Bestow Whole Favour on My Lovely Wife Chapter 348

Chapter 348 Doesn't Look Like A Thief

Chapter 348 Doesn’t Look Like a Thief

“Lu Zhanfei told me about Su Jing. Her husband passed away and she inherited the property. Everything was planned by her. Your brother You Xuanhui is not You Xuanhui. Neither of them is. This was arranged by Su Jing alone.”

Tian Mi said all of a sudden. She didn’t think about saying everything, because she really couldn’t decide whether You Xuanyao would believe her or not.

“I’ve guessed all of this. It’s just that You Xuanhui’s identity. I didn’t expect it to be fake. Furthermore, both of them are fake. This surprised me.”

Unexpectedly, You Xuanyao had already placed the focus of suspicion on Su Jing, which also surprised Tian Mi.

“You already know. It seems that the information I specially ran over to obtain is useless.”

‘”Of course not. I don’t know You Xuanhui’s identity. Besides, I’m just guessing. If it weren’t for Lu Zhanfei’s words, I wouldn’t dare to make a final conclusion. Mrs. You is really Mr. You’s good wife. Without Mrs. You, Mr. You would really be mad.”

You Xuanyao hugged Tian Mi tightly as she spoke. Although Tian Mi was still pouting, the grievances in her heart were gone.

It turned out that You Xuanyao did not refuse to believe Tian Mi’s words because of Su Jing’s relationship. On the contrary, You Xuanyao had already begun to suspect Su Jing. In other words, something like the rekindling of an old relationship would never happen. It was Tian Mi who was scaring herself, right?

“Silly girl, are you thinking nonsense? Remember, now that I have you, I won’t miss anyone else. So, don’t think nonsense. I want to live a good life. When the New Year is over, we’ll get married immediately. When the time comes, we’ll take the two treasures with us and go out for a good time.”

“Then what about the company?”

Why did Tian Mi suddenly bring up such a disappointing topic at such a time? She really started to take charge of You Xuanyao before she married You Xuanyao.

“The company can be handed over to You Xuanheng. Now that your senior sister is pregnant and they can’t go anywhere, just obediently take the company and work hard. Besides, he has to earn money from milk powder, right?”

It turned out that You Xuanyao ‘s wishful thinking had already been settled. Just waiting for everything to settle, they would be able to completely slap their butts and leave.

“Can this matter really pass peacefully? I’m a little worried. They’re in the dark, we’re in the open, and they’ve taken away Yue Kai’s shares.”

You Xuanyao smiled. The little woman was worried too much. Was she not confident enough in her Mr. You? You Xuanyao had already planned everything and was waiting for the day when it would be announced to the world.

“Silly girl, it’s good that you play Mrs. You’s role well. Leave the rest to your great husband, Mr. You. You must have confidence in your husband. We’ll be waiting for a good day.”

You Xuanyao had already said that. What else did Tian Mi need to care about? She couldn’t help but hug You Xuanyao . She stood on tiptoe and kissed You Xuanyao ‘s mouth. You Xuanyao enjoyed it and pushed her to Tian Mi.

On a rare quiet night, You Xuanyao hugged Tian Mi and slept quietly. Suddenly, a rustling sound came from outside the door.

You Xuanyao and Tian Mi were both woken up by the shock. You Xuanyao made a sign of booing, casually put on clothes, and quietly walked towards the door of the living room.

There were sounds of people walking around outside and the sound of people flipping through information in the big drawer. It seemed that Yue Kai had come in to steal. The thief’s target was not property, but information. They were probably here to steal information about You Xuanyao’s new company, right?

These people are really funny. Such important information, how could You Xuanyao put it where he said it now? I’m afraid that even if they searched the entire office, they wouldn’t get a clue about Number One.

You Xuanyao was very curious, what was this person like outside? Is it a thief that Su Jing specially hired? Or was it a fierce general under Su Jing? It was a real thief who snuck in.

After much consideration, You Xuanyao still decided to remain calm and let the thief come and go freely.

About ten minutes later, the noise outside disappeared. The thief had already left, right? You Xuanyao lay on the door and listened.

After confirming that there was no sound, You Xuanyao walked out. This thief was really dedicated to his work. After flipping through the information, he left his desk spotless and clean. Normally, the desk was full of documents, but every day after work, You Xuanyao would transfer the documents, so the desk was always in a mess, and now the desk was rarely clean and tidy!

It seemed that this thief was still a clean owner. Suddenly, You Xuanyao had a suspicion. Could it be that this thief was not someone else but Su Jing herself? She was also very familiar with Yue Kai, so it was easy for her to sneak in casually.

“Did a thief come in?”

Tian Mi put on her clothes and walked out to You Xuanyao’s side. You Xuanyao looked down at Tian Mi and pulled Tian Mi back into the living room.

“Well, it doesn’t look like a thief. He didn’t lose any valuable property. I think it might be Su Jing. The outside was cleaned up very cleanly.”

“Did you guess that it was her based on this?”

That’s right, judging the thief from You Xuanyao’s premonition and the cleanliness of the table was Su Jing. This was really a bit far-fetched.

“Yes, I still have some intuition. However, I can’t jump to conclusions without seeing a real person.”

Tian Mi nodded, but if You Xuanyao suspected that this person was Su Jing, then the possibility should be very high.

“Then do you think he will come again?”

“I can’t guarantee that, but he probably didn’t take the information and clues. She shouldn’t let it go, right? That woman is too crazy!”

Even You Xuanyao said that Su Jing was crazy. It seemed that Su Jing’s actions had also pierced You Xuanyao’s bottom line.

If Su Jing was given a better space, her ability would not be limited to You Xuanyao . Instead, she would not be desperately trying to frame You Xuanyao like now. She had already achieved her goal of obtaining You Xuanyao .

“Then what else can we do? We can’t just sit here and wait to die, right?”

“I have already accelerated the process of establishing a new company. It’s basically completed now. I’m just waiting for the final announcement. I think we should enter the city ahead of time.”

You Xuanyao originally wanted to wait until the New Year was over, but it wasn’t too late to announce it. In any case, the procedures were basically in place.

However, judging from the current situation, it seemed that You Xuanyao could not wait until the New Year was over. Tian Mi and his life were threatened. What was he waiting for until the New Year?

“It’s getting late. Let’s rest first. Let’s leave tomorrow’s troubles for tomorrow.”

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