problem How about this? Urgash once bestowed two artifacts to the demons, namely the Helm of Chaos and the Ring of the Broken Will. These two artifacts contain the power of Urgash. Theyre very weak, but they can allow you to contact him through them. These two artifacts were lost in the war, but theyve probably been circulating in the main world. Think of a way to find these two artifacts and contact Urgash to see whats going on."

Hearing this, Roy could not help shaking his head. "Lets not talk about whether my stay in this world will last until I find these two artifacts. Just because of your words, I have to search the entire world for these two things. I dont want to do something so troublesome." "Three million! Add another three million souls!" After discussing with the others, Dioland said through gritted teeth, "And we can give you these three million souls immediately, regardless of whether you can find them or not."

After thinking about it, Roy nodded. "Okay, Ill try."

Seeing Roy yield, Dioland and the others heaved a sigh of relief and teleported a book of souls with three million souls through the magic formation. Since the book of souls did not possess much magic power, they could teleport these things from Sheogh to the main world. Of course, it also had to do with the power of the seal weakening.

After obtaining the book of souls, Roy did not say anything. He closed the light screen and left the secret room with Sareth and Cassandra.

"Master, are we going to mobilize people to search for those two artifacts?" Cassandra asked. When Roy was communicating with the demon lords, she did not dare to say a word. Now, she could finally speak up.

"Yes, of course!" Roy nodded. "Im actually quite curious about Urgashs current condition"

Not only that, but Roy had also obtained some information about staying in the world through communicating with the demon lords. After becoming a demon lord, he was affected by the powerful repulsive effect of the world. This was a problem that he would inevitably have to face in the future. Not every world could accommodate the descent of demon kings like the Darksiders world. If every time he went to other worlds and was unable to stay for long, it would definitely pose a tremendous hindrance to his soul collection plan, so he was consciously looking for a solution.

When Roy was still a high-rank demon, he could stay in this world for two to three months without signing a contract. Now that he was a demon lord, the time he could stay was reduced by at least half. It was only about one and a half months. He did not have much time left, so he had to act as soon as possible.

Soon, an order from the lord came from Ur-Hekal and quickly spread to the demon troops.

At the same time, another wave of nearly 300,000 demon troops left Eeofol. Apart from a portion of these demons who would continue to participate in the war to conquer the kingdom of Heresh, the rest were sent all over the world to search for the two artifacts of Urgash.

Julia and Benia also set off with these troops, but they had something else to do. From the information they obtained, the whereabouts of the succubus Biara had been discovered. Benia was going to complete her revenge

Therefore, Roy was the only one holding the fort in the entire city. He was quietly waiting to see if he would find the two artifacts first or if he would be expelled back to the Abyss by the repulsive effect of the world

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