Bank Of The Universe Chapter 278

Chapter 278 : Killing Young Master Qingfeng

Young Master Qingfengs eyes were wide open and he looked at Moon Angel like he had seen a ghost.

So beautiful but so cruel It had refreshed his understanding.

"Who are you?" Young Master Qingfengs facial muscles twitched and he asked in terror.

One second!

She killed 20 of his helpers in one second. Wasnt that just too terrifying?

Young Master Qingfeng broke through to Legend Realm Stage 33 but he knew that he couldnt do that.

This was why he couldnt beat Moon Angel.

"I told you that she is my elder sister. Why dont you ask her if she agrees to you digging away my God King Body?" Qiu Lin walked over gleefully.

"Arent you an orphan?" Young Master Qingfeng scolded. When he was dealing with Qiu Lin, he investigated his background before he attacked.

But now, how could Qiu Lin have such an amazing elder sister?

"I am an orphan but does that mean I cant find an organization?" Qiu Lin mocked.

"You just think that because I am an orphan I am easy to bully which is why youre surrounding me. But now, you have nowhere to go!" Qiu Lin laughed coldly.

"Why? Do you still want to kill me?" Young Master Qingfengs face was filled with shock.

"How fresh, you want to dig my God King Body away and I cant kill you?" Qiu Lin laughed coldly.

"I am a member of an emperor aristocratic family and you are from Cold Moon Sky, so you should know how terrifying those three words are." Young Master Qingfeng emphasized.

"Emperor aristocratic family is amazing but havent you been abandoned?" Moon Angel said calmly.

"Even if I am abandoned, I am their child and of the same blood. If you kill me, you will be insulting the emperor aristocratic family and they will hunt you down." Young Master Qingfeng hollered fiercely.

He didnt want to die!

No one wanted to die and Young Master Qingfeng felt like he could fight for his life.

He used the name of the emperor aristocratic family.

He really terrified Qiu Lin.

Qiu Lin, who was rolling around at rock bottom in Cold Moon Sky, naturally knew about the emperor aristocratic familys name. They could even compare to top sects.

In the entire Nine Skies, emperor aristocratic families were all extremely famous.

No one would easily offend someone from an emperor aristocratic family.

Qiu Lin couldnt help but look towards Moon Angel.

What could they do now?

Moon Angels face was calm and expressionless as she asked, "Are emperor aristocratic families so amazing?"

Her home, Moon Palace Qin Family was also an emperor aristocratic family. Moon Angel didnt bother and also escaped and even changed her name to Usuna.

Now that a small emperor aristocratic family abandoned kid was threatening her, would she care?

"My Qing Family has been passed down for 80,000 years and two emperors have come from our family. The faction behind you wouldnt dare to easily offend us, right?" Young Master Qingfeng started to panic. It seemed like the term emperor aristocratic family couldnt threaten this woman.

"The faction behind me" Moon Angel suddenly laughed but even with the veil, Young Master Qingfengs eyes lit up. It was as if a moon had popped out from the clouds, lighting up the night sky.

But in the next second, Moon Angels words caused his heart to sink.

"If my master is here he would definitely say that emperor aristocratic families arent a worry and he will just kill you without hesitation." Moon Angel smiled and felt really proud.

Her strength and confidence came from Li Xiandao.

Even if Li Xiandao was still trapped in the Ten Lands, Moon Angel believed that once Master arrived here, he would sweep everyone.

Emperor aristocratic families werent a problem at all!

"Who is your Master?" Young Master Qingfeng asked in terror. He retreated and was prepared to rub oil on his feet.

Moon Angel didnt seem afraid of his threats.

"My Master" Moon Angel thought about it and Li Xiandaos tall body appeared before her beautiful eyes. It was as if he wouldnt bend even if the sky collapsed. She smiled.

"My Master is the best master in the world. You are about to be a dead man and arent worthy of knowing his name." The moment Moon Angel said this, she stepped forwards.


A fierce aura surged forwards like flames and terrified Young Master Qingfeng. He swiftly retreated and used his movement techniques to flee.

Crazy woman, fierce woman, damn woman

Young Master Qingfeng fled and cursed deep down. Emperor aristocratic family couldnt scare her at all and she wanted to kill him just like that. She was such a lunatic.

Moon Angel looked on coldly, "You wont be able to run!"

Her legs touched the ground and left no marks at all.

Moon Angels body flashed in the sky and disappeared. In the next second, she was right behind Young Master Qingfeng.

She used her fingers as a sword along with blade techniques.

Moon Angel used the same move.

Hidden Moon Blade Technique.

This strike silently appeared behind Young Master Qingfengs back.

Young Master Qingfeng just felt a terrifying feeling cover him. He opened his eyes in terror and he knew that he couldnt flee anymore.

As an emperor aristocratic family member, his cultivation wasnt that high, but he had a good ability to judge situations.

"Void Heaven Strike!"

Young Master Qingfeng stopped fleeing since he would die either way. He turned around, using True Qi to form a grotto-heaven to strike her.

This was Young Master Qingfengs life grotto-heaven. It was extremely strong. He had just condensed it and once he used it, its strength couldnt be underestimated.

The realm after Legend Realm Stage 33 was the Nine Grotto-Heaven Realm!

To condense nine grotto-heavens inside or outside the body to use power several folds more terrifying.

This was Grotto-Heaven Realm.


Young Master Qingfengs first grotto-heaven was used to try to catch her off guard, to kill her in an instant.

But he forgot that Moon Angel also exceeded Legend Realm Stage 33.

She had even reached the limit of the Ten Lands.

With a streak of cold moonlight, she thrust her fingers forward like light that stabbed through the sky.

The grotto-heaven was no match at all.


The hugely powerful grotto-heaven was shattered by Moon Angel. The large portions of energy struck the area around, smacking Young Master Qingfeng into the air and spitting out mouthfuls of blood. His body was trembling. His veins and bones were all broken.

Moon Angel felt the grotto-heaven and said, "Is this the realm after Legend Realm?"

"It doesnt seem like much. I can also condense one." Moon Angel muttered. With the huge power of hers now, she could jump and condense many grotto-heavens.

But before this, she should have just killed this noisy Young Master Qingfeng.

Moon Angel casually waved her hand and a wave of enormous energy exploded forth.

"Lunatic, if you dare to kill me, the emperor aristocratic family wont let you off." Young Master Qingfeng shouted in despair.


Energy struck his body and Young Master Qingfeng was killed instantly.

"So much nonsense, just die." Moon Angel said in disdain.

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