Bestow Whole Favour on My Lovely Wife Chapter 350

Chapter 350 Let's Go Eat First

Chapter 350 Let’s Go Eat First

Zhuang Qifei was the one who spoke.

Tian Mi smiled. She was prepared to reject Zhuang Qifei’s kindness. You Xuanyao would come to pick her up to see the treasures in the old mansion soon. She didn’t have time to have dinner with Zhuang Qifei.

Tian Mi looked at Little Jia apologetically. Although this was a great opportunity to get close to the boss, Little Jia could only sacrifice herself this time.

“Chairman, you’re too polite. This is our job. Yao will come back to pick me up later. There’s no need to eat.”

Hearing You Xuanyao’s name, Zhuang Qifei tactfully stopped saying anything and silently left.

As soon as Zhuang Qifei left, Little Jia grabbed Tian Mi’s arm with his hind legs. Rumor had it that You Xuanyao, the president of Hyatt Group, was involved with the little manager of their Imperial Court Hotel. So it was true. This news was really explosive.

“Sister Mi, are you really related to that CEO You?”

“The rumoured relationship? What is it?”

“It’s a relationship between a boyfriend and a girlfriend.”

“We’re not boyfriend and girlfriend.”

“Then what is your relationship?”

Could it be a sibling relationship? Sometimes, rumors are not so accurate. If Tian Mi and You Xuanyao really have some kind of relationship, then could he let Tian Mi pull a string and get to know the CEO of their family?

Tian Mi looked at the gossiping Little Jia and shook her head helplessly. She reached out and placed her hand in front of Little Jia’s face. The ring on her ring finger seemed to explain everything.

“We’re going to be husband and wife soon. Of course, we’re not boyfriend and girlfriend anymore.”

Little Jia blushed. He really wanted to! More! It’s time!

“Then Sister Mi, you’re married to a wealthy family. It must be another inspirational show!”

This Little Jia must have watched too many idol dramas. She and You Xuanyao’s baby are already four years old. It’s not a Cinderella story at all.

However, Tian Mi was clear in her heart that there was a gap between her and You Xuanyao. She had always been trying to narrow the gap, but the existence of the gap could not be ignored.

“There’s nothing to be motivated or not. When you meet someone you like, you’ll understand.”

“I’m not as lucky as Sister Mi. After marrying into the You family, you can work full-time. You don’t have to work from nine to five. Tian Bao and Tian Tian are also taken care of. How nice! I’m so jealous of you!”

Full-time? Tian Mi had never thought of this question. She had always been used to relying on herself. Doing this kind of thing full-time was never within her consideration.

“Alright, let’s not talk about me. I’ll ask President You to treat you to dinner if you want to eat later.”

Tian Mi changed the topic. Didn’t she say something like that? Without hesitation, Tian Mi and Xiao Jia had different levels of thinking. There was no way they could discuss anything. It would be better to change the topic under such circumstances.

“No, Sister Mi, teach me some experience. I don’t need to find such a wealthy family. I just need to find a small rich person ”

Tian Mi’s head had grown big with Little Jia’s endless words. Where did he get the experience? When she slept with You Xuanyao , she didn’t even know who he was. She didn’t even see what he looked like, okay?

“You don’t have much experience with this. You’ll know when you meet it. If you don’t say what to eat, then I’ll do whatever you want. Don’t blame me if you don’t like it.”

Tian Mi said helplessly. Seeing that Little Jia still wanted to continue, she could only helplessly continue to be an audience.

Fortunately, You Xuanyao’s call saved her.

“Are you done? I’m downstairs.”

“Mm, let’s go down now. Right, a colleague helped me today. She said that she wanted to ask you something.”

“What colleague? Please?”

“You’ll know in a while, and you have to take care of the food!”

After Tian Mi finished speaking, she almost hung up the phone without waiting for You Xuanyao to refuse. She was really defeated by Little Jia’s attack. It seemed that she could throw Little Jia to You Xuanyao , so she could also have a good rest.

“Sister Mi, are you going to introduce me to President You? Do you think he will introduce me to a young master or something like that? Actually, my requirements aren’t too high either. I just need to be handsome, have a bigger family background, and have a bigger house. Really, my requirements aren’t high either.”

Tian Mi immediately regretted what Little Jia said. This was not demanding. Do you know where she and You Xuanyao lived at the beginning?

A simple two-bedroom room, and often sleeping on the sofa!

Girls nowadays, why are they thinking about the pie falling from the sky all day long!

Since Tian Mi had agreed to Little Jia, she could only do it to the end and bring Little Jia out of the hotel.

You Xuanyao personally drove and waited not far away. Seeing Tian Mi get out of the car, he went up and put Tian Mi’s hand in his palm.

Tian Mi’s hands were cold. Did this silly woman take good care of herself? Her body was already cold. She must have forgotten to drink more hot water when she was busy with her work.

You Xuanyao did not see Little Jia at all. Little Jia was completely ignored, but she did not care at all. She had no regrets in her life since she was able to see Daoist Priest You.

“Little Jia, get in the car. We’ll go eat first, and then we’ll take you home.”

Little Jia got into the back seat of the car. You Xuanyao opened the passenger door for Tian Mi, and Tian Mi sat in.

You Xuanyao started the car and turned to look at Tian Mi.

“Is that enough? Actually, there’s no need to be so diligent. Two days later is two days later.”

“How can that be? I can’t hold you back.”

“Alright, I’ll leave it to you. I can rest assured.”

“That’s more like it. By the way, this is my colleague Xiao Jia.”

You Xuanyao nodded slightly as a greeting. There was no room for insignificant people in his eyes, not to mention women. There was only one animal with the attributes of women that he knew. It was his wife Tian Mi.

“Little Jia, how old are you today? What’s your educational background? What do your parents do?”

If you were to introduce a blind date, it would be best to straighten out the background. Otherwise, how could you find a good match?

“Today, I graduated from college. My parents are both clerks, but I have a pension.”

For a child from an ordinary family like Little Jia, how about finding a husband with a comparable family background? Why do you insist on marrying a wealthy family? Being with a wealthy person might not necessarily make you happy, right?

Although she and You Xuanyao were very happy together, this was still a small probability. She still wanted to persuade Jia to give up this idea and find a reliable person to live a good life.

“Little Jia, your family has introduced you to a boyfriend, or did you talk about one at school?”

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