Bestow Whole Favour on My Lovely Wife Chapter 349

Chapter 349 I'm Fine With The Dirty Work

Chapter 349 I’m Fine with the Dirty Work

You Xuanyao pulled Tian Mi back to the big bed. Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, they still had to face a bigger challenge. Now, they had to recover their strength and properly meet tomorrow.

Tian Mi lay in You Xuanyao ‘s embrace and quickly fell asleep, but You Xuanyao couldn’t fall asleep no matter what. His mind was full of thoughts about Su Jing.

The two of them met on the university campus and fell in love. It was a beautiful memory, but Su Jing took the initiative to give up on this relationship. She thought about the life she wanted to live, which was the reason she told You Xuanyao to break up.

As she wished, she married money. No one knew if she was happy or not, but now she was a real landlord.

Why did she come back to cause trouble for You Xuanyao ?

You Xuanyao already had Tian Mi. With the love he wanted and their love crystals, it was impossible for him to accept anyone. Why did Su Jing have to worry about this? Wouldn’t it be good to have a good life?

Early the next morning, You Xuanyao informed You Xuanheng about the preparation of the press conference. Tian Mi volunteered. Tian Mi had also helped Yue Kai organize so many press conferences. She could already complete the work on her own.

You Xuanyao gave all of this to Tian Mi without worry.

Yu Kai followed Tian Mi back to the Imperial Court Hotel. The venue, time, schedule, and contact with reporters were all proceeding in an orderly manner. When Tian Mi returned to her long-lost office, she suddenly felt indescribably relaxed.

Although she hadn’t come to work for more than two weeks, everything in the office made her feel fresh and familiar. This kind of contradictory feeling stimulated Tian Mi and made her even more passionate about handling the press conference.

Previously, it was Tian Mi who contacted EVA, but this time, You Xuanyao specifically stated that this matter could not be told to EVA because EVA was the most likely spy, and her relationship with Su Jing could no longer be described as extraordinary.

Of course, the matter of You Xuanyao and Tian Mi being together was also spread to Su Jing’s ears through EVA’s mouth. Obviously, Su Jing was a person who didn’t mind too many things and wasn’t afraid of big things.

Therefore, EVA must be excluded this time. She absolutely cannot know all the contents of the press conference. You Xuanyao will announce the establishment of Y&H on that day, and his shares are made up of Yue Kai’s source shares. The lease contract of Yuekai Group Building also needs some waste paper and updates.

Evidently, once this press conference was held, it would mean an earth-shattering change in M City’s business circles. You Xuanyao had already pushed the tide. Originally, he was the tidal wave of M City’s business circles. Occasionally, he would make a big commotion and inject some fresh blood into M City’s business circles.

Halfway through Tian Mi’s hurry, Zhuang Qifei suddenly appeared. Standing behind Tian Mi, Tian Mi did not notice. She turned around and almost hit Zhuang Qifei. Tian Mi hurriedly took a few steps back before she could stand firm.

“Why didn’t President You come with you today?”

“He’s still busy. I’m just here to set up the venue. There’s also the invitation letter. I probably need some help.”

“Of course, there’s no problem. How about Little Jia, who used to be with you at the front desk? I’ll transfer him over, and you’ll get twice the result with half the effort.”

“Chairman, can you really do it? Little Jia works very nimbly. This way, I can relieve a lot of pressure.”

“What have I lied to you about? I’ll go greet the personnel department first. I’ll have her come over this afternoon.”

“Thank you very much, Chairman. This way, my work will be smoother.”

“Alright, do a good job of this reception. Not only is it very important for President You, it is also a rare opportunity for our Imperial Court Hotel. Everyone’s focus will definitely be there.”

“Yes, Chairman, I understand. I will definitely prepare for this press conference. Do you have any other instructions?”

After Zhuang Qifei finished speaking, he shook his head. He trusted Tian Mi very much. Of course, there were other emotions mixed in. However, Tian Mi and You Xuanyao had already reached the stage of discussing marriage. He definitely didn’t have a chance. He was very clear on this point, and he had already wanted to give up.

Zhuang Qifei, a single aristocrat, was indeed suitable for a single person’s life. In any case, his female companions weren’t short, so it wouldn’t be a big problem for him to have one more Tian Mi and one less Tian Mi.

Zhuang Qifei stayed for a while before the two of them opened. As expected, Little Jia ran over after dinner this afternoon. She was extremely excited. This was the first time she had done a job outside the front desk. Everyone had to be excited.

“Sister Mi, quickly send someone to do the dirty work. I’m fine with all the dirty work. I can do anything!”

Looking at Little Jia’s confident appearance, Tian Mi couldn’t help but laugh.

“This is a press conference, not an anti-sack conference. What dirty work is there to do? There’s nothing good about it.”

Xiao Jia smiled embarrassedly and scratched his head.

Tian Mi gave the list of reporters to Xiao Jia and asked Xiao Jia to notify the reporters to arrive.

Tian Mi went to the venue alone. The arrangement of the venue was proceeding in an orderly manner. In fact, she couldn’t help but feel a little worried. She had to come over to confirm herself before she could be sure.

After a few rounds, the arrangement of the venue was basically completed according to Tian Mi’s requirements. Nothing unexpected happened. Just as Tian Mi was about to leave, she was attracted by a place.

The last time Wang Yaoyao came to cause trouble for Tian Mi, the two of them were in this hall. Tian Mi fell down the stairs and the wound on her head was still there. How could she forget?

Ever since she met You Xuanyao, her life had been like being beaten up by chicken blood. From the lobby manager all the way until now, she had probably witnessed her growth.

Tian Mi was stunned for a while, then quickly contacted the workers and laid some thick carpets on the stairs. If someone accidentally fell down again, they wouldn’t be seriously injured.

When everything was ready, Tian Mi left the venue and returned to the office. Little Jia was still calling her friends. Tian Mi looked at the details. There were nearly 20 families that hadn’t been notified. Tian Mi consciously took out her mobile phone and made two copies. She also began to call the reporters to talk about the time.

Tian Mi and Xiao Jia worked together to complete all the preparations, waiting for the press conference to be held next.

“It’s been hard. Today, I’ll treat you to a good meal.”

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