Bestow Whole Favour on My Lovely Wife Chapter 325

Chapter 325 Cousin You Think Too Much

Chapter 325 Cousin, You Think Too Much

The next day, Tian Sumei packed her luggage and returned to City M with Tian Mi of You Xuanyao. At Tian Sumei’s insistence, she did not directly live in the old house of the You family, but in Tian Mi’s and You Xuanyao’s apartments.

Tian Mi did not force Tian Sumei too much, because when she thought of dealing with the relationship between the two elders, Tian Mi also expressed a headache.

Although it was the weekend, You Xuanyao still returned to the company, but he did not bring Tian Mi back. Tian Mi and Tian Sumei went to the supermarket with Baby to buy new year goods, and You Xuanyao asked Yu Kai to follow them to protect them.

“Why is that driver following us all the time?”

Seeing Yu Kai following them closely, Tian Sumei could not help but ask, why did the driver in the big city still bring his own bodyguard function?

“He’s You Xuanyao ‘s trusted aide. He’s protecting us.”

“Protect us? Are we in danger?”

Tian Sumei was confused by Tian Mi’s words. Why did You Xuanyao send people to protect them?

“Is it dangerous? It’s just that Yue Kai has been involved in a lot of things recently. In the past, if it’s okay, just pretend that he doesn’t exist. He will look after us.”

Tian Sumei was even more worried by Tian Mi’s words. Just what kind of man was Tian Mi looking for? Why did she need a bodyguard?

Isn’t this too unreliable? Could it be that You Xuanyao is a member of the underworld? Tian Sumei had seen it on TV.

“Little Mi, you have to tell me the truth. What exactly does that You Xuanyao do? You can’t hide it from Aunt .”

Tian Mi was fooled by Tian Sumei’s sudden question. What did You Xuanyao do? Yuekai Group ‘s CEO, what else could he do?

Why did Aunt suddenly have such a question? Could it be because of Yu Kai’s followers?

“Aunt, you’re thinking too much. You Xuanyao is Yue Kai’s president. He doesn’t have any other status. Yu Kai only followed us because of something that happened to Yue Kai recently. He needs to be cautious. He can’t be considered a bodyguard.”

“Looks like he really looks like a gangster.”

Tian Mi was about to be defeated by Tian Sumei. Why did she have such rich associations? She really watched too many TV dramas. How could there be so many gang bosses?

“Aunt, I want to consider whether I should ban you from watching those messy TV shows. The TV shows are all fake, okay? How can there be so many underworld gangs? The Youjia Clan is a serious businessman, and Yuekai Group is also second to none in M City.”

Tian Mi pulled Tian Sumei to the fruit and vegetable area, not allowing Tian Sumei to continue. They bought a cart of vegetables and fruits, as well as fresh meat. Tian Sumei was preparing to go home and cook a big meal for the two babies and Tian Mi.

Of course, You Xuanyao was also her guest. His future son-in-law had to take good care of him. Otherwise, what if he didn’t treat their Tian Mi well in the future? He still had so many bodyguards

In the evening, You Xuanyao came back and also brought You Xuanheng and Lin Zhitao over.

“Zhitao, you’ve also come. I haven’t seen you for a long time. Are you fat? This little face is fleshy. It’s a bit fatter. It’s more beautiful. Unlike our Tian Mi, you don’t eat much meat. It’s simply a waste of food.”

Tian Sumei hurriedly greeted Lin Zhitao. Originally, Tian Mi wanted to tell Tian Sumei that Lin Zhitao was pregnant, but Lin Zhitao stopped her in time.

“Aunt, I’m too lazy. If the food is too good, I’ll get fat. It’s popular to be thin now. I have to be thin later.”

No matter what, these words did not sound like what Tian Sumei said. Why did they seem to be for You Xuanheng ? Lin Zhitao sacrificed the most important figure of a woman in order to give birth to a child for the You Family. She had to make up for it in the future. No, she was thin.

“Come, come, come, come, come in to eat. Ai, isn’t this Little You’s driver? Zhitao, are you contracting him? Is he your driver now?”

Everyone was amused by Tian Sumei’s words, only You Xuanheng stood there laughing foolishly, wanting to find a crack in the ground.

“It’s a special driver. I’ll contract him out.”

Lin Zhitao was so smiling that she couldn’t breathe. She patted You Xuanheng’s shoulder and said to Tian Sumei.

” Aunt , don’t listen to Senior Sister’s nonsense. This is You Xuanyao ‘s younger brother. His name is You Xuanheng . He is with Senior Sister now.”

What? You Xuanyao ‘s younger brother is actually with Lin Zhitao. Wait, I came back to Tian Mi last time and told her to be careful of You Xuanyao ‘s younger brother robbing them of their family property. Why did he incarnate as Lin Zhitao’s boyfriend this time? This change was too sudden.

Tian Sumei pulled Lin Zhitao to the side and whispered in Lin Zhitao’s ear.

“Zhitao, does your mother know him? Does she have any objections?”

“My mother has seen him. She likes him very much.”

“But, looks like this man is so young. Can he hold you?”

“Aunt, what kind of hold does he live in? He treats me very well. We’re both going to get married. Maybe we’ll be together with Tian Mi and the others.”

Since Lin Zhitao had already said so and Mother Lin had not raised any objections, what else could Tian Sumei say?

But that’s fine. If we split up the property, Tian Mi and Lin Zhitao would have such a good relationship, and it would be easy to discuss. There wouldn’t be any unfair distribution of the property that would happen in this century.

While eating, Lin Zhitao pulled Tian Mi into the bathroom and whispered in Tian Mi’s ear.

“Little girl, don’t tell Aunt yet. If she finds out, she will probably inform my mother immediately. I don’t want her to know so quickly. After all, being pregnant before marriage isn’t something very honorable.”

Tian Mi looked at Lin Zhitao’s worried expression and patted her back to calm her down.

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell Aunt. I’ll announce it when you want to. Don’t worry, your belly is your treasure. You decide your treasure. No one will reveal anything.”

Only now did Lin Zhitao feel relieved. She hadn’t told Mother Lin about the matter with You Xuanheng . Although Mother Lin liked You Xuanheng , it was a big wedding. If she didn’t get her parents’ consent, how could she continue?

After Tian Mi and Lin Zhitao reached an agreement in the bathroom, the two of them walked out and saw You Xuanheng talking at the dining table. You Xuanyao silently held the dishes on the plate.

“Aunt, let me tell you, Tao Tao and I don’t know each other. The first time we met, I was defeated by her. I was so handsome that I hurriedly signed up to study. Sure enough, I picked her up later. It was easy. Now that she had a baby in her stomach, I didn’t dare to touch her ”

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