Crossing Worlds Provocation Chapter 766

Chapter 766: Wedding 2

Wen Xian suddenly felt that something was wrong.

Is she the wrong person who is driving?

How do you feel, a bit like Gadro?

When the wedding was about to be held in Beijing, Gazhuo failed to come in Hoh Xil.

As the car approached, the doubts in her heart were thoroughly confirmed.

Because, she can see clearly, the person driving is indeed Gadro, and the person in the co-pilot is...

Wen Xian's eyes widened when he saw the boy.

"Sang, Sang Nian...?"

She muttered, and then quickly looked at Lu Xiao.

"Sangnian!? Gadro and Sang are coming!?"

She was stunned, let alone how they came, didn't Sangnian go to the army, why did he appear here?

Lu Xiao didn't speak, just staring at the vehicles coming.

Wen Xian's heart was even more shocked, faintly as if he had noticed something, but he felt...can't believe it...!


It's incredible.

She didn't know what was going on. It was obvious that they were vacationing and traveling here, and they accidentally ran into a wedding scene. However, immediately after that, they saw an acquaintance in the coming car...!

At this moment, the car stopped.

As soon as the car stopped, the co-pilot's door was opened directly.

A handsome young man with an inch head rushed towards them when he got out of the car.

"Captain...! Sister-in-law...!"

He shouted and quickly came to them.

He ran in a hurry, his chest was up and down, his breath was slightly gasping, and his eyes were full of missed them.

When he arrived in front of them, he didn't hug their captain as before, but adjusted his breathing, stood at attention, and took a short rest, and paid a standard salute to Lu Xiao.

"Report Captain! I'm back!"

He has a loud voice.

After entering the army, in just half a year, Sang Nian had changed from a young boy to an inch-headed, determined and handsome young man.

At 1.8 meters tall, the figure has become stronger, and the whole person's mental appearance has somewhat changed.

The army is indeed a very experienced place.

And after Sangnian saluted Lu Xiao, Lu Xiao also gave him a standard salute, with a deep and firm voice: "Welcome back to the team!"

In just four words, Sang Nian's eyes were slightly red.

In fact, it is very difficult for him to come out again after entering the army, and he also performed well and got approval for a short period of two days before he could rush over and participate in their...

When Wen Xian watched them, his heart was particularly moved.

"Sister-in-law, I'm here, I didn't miss it."

The corner of Sangnian's lips grinned, showing cute little tiger teeth.

Wen Xian touched his head, smiled and said with relief: "It's fine if you come, and everything goes well for you, but you come here to do--"What?

Before she could finish her questioning the last two words, she suddenly saw a person in the cars behind them.

Tashi, Jin Zhu, Grandma, Old Man Li, all teammates in the jurisdiction, and

Father Lu, Mother Lu, and Wen Yu who got out of another car.

There are also Cheng Dongyuan, Huo Qi, Professor Xiao and others who are standing on the grassland with bouquets.

Seeing this scene, Wen Xian was completely dumbfounded.

Father Lu is wearing a suit and Mother Lu is wearing a cheongsam, both in formal attire.


It wasn't until this moment that the thought deep in Wen Xian's heart was truly confirmed...!

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