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Crystalline Universe: Team Fortress 2 Overwatch summary:

Volume 1:Mike G. Mundy was only 7 when both of his parents were murdered. His uncle, Sniper, trained him to become an assassin just like him before. During this time, doctor Ethan was planning something behind the scene. What secret awaits?*Read the introduction chapter to understand the context.If you are not familiar with the game "Team Fortress 2", just read it as a normal story.For Overwatch fans, I only included the characters I think are cool.______________________________Volume 2: (spoilers if you did not real vol. 1)A shattered personality caused Mike to fall under the will of two other horrible personalities. When all hope was lost, Kadyn, a demi-human, who Mike saved and befriended, showed up to his help.Follow the story of the pair as the war ragged on between Overwatch and Talon over the world. CR-455, the supreme commander of Talon, what could be his plans against Mike?_____________________________Volume 3: (spoiler if you did not read vol. 2)A mysterious plot panned by Sniper awaited Mike. The world will be turned upside-down, as, in the volume, the young man would have to stand against the whole world in order to save his beloved wife.What atrocities could Sniper plan? What could happen to Kadyn? In fact, the volume contains more exciting content than the 2 previous volumes.

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Crystalline Universe: Team Fortress 2 Overwatch Chapters

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