Bestow Whole Favour on My Lovely Wife Chapter 345

Chapter 345 There's No Need For Me To Say Anything Else About This

Chapter 345 There’s No Need for Me to Say Anything Else About This

“Lu Zhanfei from the All Season Hotel asked me out to meet him, but I can’t let the person outside know how to escape his sight and leave the hospital.”

Tian Mi said her thoughts. She had no other choice now. If she wanted to meet Lu Zhanfei alone, she could only place all her hopes on Lin Zhitao.

“This isn’t easy. I’ve seen Yu Kai’s ability to cling to people before, unless ”

“Senior sister, unless something happens, quickly tell me. Lu Zhanfei and I have something very important to discuss. It has something to do with Yue Kai, You Xuanyao , and You Xuanheng .”

Tian Mi was a little anxious, and Lin Zhitao hesitated to say it out loud.

“Little girl, you always tell me what your relationship with Lu Zhanfei is, and what it has to do with Yue Kai. Don’t be so cautious, don’t hide it from me.”

What exactly was this senior sister talking about? Tian Mi was rendered speechless. What was the relationship between her and Lu Zhanfei? She just wanted to get news of Su Jing from Lu Zhanfei. There was no other relationship between her and Lu Zhanfei!

“Senior sister, where are you thinking? I have nothing to do with Lu Zhanfei. He said that he knew about Su Jing. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be in such a hurry to see him.”

Lin Zhitao looked at Tian Mi’s anxious expression. There was nothing she could do but help her elementary school sister.

“Alright then. We’ll go to the gynaecology department later. The gynaecology department must be stopped by a man. Let him wait outside. We can take advantage of this opportunity to escape. The gynaecologist and I are very familiar. Don’t worry.”

Lin Zhitao and Tian Mi discussed the details of their escape. Looking at the time, they felt that it was almost time. Tian Mi followed Lin Zhitao to the gynecology department. Yu Kai followed along, but of course, she was stopped at the door.

“Senior sister, you need time to check. Otherwise, find a place to stay. I’ll call you when you’re done.”

“No need, I’ll just stand at the door.”

“There isn’t even a place to sit here. You just stand there. How tired are you? It’s better to find a place to sit or go to the coffee shop downstairs. It’s my treat!”

“No need. My mission is to protect Miss Tian Mi and Miss Lin Zhitao. I’m not going anywhere.”

Tian Mi actually said this on purpose. This way, Yu Kai would definitely not go anywhere, let alone encounter something like that in a coffee shop.

Lin Zhitao pulled Tian Mi into the gynaecology clinic and chatted with the gynaecologist on duty for a while. Lin Zhitao took Tian Mi and slipped out of the gynaecology clinic through another door.

Tian Mi covered her chest and gasped for breath. Heavens, it was so exciting.

“Senior sister, this is the first time I’ve done something like this. It’s quite exciting.”

Lin Zhitao also patted her chest. Wasn’t this her first time?

‘”I won’t make trouble with you in the future. This will scare you into heart disease. Hurry up and tell Lu Zhanfei that we should go back early. Otherwise, Yu Kai will get suspicious later.”

Hearing Lin Zhitao’s words, Tian Mi felt that she had to quickly explain it to Lu Zhanfei. She pulled Lin Zhitao and was about to run to the coffee shop, but she suddenly realized that Lin Zhitao was pregnant. How could she do intense exercise?

“Senior Sister, why don’t you wait for me nearby and wait for Lu Zhanfei and me to explain. We’ll be back soon. The baby in your stomach is more important.”

“No! I don’t trust you to go alone. I’m fine. Don’t worry.”

Lin Zhitao insisted. Otherwise, if Tian Mi went alone to take risks, the two of them would still have a care. If Tian Mi went alone, what if something unexpected happened?

Tian Mi could not beat Lin Zhitao, so she could only walk slowly to the coffee shop with Lin Zhitao.

Lu Zhanfei was already waiting for Tian Mi in the coffee shop. Seeing Tian Mi and Lin Zhitao walk in, he waved his hand from afar until Tian Mi saw him.

Tian Mi and Lin Zhitao walked over and sat in front of Lu Zhanfei.

“The two beauties want something to drink. Make yourself at home. It’s my treat. You’re welcome.”

Lu Zhanfei called the waiter and handed the menu to Tian Mi and Lin Zhitao.

“President Lu, you’re welcome. We’re still in a hurry to go back. Let’s hurry and get to the point.”

Tian Mi lowered her head and looked at her watch. She knew that she didn’t have much time, so she had to quickly deal with Su Jing’s matters.

“Alright, since Miss Tian is in such a hurry, I won’t hang on to your appetite anymore. I know Su Jing, I know her husband, and I also attended her husband’s funeral.”

“What, a funeral? Are you saying that Su Jing’s husband is dead?”

“She’s been dead for several years. Su Jing has inherited a large fortune. That’s why she has the ability to come back and help You Xuanhui take back Yue Kai.”

“Why is she doing this?”

Tian Mi couldn’t help but ask, but in fact, she could vaguely guess a few things in her heart. Of course, it was for You Xuanyao ‘s sake.

“There’s no need for me to say more about this. Miss Tian, can’t you guess? She’s the ex-girlfriend of President You. What else can she do with all her money and resources?”

As Tian Mi thought in her heart, it was indeed for You Xuanyao. She had come back to rob You Xuanyao, but her methods were too despicable. She had framed many people and created many disputes.

“Thank you for telling me this.”

“Of course I didn’t tell you all of this for no reason. It’s the same old saying. Leaving the Imperial Court and joining us all season will give you more room to develop. I don’t think you are a woman who is attached to You Xuanyao. Besides, now that Su Jing has returned, how do you know that they won’t get back together?”

Lu Zhanfei’s words left Tian Mi speechless. It wasn’t that Tian Mi hadn’t thought about what would happen to her if she really did one day? Leave quietly or try to keep You Xuanyao here.

‘”Don’t be so alarmist. I think you are trying to sow discord here. Do you know the relationship between Little Nyi and You Xuanyao ? It’s too irresponsible to talk nonsense.”

Lin Zhitao couldn’t continue watching from the side and blamed Lu Zhanfei. Lu Zhanfei didn’t take it seriously and smiled. He looked at Tian Mi and didn’t continue.

Lu Zhanfei only lowered his head and took a sip of the coffee in the coffee cup before shrugging his shoulders.

“President Lu, thank you for your kindness and reminder. I have my own judgment. I still have that sentence. I have no plans to change jobs. If there really comes a day, I hope that we will have a chance to cooperate.”

Lu Zhanfei looked at Tian Mi and shook his head helplessly. Then, he nodded slightly. Tian Mi was completely knocked unconscious by his actions.

“Miss Tian, actually, I still have some information that can be leaked to you. I wonder if you want to hear it?”