Bank Of The Universe Chapter 239

Chapter 239 Four Swords In One

Li Xiandao stood proudly on the mountain peak. Sword energy surged around him as he pointed at the huge hole in the sky.

No one in the Nine Skies was allowed to come down!

These scenes stunned everyone in Dalin Temple!

Demon Frog looked on in astonishment. Before this, he was still worried and felt that they would definitely lose. But now, he was just confused at how strong Li Xiandao was.

"Since Master said that people from the skies cant come down, then they cant." Heaven Heart smiled and he had full trust in Li Xiandao.

"Right, Masters words are the law." Tian Guangming nodded in agreement with Heaven Heart.

"Master is too strong." Li Wuya was in awe.

Demon Frog nodded his head. This was the first time he had experienced how terrifying Li Xiandao was.

One person blocked the skies by himself!

Li Xiandao stood with his arms behind his back as he looked calmly at the giant hole in the sky.

"You bold lowly cultivator, you actually dare to kill people from Dalin Temple!" Within the hole, someone roared furiously. He chided Li Xiandao in rage.

Li Xiandao stood on the peak. He was surrounded by clouds as he said coldly, "I told you that you are not allowed to come down!"

"A lowly world cultivator dares to say such words. What a joke You are just so innocent and amusing!" Cold laughter spread into his ears and he was filled with disdain.

The Dalin Temple monks in the Nine Skies didnt care about Li Xiandao at all.

Li Xiandao was not angry and just said calmly, "Everyone who dares to come down today will all die!"


"I shall come down and end you!" A furious shout rang out. A monk flew out from that giant hole.

A big monk held a stick and waved it as he dashed towards Li Xiandao.

"I told you that you are not allowed to come down!" Li Xiandaos eyes flashed fiercely. He condensed all his strength and turned it into a sword!

The moment the sword came out, it gave one a feeling like the sky was about to collapse.


The monk who rushed down from the Nine Skies felt everything in front of him turn white. What followed was endless destruction; the moon and stars smashed down, filling one with disbelief.

That strike was so terrifying that it made one tremble!

"No How can someone from such a lowly world have such terrifying Dao comprehensions?" The big monk hollered in terror. He didnt believe what was going on and even tried his best to dodge.

But it was useless!

With one sword, Li Xiandao sliced his head open. The way that monk died was totally different from the last one.

The entire area became totally silent!

At that moment, the higher-ups of Dalin Temple in the Nine Skies were all shocked.

Li Xiandaos sword exceeded what a Legend Realm Stage 33 could comprehend.

It reached an immeasurable level.

Within Dalin Temple, the few chairs all had ashen white faces like they had seen a ghost. Seniors who came down were killed by Li Xiandao, extinguishing their rising hopes.

On the peak, Li Xiandao was standing straight up. The moon, clouds, sun, and wind were under his control.

"I told you that you arent allowed to come down, so why dont you listen?" Li Xiandao shook his head and said regretfully.

"Your sword was not a move from the Ten Lands!" One of the higher-ups asked in rage.

Li Xiandao raised his head. The dark gold mask seemed noble and evil under the sun. He said, "I have comprehended numerous Dao techniques, using them to create four swords!"

"Overturning the Ocean, Withering Flame, Cloud Mountain, Collapsing the Heaven!"

"That sword was Collapsing the Heaven. Isnt it really simple to kill people like you?" Li Xiandao asked.

"How can the lower world Dao attainments be so thick?" The monks above didnt believe it.

"You dont believe me?" Li Xiandao laughed, "Since that is the case, then try out my other three remaining swords!"


The sword energy by Li Xiandaos side shot forwards. It was like a drop of water hidden in an ocean. In just a short moment, it surged into the giant hole in the clouds.


The sword energy exploded and a huge ocean charged into the tunnel.

Ka ka ka!

The tunnel started to become unstable and Li Xiandaos strike looked like it was about to break down.

"How bold, you dare to destroy my Dalin Temple tunnel?" High above, there was a furious shout. Someone projected down with a strong aura. He transformed into a golden buddha that punched down.

This monk wanted to kill Li Xiandao.

Dalin Temples tunnel to the lower world couldnt be destroyed. Once it was, Dalin Temple would lose contact with each other, and their plan that they had set out for 10,000 years would go to waste.

Li Xiandaos expression became solemn. He was an expert, a true expert from Dalin Temple. He was too strong, so he couldnt come down. He could only send a projection.

"Even if your main body doesnt come down, I can still kill you." Li Xiandao said coldly. The Dalin Temple higher-ups were so furious and they wanted to send projections to kill him. However, Li Xiandao wasnt allowing them to get what they wanted.

Dalin Temple, I am going to wipe it out!


Li Xiandaos fingers were like a sword. True Qi and dao attainments were channeled into this strike. He was one with the universe as he slashed forward.





Four swords shot out.

Overturning the Ocean! Withering Flame! Cloud Mountain! Collapsing the Heaven!

These four swords were ones that Li Xiandao had comprehended himself. He combined what Zhao Wuji, Zhong Baishen, Sword God, and the priest had taught him.

Sword energy surged forwards. The four swords moved in unison, each had their own abilities.

"Your four swords are still too weak in front of me!" The golden Buddha body laughed coldly. He didnt show mercy and instantly used the Diamond Palm.

This slap shook the entire heaven and earth. The buzzing reverberated around, causing terrifying ripples.

The four swords were being obstructed by that palm, held back through the air by the palm.


These four swords carried terrifying sword energy like they were many giant axes.

The aura that the palm gave off was like a mountain.

An ax hacking down on the mountain their auras struck each other!

In the sky, the clouds scattered. Lightning and wings surged as numerous phenomenons appeared.

Behind the four swords, an ocean roared in fury. Flames burned, cloud mountains pressed down, and the sky collapsed

Behind the golden fist, there was a Buddha statue that stood with drooping eyes. It showed no sadness and no happiness.

"You cant stop me, you lowly world cultivator."

"Although this tunnel has a cultivation limit, you must remember that you cannot offend my Dalin Temple!" The monk from above said coldly. It was enough for him to be fighting on the same level as Li Xiandao. He held Li Xiandao back and gave time for the others from Dalin Temple to come down.

In the next second, 33 people came down at once!

When Li Xiandao saw that, killing intent appeared in his eyes, "I already told you that you cant come down. Now that you didnt listen, dont blame me for what I am doing."

Four swords merged into one!

Overturning the Ocean, Withering Flame, Cloud Mountain, Collapsing the Heaven!

These were the four swords that Li Xiandao had comprehended. Individually, they were all top techniques.

Once they merged together, they were invincible!


The moment they merged, sword energy swept the sky.

At that moment, Li Xiandao sliced off 33 heads.

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