Bank Of The Universe Chapter 276

Chapter 276 That Is Too Strong

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Moon Angel Usuna and Qiu Lin appeared in Heaven and Earth Battlefield together.

In the Heaven and Earth Battlefield, there were a total of 19 ancient cities.

In the cities, no one was allowed to fight. If they were found to have fought, they would be executed right away.

The 19 cities were correlated to the Nine Skies and Ten Lands.

One world, one city.

Apart from the 19 cities, one could fight at any other location.

This was why Qiu Lin hid here and couldnt go out. He didnt dare to return to Cold Moon Sky either as there would definitely be someone waiting at the teleportation formation.

Qiu Lin had used up all his god source and there was nothing much that he could do.

In the inn, Moon Angel sensed the area around, "Someone is spying on you!"

"Right, it is that young master Qingfeng. If fighting was allowed here, I would beat him up." Qiu Lin was annoyed.

The person staring did so openly but as no fighting was allowed here, he appeared in front of Qiu Lin and told him that he was monitoring him.


"You want to take revenge?" Moon Angel asked.

"Of course." Qiu Lin said emotionally.

"Head out and draw them all over." Moon Angel said calmly.

"I will die!" Qiu Lin was shocked.

Going out now would be asking for death!

Moon Angel looked at him and said calmly, "With me here, you cant die."

Qiu Lin was hesitant and asked, "How strong are you?"

Moon Angel thought about it and said, "Very strong!"

Qiu Lin frowned. How strong was very strong?

He felt like things were bad and he was being conned.

"Okay then, I will draw them out. I will trust you once." Qiu Lin compromised and chose to believe in Moon Angel.

After all, he had signed the contract and he had no more god source on him, so he could only trust her.

Moon Angel said calmly, "Go now. Solve it soon and lets return to Cold Moon Sky soon!"

Qiu Lin looked outside the window. The moon was high above and looked really beautiful like a silver veil.

"Can we solve it quickly?" Doubt rose up in Qiu Lins heart.


Under the moonlight, outside the ancient city!

Qiu Lin headed out alone.

A bunch of people followed behind him.

They didnt hide themselves.

They were really arrogant!

They followed three to five meters behind, totally disregarding Qiu Lin.

Qiu Lin was furious.

The moment he headed out, the people behind grinned, "Isnt this our little genius? You hid in the city for so long and didnt dare to come out. Why do you dare now?"

Qiu Lin clenched his fists and said coldly, "Cant you actually try to follow me?"

They were sticking so close. Were they asking to die?

"I will just follow you like that. What can you do to me?" The people following mocked Qiu Lin.

Qiu Lin took in a deep breath and continued walking outwards.

"What genius God King Body? Arent you just a coward? I provoked you so much and you dont dare to attack. You really are disappointing." The people following muttered in disdain.

If Qiu Lin attacked just now, he would have broken the ancient citys rules as he was still within the safety area of the city.

In the next second, he stepped out of the area and knew for certain that Qiu Lin didnt dare to attack him.


Who knew that Qiu Lin would suddenly move like lightning, crossing a three to five meter distance right away.

"God King Pure Land!"

Qiu Lin hollered in rage. A layer of blue light appeared and formed a phenomenon which covered him.

On the ancient battlefield, the area was covered in broken ruins and corpses. The white cherry blossoms floated down. Under the cherry blossom tree was a lone peak that gave off an old, ancient, and majestic aura.


The people who followed were all fixed to the spot and were unable to move. They were totally suppressed by the God King Pure Land.


In the next second, Qiu Lin punched and his head was shattered like a watermelon that was sliced apart.

It was extremely gory!

It happened only a second after he had stepped out of the safe zone.

Qiu Lin said coldly, "I didnt kill you not because you are strong and not because I have a good temper. The reason is because all of you didnt exit the city."

"Now that you are out of the city, I will kill you right away." Qiu Lin said coldly, wiping away the fresh blood on his hands.

Pa pa pa!

He started clapping. Dozens of people walked over from all around, surrounding Qiu Lin in the middle.

"As expected from the God King Body. You hadnt broken past Human Celestial and could kill someone at middle Human Celestial in one punch. As expected from the talent that young master is interested in." A middle-aged man praised. He was the one who clapped just now.

As for his own men being killed by Qiu Lin, he didnt feel heartpained and didnt care at all.

In Cold Moon Sky, Human Celestial peak people could be casually abandoned. As long as Qiu Lin exited the city, everything would be fine.

Qiu Lin focused on the middle-aged butler coldly and mocked, "What a good dog. Did your young master give you enough bones?"

The middle-aged butlers face was cold, "There is no use in bickering. No matter what you say, you are just someone with a mouth. In terms of combat, you are just a punching bag. I can kill you easily."

Qiu Lin looked at the people around who were Legend Realm, while this butler was at Legend Realm Stage 33.

There was no way he could flee.

"Capture him and trash his limbs. Bring him back to the young master. Take out his God King Body and take away his God King Pure Land talent!" The middle-aged man waved his hand and said coldly.

The dozens of Legend Realm experts walked over slowly with teasing expressions.

They wanted to see Qiu Lins furious expression. They wanted him to beg and panic

But unfortunately, Qiu Lin just stood there coldly.

"I didnt expect you to be such a calm person even in the face of death." The middle-aged man laughed coldly and mocked.

"Actually, my legs are shaking." Qiu Lin suddenly laughed and said truthfully.

"Oh, then why dont you beg? If you beg, then I wont break four limbs. I will only break three." The middle-aged butler laughed viciously and said.

"That is because I believe that a beauty will save me." Qiu Lin said firmly.

"Beauty?" The middle-aged butler was stunned as he looked around warily.

But there was no one around!

"Stop looking. She is above you." Qiu Lin shouted.


The middle-aged man raised his head and saw the moon. He also saw a fairy.

Like a woman who walked out of Moon Palace, her body was perfect. Her legs were long and she wore tight armor with a veil on her face.


A crescent blade like a silver moon slowly pulled open above her head.

The silver moon blade was called Full Moon!

Moon Angel held onto the two sides of the moon and her body instantly flew down.


With a slash of the blade light, the darkness was slit and a few dozen heads flew up.

Qiu Lin was stunned.

He looked at the middle-aged butler and realized that he had panicked. Blood was trickling down his neck and it was slowly expanding. Suddenly, his entire neck fell off.

"That is too strong!" Qiu Lin muttered and looked at the perfect beauty, Moon Angel, who held Full Moon with shock and surprise.

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