Bank Of The Universe Chapter 277

Chapter 277 Being Strong Once More

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Qiu Lin looked at Moon Angels gaze like he was looking at a female dinosaur!

He actually had some thoughts, but now that he saw the ground full of corpses, he had no ideas at all.

Moon Angel kept Full Moon, walking elegantly, "Isnt it very simple?"

Qiu Lin was numb as he nodded his head. This matter just looked so simple.

But he couldnt do it!

"How amazing are you?" Qiu Lin asked.

Moon Angel thought about it, "I dont know, but anyway, I am stronger than you."

Qiu Lin rolled his eyes, "You are definitely stronger than me now, but that doesnt mean you will be stronger than me in the future. I am someone with the God King Body."

Moon Angel didnt care, "Now that weve killed them, we can head to Cold Moon Sky and complete Masters mission."

Qiu Lin took in a deep breath, "Someone is camping for me at the World Grade Teleportation Formation over in Cold Moon Sky."

Moon Angel didnt care, "Then, I shall beat them up again!"

Qiu Lin raised a thumb and said respectfully, "Amazing!"

He didnt curse as he didnt want to be rude in front of a girl.

Moon Angel walked into the city and headed to the teleporation formation.

Qiu Lin also followed suit.


Together they stepped into Cold Moon Sky!

Outside Cold Moon Skys World Grade Teleportation Formation, a bunch of people were standing outside. The leader was a cold looking teen.

This person was Cold Moon Skys young master Qingfeng. His strength had exceeded Legend Realm Stage 33 and at 20. This cultivation was quite good.

But he was not satisfied.

Competition in an emperor aristocratic family was really intense and for him to have such cultivation at this age, he would have been eliminated long ago.

Without an explosion in his cultivation, he would have just disappeared into the masses.

This was why he craved for God King Body and God King Pure Land talent.

This was something that could help him change his destiny.

"I have to get the God King Body and God King Pure Land, otherwise, I wont be able to compete with those sick monsters. Kids from an emperor aristocratic family wont be average!" Young master Qingfeng thought about it firmly.

He guarded here and waited for his men to capture Qiu Lin.

This was because he couldnt head to Heaven and Earth Battlefield!

The competition in the family was intense and age was one of the conditions.

If he entered Heaven and Earth Battlefield, 20 years of his lifespan would be deducted. He was only 20 and the next 20 years would be very important.

Normal people might not care. After all, if one broke through, then their 20 years of lifespan would be replenished.

But to the emperor aristocratic family kids, losing 20 years was the same as being automatically eliminated.

The emperor family reputation, resources, fame, techniques, treasures

You wouldnt be fated for them anymore just because you entered Heaven and Earth Battlefield and gave up on the most important 20 years of your life.

This was why no matter what, young master Qingfeng would not enter Heaven and Earth Battlefield!

He was waiting here.

"Qiu Lin, you wont be able to run!" Young master Qingfeng said coldly.


In the next second, the teleportation formation lit up and someone walked out.

Qiu Lin!

What a coincidence. Young master Qingfeng opened his eyes wide and looked on in surprise.

The person he had hoped would return day and night was finally here.

In the next second, he didnt want to hug this person but he wanted to tie him up and dig out everything.

Since he was someone he eyed, he wanted to merge with him.

"You are finally willing to come out." Qingfeng said emotionally, waving his arms and his 20 helpers surrounded Qiu Lin.

Qiu Lin walked out of the teleportation formation. Facing such a group, he didnt show any fear at all.

If this was in the past, he might have shivered in fear as he was only at the peak of Transcendent Realm.

But now, he raised his chest high and strolled out. He looked at Young Master Qingfeng and said loudly, "I have a backer now. You want my god King Body, so talk to by elder sister first."

After the thoughts of chasing the Moon Angel were extinguished, Qiu Lin treated Moon Angel as her elder sister.

It didnt matter whether or not Moon Angel agreed. Only he had to agree.

Young Master Qingfeng laughed coldly, "Where is your elder sister?"

Qiu Lin reached out and behind him. Another person walked out of the teleportation formation.

It was a woman who wore a veil and walked out elegantly.

The armor on her gave out a metallic sound when she walked and the atmosphere caused his face to become solemn.

Moon Angel was really beautiful and all the guys would be filled with desires for her!

But compared to the God King Body, Moon Angel was nothing!

Young Master Qingfeng said coldly, "This woman, I am from the emperor aristocratic family Young Master Qingfeng. I have to kill this person, so please dont interfere."

As he was terrified of Moon Angels aura, Young Master Qingfeng decided to give Moon Angel some face.

"I am protecting him, so all of you cant kill him." Moon Angel said coldly.

"So, you are definitely going to interfere?" Young Master Qingfeng asked fiercely.

"Why talk so much? Your family name cant scare me. If you want his God King Body, you have to defeat me first." Moon Angel said coldly.

"Okay, since you are asking to die, then dont blame me. Today, I shall shatter a flower." Young Master Qingfeng waved his hand coldly and all his men charged forwards.


20 Legend Realm experts exploded forwards to try to kill the Moon Angel.

This strength was huge!

In Qiu Lins eyes, the aura they gave off was enormous!

But in Moon Angels eyes, it was only so-so. She had reached peak power over in the Ten Lands and she looked at these people like she was looking at kids.

"It seems like you arent respected in the emperor family. They actually only gave you such helpers, how pitiful." Moon Angel sighed and pitied Young Master Qingfeng.

Young Master Qingfeng was furious, Moon Angels words totally provoked him.

In truth, only real words would provoke someone.

Young Master Qingfeng wasnt doted at all.

He was nearly forgotten by the family.

This was also the reason why he was so eager to get the body and the talent.

"Kill her!" Young Master Qingfengs heart was stabbed and he couldnt help but holler in rage. He waved his men on to kill Moon Angel.


His subordinates charged over. Rumbling energy surged and drowned Moon Angel.

Under the moonlight, Moon Angel was covered by the light. Rays of light drowned her and were filled with killing intent.

Once the energy exploded and struck her body, they might have been able to injure her.


But she wasnt worried. Her body was as fast lightning, flying into the sky before the energy hit her. Under the moonlight, a cold streak of light exploded.

"Hidden Moon Blade Technique!"

Moon Angels body suddenly disappeared. Her fingertips shook and each slash claimed one life.

In less than a second, Moon Angel was in front of Young Master Qingfeng. She was 100 meters away and she elegantly walked over. Her jade white hand was covered in fresh blood.

Behind her, body after body fell. Young Master Qingfengs helpers were all dead.

She showed her strength once more. It was the same outcome as before!

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