Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord Bite The Bait Please Chapter 268-3

Chapter 268.3 How Did It Turn Out To Be You?


Fortunately Qing Luo Yan came to show Qing Yu a more understanding side of her on this one rare occasion where she smiled at Zhuge Xiong to say: "Maybe Guild Leader Zhuge should not continue to persist. Qing Yu is afterall my personal attendant and if it was anyone one of the others, we can still talk about it. But as for this little lass here.. I really couldnt bear to give her away."

Not to mention anything else, just in case her insomnia were to relapse and Qing Yu had left, that was why she treasured Qing Yu a lot.

Since Qing Luo Yan had rejected him and he had heard it right from the horses mouth, Zhuge Xiong naturally knew that he could not very well continue to insist. So he merely turned to throw a highly predatory gaze to stare at Qing Yu for a good while before he said with a resigned sigh: "What a great pity.."

Such a rare treasure. Regardless whether in terms of looks or personality, the lass really suited his taste completely. If he were to really get her, it might be possible that he could not even bear to touch her at all!

But of course he had to give face to Qing Luo Yan here so he had no choice but to give up on the idea.

Qing Luo Yan then lifted a hand to gesture slightly, and Qing Yu bowed her head before she retreated out from the hall.

Not long after she went out, the ordinary looking person beside Zhuge Xiong who had been silent all this time suddenly went outside as well.

Upon noticing it, Lou Jun Yaos eyes darkened slightly, and something seemed to pass briefly deep inside his violet eyes. In the very next instant, a soft voice then said: "We can now start our discussion about serious matters."

"I think I can guess at the Dark Overlords intentions for coming here today." Qing Luo Yan said as she loungued lazily in a wide divan, her seductive eyes slightly narrowed. "Is it about the Mind Free Peak?"

"Someones tailing you."

Hidden within Qing Yus dimensional space, Chi Yue suddenly opened his mouth to say: "Its someone from the Hunters Guild."

Qing Yus footsteps were light, unhurried as she continued walking forward, not turning her head to look behind. Seemingly unaware of anything, she then said in a soft voice: "I know that the person does not harbour any bad intentions, but I do not know what he wants from me."

"Hmph. The Hunters Guilds people are not that upright or honourable. Youve seen that Zhuge Xiong yourself. A ruthless and utterly despicable cad who lusts after women all the time. He loves to test and research the effects of his poisons on young women the most and has taken so many countless innocent lives. If it had been any other attendant maiden there today, she would not be able to escape from his demonic claws." Chi Yues voice was icy cold, filled with vile hatred and disgust.

Qing Yu smiled and said: "No need to get so angry. Its not worth getting so agitated over scum like this. He is being left alive only temporarily and will be made to suffer for all his heinous deeds."

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