Bestow Whole Favour on My Lovely Wife Chapter 347

Chapter 347 I Don't Think You're Worried

Chapter 347 I Don’t Think You’re Worried

“Miss Tian, I’m sorry. This is my mission. I must tell President You your whereabouts completely. If you are unwilling to tell me, I will tell him my guess and let him judge.”

Tian Mi was completely angry at Yu Kai’s words. Was Yu Kai here to protect her or to monitor her?

Was this what You Xuanyao meant, or was Yu Kai too rigid, he would be mistaken!

“Whatever you want to say, that’s your freedom. I naturally can’t care about it. Drive your car carefully. If there’s an accident, I’ll see how you explain yourself!”

After Tian Mi finished speaking, she turned her head to the side and didn’t even look at Yu Kai.

At this moment, a black van behind him started to violently hit Tian Mi’s car. Tian Mi was shocked and reached out to hold the handle on the door.

“Did you catch up? I told you to drive carefully.”

“Miss Tian, it’s not a tail chase. Someone did it on purpose. Sit tight, we’re going to accelerate.”

As Yu Kai spoke, she stepped on the accelerator. Tian Mi’s nervous heart was about to jump out of her throat as she desperately pulled the armrest on the door.

It was simply a thrilling moment. Yu Kai’s driving skills were unquestionable, but no matter how skilled he was, he could not avoid being pursued by the people behind him. Were they planning to kill Tian Mi?

Tian Mi couldn’t help but look back. Needless to say, who would want Tian Mi to die the most now? Who else would be besides Su Jing?

“Miss Tian, don’t worry. I will bring you back to Yuekai safely. You have to believe me.”

Hearing Yu Kai’s words, Tian Mi felt a little relieved. Although the car was still bumpy, Tian Mi could no longer see the black van behind from the reversing mirror.

Indeed, as Yu Kai had said, their seatbelts returned to Yuekai, but the process was exceptionally difficult.

Tian Mi took a tram from the parking lot to the 33rd floor.

“You scared me to death.”

Tian Mi rushed into You Xuanyao’s words without realizing that there were other people sitting around.

Li Xiangyang was also sitting at the side, staring blankly at the two of them. Originally, he was still holding onto a fluke in his heart. What kind of development could he have with Tian Mi? Judging from his current posture, there was really no hope for him at all.

“What’s wrong? Are you sweating so much? Are you feeling unwell?”

“No, just now ”

Just as Tian Mi was about to say something, she realized that there were other people beside her. She quickly shut her mouth. There wasn’t a single word about what happened just now, so it was best to try not to let more people know about it.

“What happened just now?”

You Xuanyao did not know why, but continued to ask.

“No, I was just too anxious to run. I was sweating all over. I went into the room.”

After saying that, Tian Mi turned around and ran into the living room. She entered the living room and closed the door. Her entire body was blocked on the door, and the sound of You Xuanyao discussing with the others came from outside.

Tian Mi took off her coat and found that she was really scared and sweating.

After taking a hot shower in the bathroom, he walked out and saw You Xuanyao.

“Are we done? Have they all left?”


Looking at Tian Mi who had just come out of the bath, You Xuanyao could not help but pull Tian Mi over and put her on her thigh. She lowered her head and kissed Tian Mi’s tender little mouth.

Tian Mi still had something important to say. She pushed her little hand against You Xuanyao’s chest and struggled a few times, but was kissed by You Xuanyao until her entire body was sore and weak. She gradually gave up struggling.

“You smell so good. What should I do? I want to eat you now.”

“Isn’t fragrance used to smell? Teach me how to eat.”

“Then I’d better obey my orders respectfully.”

As You Xuanyao spoke, she prepared to make a move. This time, Tian Mi realized that she had dug a hole for herself and had just hurriedly pressed down on You Xuanyao’s hand.

“Yu Kai and I almost had an accident just now.”

Hearing Tian Mi’s words, You Xuanyao immediately stopped moving, looked at Tian Mi seriously, and continued to ask.

“What do you mean you almost got into an accident? I believe that with Yu Kai’s technology, an accident won’t happen to you.”

“It’s not an ordinary car accident. It’s a black van. He keeps hitting us. If it weren’t for Yu Kai’s skill, we would have really had an accident.”

Hearing Tian Mi’s words, You Xuanyao couldn’t help but frown, put Tian Mi on the bed, and stood up and walked out of the living room.

He should have gone to ask Yu Kai for confirmation. Tian Mi would definitely not be able to explain this kind of thing here, or would she be able to ask Yu Kai about the truth of the matter.

Not long after, You Xuanyao returned with a serious expression.

“Just now, Yu Kai said that you secretly ran out?”

Facing You Xuanyao’s accusation, Tian Mi suddenly felt very aggrieved. She secretly ran out to see Lu Zhanfei, not for You Xuanyao, but now she was actually questioned by You Xuanyao.

“Yes, I went to see someone.”

“Who is it?”

You Xuanyao’s expression was still very ugly. It seemed that if Tian Mi did not explain it clearly today, You Xuanyao would not let it go.

However, why did You Xuanyao accuse Tian Mi? Tian Mi didn’t do anything wrong. She was a protected object, not a monitored object. Don’t use love as a hypocritical cover to restrain people.

“Are you speaking to me in a doubtful tone?”

“No, Yu Kai told me that someone wanted to harm you. I was worried about you.”

Worried? Tian Mi didn’t feel worried at all, but she was in a disguised state of control! You Xuanyao was too tyrannical, and Tian Mi suddenly felt a little breathless.

“I don’t think you’re worried about that. If you let Yu Kai monitor my movements and control my movements, can you be said to be worried?”

After hearing Tian Mi’s words, You Xuanyao ‘s aura immediately descended and she hurriedly hugged Tian Mi tightly.

“Alright, I was wrong. Concern is chaos. I admit that I did not do well in some areas.”

Originally, Tian Mi still had a stomach full of anger to vent, but when You Xuanyao said that, she didn’t have any anger. That was also true. If she wasn’t too worried, why would she do such extreme behavior?

Actually, the two of them should be more frank with each other. This way, there would be less unnecessary misunderstandings.

“Alright, I’ll just say it. Actually, I went to see Lu Zhanfei. I didn’t know what Lu Zhanfei would say to me, so I didn’t tell you.”

“Lu Zhanfei? He’s the one from the whole season? What can he tell you?”

Hearing Tian Mi’s words, You Xuanyao couldn’t help but feel a faint worry. You Xuanyao had also learned about Lu Zhanfei’s relationsh