Bestow Whole Favour on My Lovely Wife Chapter 346

Chapter 346 You're A Smart Man

Chapter 346 You’re A Smart Man

Tian Mi was shocked. Why did Lu Zhanfei have other information in his hands? Who was it about? Su Jing? Or You Xuanyao’s?

“Of course I want to know. I just don’t know if President Lu wants to tell me.”

There was no free lunch in the world. Just as Tian Mi refused Lu Zhanfei’s invitation, Lu Zhanfei suggested that he had something in hand. It must be in exchange for something.

“You are a smart person. You know that my information is not free. If you are willing to exchange it with me, I will naturally know that there is no limit to what I can say.”

Of course, Tian Mi knew what Lu Zhanfei was talking about, but Zhuang Qifei of the Imperial Court was really nice to her. She even handed over the responsibility of Yue Kai Tourism Project to her. She just quit her job. Wasn’t she too sorry for Zhuang Qifei?

‘”President Lu, you’re forcing people to do this. If you really can’t tell me, I can’t force you. But as the saying goes, the melon is not sweet. Forget it, I’ll take my leave first.”

After Tian Mi finished speaking, she prepared to leave with Lin Zhitao. Actually, she was also betting on whether Lu Zhanfei would tell her.

“Alright, I’ll just say it. Miss Tian is really tough.”

Tian Mi took a deep breath, turned around and smiled.

Lin Zhitao was confused by Tian Mi at the side. When did this junior sister of hers become so good at acting? Not only that, but the man opposite her was actually eating this trick of hers. It was too amazing.

“Then I’ll have to trouble President Lu. If one day Tian Mi has a place that can help President Lu, she will definitely be obliged to do so.”

Lu Zhanfei shook his head and smiled helplessly at Tian Mi. He now liked this woman a little. She was indeed different from the girls around him. No wonder Yue Kai’s You Xuanyao was so infatuated with her.

“You Xuanyao’s other younger brother, You Xuanhui, Miss Tian should know, right?”

Tian Mi nodded. Of course, Tian Mi knew about You Xuanhui. She had personally saved this man, but she didn’t expect him to frame her biological brother.

“All of you were tricked by them. You Xuanhui is fake. Both of them are fake. Su Jing did not find the real You Xuanhui at all, so she planted a fake one to sow discord.”

It turned out that both of them were fake. They never thought that the man who was rescued from the automobile processing plant was also fake.

“Then what about You Xuanhui ?”

“How would I know? I know that Su Jing didn’t find them, and then these two people were fake, so when You Xuanyao went to investigate, it was unfortunate ”

“According to what you said, the matter of You Xuanyao ran’s drug addiction is also related to Su Jing?”

“That’s what you said. I didn’t say anything. I’ve already said everything I can. Everything else depends on Miss Tian’s perception.”

Lu Zhanfei no longer said anything further. Tian Mi also guessed the development of the story. This Su Jing did things too unscrupulously. In order to obtain You Xuanyao, she even did not hesitate to hurt You Xuanyao.

Tian Mi was still in a daze thinking about these things. Lin Zhitao pulled Tian Mi aside and put her watch in front of her. They had to go back, otherwise Yu Kai would have suspected it.

Lin Zhitao walked back along the original path. Before entering the gynecology department, Tian Mi turned to look at Yu Kai who was standing at the door. This man was simply like a sculpture, motionless.

Tian Mi and Lin Zhitao pretended to be fine as they walked out of the gynecology and obstetrics department’s main entrance.

“Big Brother Yu, I’ve kept you waiting for a long time. Senior sister’s examination has also been completed. Let’s go back to Yuekai.”

Hearing Tian Mi’s words, Lin Zhitao pulled her back.

“Little girl, I still have something to tell you.”

After Lin Zhitao finished speaking to Tian Mei, she turned to Yu Kai and said, “Wait for us a while longer. There are some women whispering in the boudoir. Let’s talk.”

Without waiting for any reaction from Kai, Lin Zhitao brought Tian Mi back to her office.

“Senior sister, do you have something to whisper to me? Is it uncomfortable?”

“What are you whispering? If I didn’t say that, that wood would definitely follow us. Are you prepared to tell You Xuanyao what Lu Zhanfei said just now?”

Hearing Lin Zhitao’s words, Tian Mi shook her head. Actually, Tian Mi didn’t know whether to tell You Xuanyao or not.

Tian Mi wasn’t even the slightest bit confident that Lu Zhanfei’s words could be trusted.

“I haven’t decided whether I should say it or not. I’ll only say a part of it.”

‘”Mm, I think it’s better not to say it yet. Who knows if that You Xuanyao still hasn’t forgotten about his ex-girlfriend? If you say it out loud, he feels that you’re trying to sow discord or something, but it’s not good. If not, I’ll first snoop from You Xuanheng ‘s place and talk about it.”

Tian Mi fell into deep thought. Will You Xuanyao and Su Jing really continue their previous relationship? What kind of feelings did You Xuanyao have for Su Jing?

However, no matter what, Su Jing’s actions were too excessive. She didn’t hesitate to sacrifice You Xuanyao’s health as a price, and even hurt her in the name of love. It wasn’t just You Xuanyao. There were too many people who were hurt in this matter, and too many people were implicated.

“I will think about it carefully. Senior sister, don’t worry about us. Just take good care of the baby in your stomach. This is your only mission now.”

Tian Mi hugged Lin Zhitao and said a few more words. Tian Mi went out the door. Yu Kai was still waiting outside the door and drove Tian Mi back to Yuekai.

“Did you guys go somewhere just now?”

Sitting in the car, Yu Kai suddenly spoke, startling Tian Mi. Tian Mi was still asking if she wanted to confess to You Xuanyao . How did Yu Kai know the difference between them?

“Why do you say that?”

“Apart from the disinfectant, the taste of coffee is very strong.”

Is this man a dog? Can you ask something strange with your nose?

“You’re overthinking it, aren’t you?”

Tian Mi would not admit it easily.

“I won’t. I’ve been trained to distinguish the smell quickly. I’m President You here to protect you. I hope you can cooperate with me and not make things difficult for me.”

This wooden bump, the matter had already passed, what was the point of still struggling here?

“What’s there to be embarrassed about? Didn’t I just stand here properly now?”

“If something happens, I won’t be able to explain it. I will tell President You everything about today’s speculation.”

Tian Mi was anxious now. She hadn’t thought about telling You Xuanyao what Lu Zhanfei said. Yu Kai was going to report it.

“You also saw that I was with Senior Sister. I didn’t go anywhere. We’ve always been in the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department. What’s there to report?”