Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord Bite The Bait Please Chapter 268-1

Chapter 268.1 How Did It Turn Out To Be You?


The atmosphere in the grand hall suddenly fell deathly silent.

The expression on Qing Luo Yans face that had maintained an elegant smile all this time suddenly froze.

And Zhuge Xiong who had a taunting look on him was equally stunned in his spot, unable to recover for a good while.

Little Monster had sensed that something wasnt right all the way from the beginning and when he saw Lou Jun Yaos reaction, he immediately understood everything that was happening.

This young lady.. Could she be the one from the lower realms that was constantly on Lou Jun Yaos mind, the person who caused him to repeatedly go against his own principals so many times?

If this was the case, then everything here would make sense.

When this young lady had come walking over to their side, and said those strangely affectionate words, based on what he understood of a certain person, how could he possibly not show any reaction? The incident where he dealt with a woman so ruthlessly back then had caused all the women in Cloud Heaven to not even dare look at the man for a long time.

Seeing that this young lady was still standing safely here in one piece, he concluded that there is something more than meets the eye at play here.


Little Monster gave the man beside him a strange look and he noticed that the man had the young ladys hand held tightly in his, like he was claiming sovereignty over the prize.

The young lady was probably trying her best to retract her hand, but when a certain someones mind is set, it was usually not easy to change his mind. Hence, despite her most valiant efforts at struggling, she was unable to pull her hand out, her face a look of surprise and helplessness, that was also tinged with a hint of infuriation.

The corners of Little Monsters mouth lifted slightly, and his eyes had a thoughtful and knowing look in them.

Hmm.. Interesting.

After a good long while has passed, Qing Luo Yan suddenly opened her mouth to break that stiflingly strange atmosphere, her eyes narrowing slightly as she looked at how Qing Yus hand was clasped within Lou Jun Yaos. She then smoothed out her brows before she said with a smile: "If you two big grown men here want to compete, why do you have to drag my little attendant girl into it? Dont frighten the little lass any further. The Dark Overlord had better let the girl go already. Dont you see that she is almost going to cry from all this teasing?"

Hearing that, Lou Jun Yao then relaxed the grip on her hand. He had barely just released her hand when he immediately felt a vicious pinch twisting up the flesh of his lower back, which almost caused him to be unable to maintain that easy nonchalant smile on his face.

That was quite a vicious attack from the little one. She will see how hes going to deal with her tonight.

Qing Yu went back to Qing Luo Yans side with her head lowered, not saying a single word. Seeing that, Qing Luo Yan raised her eyes up slightly and the tone of her voice carried a hint of helplessness. "How? Feeling aggrieved? I told you that the Dark Overlord is not like other ordinary men, who does not even bother to show courtesy to me as the Lord of the Divine Temple. You know its time to give up, dont you?"

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