Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord Bite The Bait Please Chapter 268-2

Chapter 268.2 How Did It Turn Out To Be You?


Qing Luo Yan readily took Lou Jun Yaos abnormal reaction just now as an attempt to infuriate Zhuge Xiong and was not about to believe it to be real. Afterall, to believe that the man had suddenly developed an interest towards women was just too ludicrous to believe.

What she did not know was that these two people had known each other long before back when they were both in the lower realms, and their relationship was a lot closer and intimate than she could have imagined.

Qing Yus reaction was just as she had expected, the young lady looking disappointed and depressed as she said: "It was just my own wishful thinking. I beg for the Temple Lords benevolence to forgive me for overstepping my boundaries."

In Qing Luo Yans eyes, Qing Yu was just a slightly mysterious lass with quite a bit of smarts in her.

But the young lady really did possess some unique skills that made her come to admire the little lass rather much.

But she was afterall still very young, a girl that was just starting to bloom and her longing for love was just beginning to bud, so it was inevitable that she would be caught up in her girlish fantasies. Qing Luo Yan had always been indulgent with talented people so she would naturally not hold it against the young lass.

With that thought in mind, Qing Luo Yan then laughed and said: "It does not matter. Your Temple Lord appreciates such earnestness in people."

Upon saying that, Qing Luo Yans seductive eyes then turned to look at Lou Jun Yao with mock anger. "See what youve done? Youve wounded my little attendant girls heart here."

When Zhuge Xiong heard that, he immediately opened his mouth to speak: "The Dark Overlord does not know how to treasure, I am still here for you! My little beauty, you must not only focus on a persons looks. Although I am not as good looking as him, I know how to dote on a woman much better than him! Why not try liking me instead huh?"

Zhuge Xiong still has not given up, as in his eyes, such a prize was something one would not be able to see again. If he misses this opportunity, he would not ever have such a chance again. So, he was trying everything he could to coax the beauty over first and foremost.

As Zhuge Xiongs words came out, Little Monster distinctly felt the highly suppressed aura of the man beside him suddenly turn cold, instantly reaching freezing point.

In his heart, he could not help but to silently start to pity Zhuge Xiong.

His Lord had never pursued the matter when Zhuge Xiong betrayed the Dark Lands and went on to oppress them before because a person like Zhuge Xiong was not worthy of his attention at all. But to be able to make His Lord pay attention and become so jealous, Zhuge Xiong has made himself a marked man.

If Zhuge Xiong were to die all of a sudden one fine day, he would probably not even know how he was killed.

When Qing Yu heard Zhuge Xiongs smitten words, her stomach churned and she was starting to feel a little nauseated. A corner of her temple twitched and snuck a glance to look in Lou Jun Yaos direction.

That one look.. Thats just great.. She felt as if she was going to die later that night.

When her hand got caressed earlier, it had already caused that highly possessive fella to be very unhappy, and this damned Zhuge Xiong here was seemingly seeking for her to die an even more horrible death, persistently pushing it and not wanting to give up till he has the prize in his hands.

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